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Cargolux improves with a net profit of $8.4 million in 2013

Cargolux Airlines International (Luxembourg) at its annual general meeting, the shareholders of Cargolux Airlines International S.A. approved the audited financial statements for the financial year ended on December 31, 2013.

2013 Highlights

Cargolux earned a full year net profit of US$ 8.4 million compared to US$ 35.1 million net loss in 2012;

Total revenues rose 14.4% to US$ 1,988.5 million from US$ 1,738.9 million in 2012.
Key Performance Indicators:

Tons sold increased 16.7% to 753,848 from 645,759 in 2012;

Average load factor softened 0.9 percentage points to 67.7%;

FTK strengthened to 5.7 million compared to 4.8 million in 2012;

Daily aircraft utilization stood at 14:57 block hours versus 15:07 in 2012.

In spite of a moderate recovery in the last quarter, the airfreight industry continued to operate in a difficult environment for the most part of 2013. Capacity growth still outstripped demand, which resulted in an industry-wide decline in yields and load factors. Despite difficult trading conditions, Cargolux grew its activities and increased volumes in a bid to maximize contribution to fixed costs. This was achieved quite successfully, as the company recorded a tonnage growth of 16.7% over 2012 to 753,848 tons – exceeding the 2013 budget by 13.5%. Total revenues grew by 14.4% to $1,988.5 million (US) while tons-kilometers flown increased from 4.8 million in 2012 to 5.7 million in 2013.

Cargolux operated 95,022 block hours, 13,364 hours more than planned for 2013. The high amount of operational activity contributed towards achieving a net consolidated gain of $8.4 million (US), a noteworthy improvement over the originally budgeted loss for 2013 of $27.1 million (US).

Cargolux expanded its fleet with three new Boeing 747-8Fs and retained, on a power-by-the-hour basis, a Boeing 747-400F that was initially planned to exit the fleet during 2013. It also added a Boeing 747-400ERF on the same basis, which brought the fleet to 20 aircraft at the end of the year. In contrast, the budget for 2013 foresaw a fleet of 16 aircraft only.

With a bigger fleet and more operational activity than planned, Cargolux recorded an average daily aircraft utilization of 14:57 hours. The company’s market share reached 3.5% and it ranked at number 8 among the world’s dedicated freighter and combination carriers in terms of FTKs.

“We don’t expect market conditions to improve significantly in 2014,” said Cargolux President and CEO Dirk Reich. “Our priority is to grow and expand our global network with the continued support and valuable contribution of our hard working employees while focusing on efficiency and performance improvements. I am also confident in our ability to reap the first tangible rewards from the cooperation with our new shareholder HNCA”, Reich added.

Copyright Photo: Karl Cornil/AirlinersGallery.com. Boeing 747-8R7F LX-VCG (msn 35812) taxies past the camera at Amsterdam.

Cargolux Aircraft Slide Show: CLICK HERE

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Cargolux to launch cargo flights to Bamako, Mali

Cargolux Airlines International S.A. (Luxembourg) has announced the launch of a weekly service to Bamako, the capital of Mali, from December 5, 2013. The flights are operated with the airline’s Boeing 747 freighters which offer main deck capacity for the transport of airfreight supplies that support the local industries in the areas of natural resources, telecommunications, healthcare and pharmaceutical products, perishables and general appliances.

In 2010, Bamako Airport inaugurated a new cargo terminal with a yearly capacity of 10,000 tons and extended the runway to 3,180 meters, enabling the operation of large aircraft, such as Cargolux’s 747 freighters.

Flight CV 7124 is operated every Thursday on the routing Luxembourg – Bamako – Lagos – Libreville – Nairobi – Manston – Luxembourg. Departure in Luxembourg is scheduled for 16.30 GMT with arrival in Bamako at 21:40 GMT. With this service, Cargolux connects another African destination to its worldwide network and offers shippers fast and reliable airfreight solutions to a market with growing importance.

