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JetBlue and the State of New York team up with a joint promotional logo

JetBlue Airways (New York-JFK) and Empire State Development (ESD) have revealed a co-branded trademark with New York State’s iconic tourism campaign and logo, I LOVE NEW YORK, solidifying the carrier’s status as the official hometown airline of New York.  The announcement kicks off the I LOVE NEW YORK trademark license, which is part of a larger partnership between JetBlue and the State of New York that includes incentives and marketing benefits associated with the airline’s commitment to maintain its corporate headquarters in New York City.

Created in 1975, the I LOVE NEW YORK logo is an icon recognized around the world.  While it has often been imitated, this is the first time the powerful logo has been adapted and co-branded for joint use with another entity.  Use of the logo is part of a long-term marketing partnership with the Empire State to jointly promote tourism and help spur business opportunities state-wide.  The co-branded trademark features a deliberate intersecting of the popular I LOVE NEW YORK phrase with the famous red heart and the JetBlue logo.  JetBlue worked with the logo’s original creator, Milton Glaser, to ensure a design respectful of the logo’s origin, give both logos equal weight, and visually demonstrate that New York is at the heart of JetBlue and JetBlue is at the heart of New York.

It is unclear if this new promotional logo will appear on any aircraft.

Earlier this year, JetBlue announced its intent to keep its corporate headquarters in New York City, with plans to relocate from Forest Hills to Long Island City by 2012.  JetBlue will remain the only major commercial passenger airline with its headquarters in New York City and State.

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