Cargolux’s African network now covers 13 destinations that show promising export potential with strong shipments for the oil and gas industry. Cargolux also offers direct services between the United States and Africa.

Previously the cargo carrier started weekly service to Buenos Aires via Campinas (Viracopas) near Sao Paulo on November 13.

Copyright Photo: TMK Photography/AirlinersGallery.com. Boeing 747-4R7F LX-VCV (msn 34235) approaches Johannesburg for landing.

Cargolux: AG Slide Show

Cargolux launches Atlanta-Munich cargo service via Luxembourg

Cargolux Airlines International (Luxembourg) on June 3 launched a new service between Atlanta and Munich via Luxembourg. The new weekly cargo route with be operated with Boeing 747-400F freighters.

The airline issued this statement:

Cargolux Airlines International S.A. on June 4 announced the introduction of a regular service between Atlanta and Munich via Luxembourg. Starting on June 3, 2013, at the eve of the Air Cargo Munich Exhibition and Conference, the latest addition to Cargolux’s expanding network of worldwide destinations will be served every Monday with a Boeing 747-400 Freighter.

The main import customer for the new Cargolux service is the German freight forwarder Senator International Spedition GmbH, a leading international freight forwarding company specialized in international freight, shipping, packaging and logistics. ‘Cargolux is a trusted and reliable partner who supports us in delivering first class global logistics services to our own customers. The Cargolux network offers us a wide array of options to accommodate with this weekly operation’, said Tim-Oliver Kirschbaum, CEO of Senator International based at the company’s headquarters in Hamburg.

While Cargolux has previously flown a number of charter flights from the Bavarian capital, this is the airline’s first regular airfreight service to and from Munich. Until now, the airline has relied on its trucking services to transport freight between its Luxembourg hub and Munich and earmarked for farther connections within its worldwide network.

Copyright Photo: Jens Polster/AirlinersGallery.com. Boeing 747-4R7F LX-SCV (msn 29733) arrives at Bangkok.

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Cargolux loses $35.1 million in 2012

Cargolux Airlines International (Luxembourg) issued its financial statement for 2012:

At the April 24 annual General Meeting, the shareholders of Cargolux Airlines International S.A. approved the audited Financial Statements for the financial year ended December 31, 2012.

The steep decline in air cargo markets at the end of 2011 continued into 2012 not only for Cargolux, but for the industry as a whole. Depressed demand coupled with continued overcapacity resulted in significant pressure on yields and load factors for all freight operators.

Despite an improvement in late 2012, Cargolux recorded an overall loss of $35.1 million on revenues of $1,738.9 million. This loss, however, is markedly lower than the $57.0 million loss budgeted by the airline for the 2012. With the improvement in demand experienced in the last quarter of 2012 and the positive volume growth experienced by the airline for the first quarter of 2013 versus 2012, Cargolux remains cautiously optimistic for the current year. ‘Considering the state of the industry and the economic difficulties worldwide, Cargolux fared better than anticipated in 2012, that gives me hope for the current year,’ said Paul Helminger, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

In 2012, Cargolux carried 645,759 tons of cargo on its worldwide network. The fleet consisted of a mix of Boeing 747-400 and 747-8 freighters. With the new 747-8F gradually replacing the 747-400F, the airline operated eleven 747-400F and six 747-8F at the end of December 2012. Four Boeing 747-8 freighters joined the fleet during the year and additional deliveries are expected in 2013. In total, Cargolux will receive 13 units of the advanced freighter.

Cargolux has implemented a new business plan designed to ensure the long-term sustainability of the airline with a return to profitability in 2014.

Copyright Photo: Paul Denton. Boeing 747-8R7F LX-VCE (msn 35810) approaches Dubai International Airport (DXB) for landing.

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Cargolux’s board adopts a new business plan

Cargolux Airlines International‘s (Luxembourg) board of directors, minus Qatar Airways, has adopted a new business plan. The company issued the following statement:

The Board of Directors of Cargolux Airlines International S.A. has approved the airline’s business plan for the period from 2013 to 2017. The plan is designed to achieve profitable growth, enhance shareholder value and ensure the long-term sustainability of Cargolux. In the same context, the Board of Directors further resolved to request the shareholders of Cargolux to commit additional liquidity to the airline, with a first tranche of $100 million (US) requested for the first quarter of 2013 in the form of a convertible loan. Both decisions enhance the government’s position in the ongoing discussions with potential new shareholders.

‘This is an important milestone for Cargolux in securing its sustainability. Going forward, all stakeholders will need to contribute their part to ensure this plan’s success. I am confident in the leadership team’s ability to execute it together with the airline’s highly skilled and dedicated employees,’ said Paul Helminger, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Commenting on the business plan, Richard Forson, Interim President and CEO, said: ‘We have a clear vision for the future which is founded on the strengths of the Cargolux business model. By continuing to put customers first while further improving our flexibility and resilience, this business plan will help us meet the challenges ahead and ensure that Cargolux remains a relevant player in the long run’.

The business plan optimizes and builds on the proven Cargolux business model with the aim to:

- retain the single fleet philosophy and leverage the improved efficiency of the Boeing 747-8 freighter
– pursue profitable, moderate fleet growth and optimize daily fleet utilization
– achieve permanent efficiency gains and increased levels of flexibility in terms of cost and capacity; involving a range of measures including amendments to the Collective Work Agreement
– enhance growth and cost competitiveness and return to profitability in 2014

The 2013-2017 business plan is the result of an extensive evaluation by management of the airline’s business model, fleet structure, route network, customer base and future growth opportunities and takes account of different air freight market scenarios and macroeconomic developments.

Copyright Photo: Stephen Tornblom. Boeing 747-8R7F LX-VCD (msn 35809) taxies to the runway at New York’s JFK International Airport.

Cargolux logo

Cargolux Airlines International: AG Slide Show

Cargolux and Qatar Airways to go their separate ways

Cargolux Airlines International‘s (Luxembourg) and Qatar Airways‘ (Doha) officials met yesterday to discuss a new strategy and direction for the cargo airline. The two parties could not agree on the future direction of the company according to this report by Reuters. As a result, Qatar will sell its 35 percent share in Cargolux.

Read the full report: CLICK HERE

Copyright Photo: Tony Storck. Cargolux’s Boeing 747-8R7F LX-VCD (msn 35809) climbs powerfully away from the runway at Miami International Airport.


Qatar Airways: 

Cargolux finally accepts the first Boeing 747-800F without a formal ceremony

Cargolux Airlines International (Luxembourg) today (October 12) accepted Boeing 747-8R7F LX-VCB (msn 35806), the first Boeing 747-800 to be delivered.

Cargolux issued the following statement:

“Cargolux announced today (October 12) that the delivery of the first two Boeing 747-8 Freighters initially scheduled for September 19 and 21 is proceeding on October 12-13, 2011 following the resolution of contractual issues between Boeing, GE and Cargolux related to the performance of the aircraft and the engines.

In its meeting on October 7, 2011, the Cargolux Board of Directors appreciated
that the negotiation team (Akbar al Baker (Director), Frank Reimen (President
and Chief Executive Officer) and David Arendt (Executive Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer) and Company management took the appropriate actions to ensure that the 747-8 entry into service issues be resolved successfully.

Frank Reimen, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cargolux, said: “I am
pleased that we have reached agreement on the contractual issues. The 747-8
Freighter will be a driver of profitable growth for Cargolux”.

Launch customer Cargolux has 13 Boeing 747-8 Freighter airplanes on firm order.
As an enhanced variant of the 747-400 cargo aircraft, the new-generation 747-8
Freighter offers a variety of benefits over its predecessor, including additional payload, less fuel burn and carbon emissions and a considerably lower noise footprint.”

LX-VCB left Paine Field in Everett quietly without a formal ceremony.

Copyright Photo: Nick Dean. Sister ship LX-VCD is pictured at Everett (Paine Field).

Cargolux to take delivery of the first Boeing 747-800F around October 12

Cargolux Airlines International (Luxembourg) will now take delivery of the first new Boeing 747-800F freighter around October 12. The issue which delayed the delivery concerned an underperforming fuel burn metric for the General Electric engines which has now been resolved. Contrary to some media reports, Qatar Airways’ CEO Al Baker (which now owns 35 percent of Cargolux) denied the delay had anything to do with Qatar’s compensation issue with Boeing over the 787 delays.

Read the full report from Bloomberg: CLICK HERE

Cargolux Slide Show: CLICK HERE

Copyright Photo: Nick Dean. Please click on the photo for additional details.

Did Qatar Airways cause the delay of the first new Boeing 747-800F freighter?

Cargolux Airlines International (Luxembourg) was due to take delivery today of the first new Boeing 747-800F freighter. Boeing was planning a special ceremony in Everett to celebrate the first delivery but it had to be canceled as we previously reported because Cargolux sent the manufacturer a letter on Friday, one day after Qatar Airways joined the Cargolux board of directors, reflecting their new partial ownership of the cargo carrier. Qatar Airways has been pressing Boeing for compensation due to the delays in the 787 program. Did Qatar cause this delay? Both sides are blaming “contract issues” for the delay.

Read the full story from Reuters: CLICK HERE


Boeing and Cargolux delay the first delivery of the 747-800F freighter

Cargolux Airlines International (Luxembourg) will not take delivery on Monday (September 19) of the first 747-800F freighter as previously planned due to “unresolved issues” with the customer according to Boeing. The celebrations are being cancelled and Boeing is helping the cargo carrier to resolve the outstanding issues.

Read the full report from Reuters: CLICK HERE

Copyright Photo: Nick Dean.

Qatar Airways completes its 35% equity acquisition of Cargolux

Cargolux Airlines International (Luxembourg) has a new partial owner. The company issued the following statement:

“Cargolux International Airlines S.A. announced on September 9 the closing of the strategic equity partnership transaction with Qatar Airways after clearance by all competent authorities. On June 9, 2011, the Doha-based carrier had signed an agreement to acquire a 35% equity stake in Cargolux.

Due to the complementary nature of the business and fleet composition of both companies, the strategic partnership with Qatar Airways enables Cargolux to enhance its competitive position as an independent leading air cargo operator.

The transaction increases the attractiveness of the Cargolux network through increased reach and scale. It also gives the Company access to additional capacity and new destinations and strengthens the Luxembourg and Doha hubs.”

Cargolux Slide Show: CLICK HERE

Copyright Photo: Nick Dean. Cargolux is now only six days away from taking delivery of the first Boeing 747-800F freighter. Please click on the photo for the full details.

Cargolux to take delivery of the first Boeing 747-800F Freighter on September 19

Boeing (Chicago) will deliver the first 747-800F Freighter to launch customer Cargolux Airlines International (Luxembourg) on September 19, 2011 at Paine Field in Everett. Cargolux will fly the airplane away that morning and put the airplane into revenue service. Boeing will celebrate the first delivery with Cargolux, employees and other stakeholders the following day at the Everett factory. Cargolux will take delivery of the second 747-8 Freighter on September 21. The carrier has a total of 13 of the airplanes on order.

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Copyright Photo: Nick Dean. Please click on the photo for additional information.

Boeing receives the type certificate for the new Boeing 747-800F freighter, Cargolux to take delivery next month

Boeing (Chicago) today received U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification Friday for the new 747-8 Freighter, passing two of the final landmarks on the airplane’s journey to entry into service. The FAA granted Boeing an Amended Type Certificate (ATC) and an Amended Production Certificate for the 747-8 Freighter, while the EASA also granted the company an ATC for the airplane.

With these certificates, the program is in the final stages of preparing to deliver the first 747-8 Freighter to launch customer Cargolux in early September 2011.

The Amended Type Certificate acknowledges that the FAA and EASA have certified that the design of the 747-8 Freighter is compliant with all aviation regulatory requirements and will produce a safe and reliable airplane. The airplane logged more than 3,400 hours of flight testing and many thousands more of ground, part, component, materials and other testing on the road to certification.

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Copyright Photo: Nick Dean. Please click on the photo for additional information.

World Airways extends its Boeing 747-400 freighter lease with Cargolux

World Airways (Atlanta) is extending its lease agreement with Cargolux to operate one Boeing 747-400 freighter aircraft on a full-time basis beginning in July 2011.

Copyright Photo: Gunter Mayer.

Boeing 747-8 Freighter to fly to Paris Air Show on sustainable biofuel

Boeing (Chicago) will fly the new 747-8 Freighter to its international air show debut in a doubly historic fashion, flying the airplane across the Atlantic Ocean to the Paris Air Show using a renewable aviation jet fuel – the world’s first transatlantic crossing of a commercial jetliner using biologically derived fuel.

Camelina, the plant source used to create the biofuel, was grown in Montana and processed by Honeywell’s UOP. Boeing does not need to make any changes to the airplane, its engines or operating procedures prior to departure to accommodate biofuel use. Normal flight parameters are being followed and were approved in advance by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.

The airplane will be on static display at the Paris Air Show June 21 and 22. It is scheduled to leave the air show the evening of June 22 and fly to Cargolux headquarters at Luxembourg for a two-day visit. Cargolux is scheduled to take delivery of the first 747-8 Freighter to enter service this summer.

Boeing pilots Capt. Keith Otsuka and Capt. Rick Braun and Cargolux Capt. Sten Rossby will fly the airplane with each of the 747-8 Freighter’s four GE GEnx-2B engines powered by a blend of 15 percent camelina-based biofuel mixed with 85 percent traditional kerosene fuel (Jet-A). The airplane is scheduled to arrive at Le Bourget Airport Monday at about 5 p.m. Paris local time (15:00 GMT) after a 4,989-mile (8,029 km, 4,335 nautical mile) trip.

Copyright Photo: Nick Dean. Please click on the photo for additional information.

Qatar Airways buys a 35% interest in Cargolux

Cargolux Airlines International (Luxembourg) has a new strategic, equity-owning, financially-secure partner. Qatar Airways (Doha) has acquired a 35% interest in the cargo carrier, replacing the government of Luxembourg in its temporary shareholder role.

Cargolux Slide Show: CLICK HERE

Copyright Photo: Cargolux is also the launch customer of the new Boeing 747-800F freighter. Please click on the photo for the full details of the aircraft and the transaction.

Qatar Airways to take a 33% interest in Cargolux

Qatar Airways (Doha) will soon acquire a 33% share in Cargolux Airlines International (Luxembourg) according to this report by Arabian Business.com.

Read the full article: CLICK HERE

Copyright Photo: Keith Burton. Please click on the photo for further details.

Cargolux reports a net profit of $59.8 million in 2010

Cargolux Airlines International (Luxembourg) reported a net profit of $59.8 million in 2010.

Read the full report from Cargolux: CLICK HERE

Copyright Photo: Nick Dean. Please click on the photo for additional information about the new Boeing 747-800F freighter.

Cargolux to operate Boeing 747-4B5 N794BA as LX-ACV

Cargolux Airlines International (Luxembourg) will be using this Boeing 747-4B5 (BCF) N794BA (msn 24200) owned by Boeing as LX-ACV.

This aircraft was recently used by Boeing for wake turbulence testing of the 747-8F in San Bernardino, CA along with the  747-8F that is painted in Cargolux’s new colors. At that time it was still painted in the Korean Air’s colors, but with no titles. Now it is all-white with Cargolux’s tail logo.

Copyright Photo: Joe G. Walker. N794BA is pictured at Seattle (Boeing Field) in the new look.




Boeing completes power on sequence for the new 747-8 Intercontinental

Boeing (Chicago, Seattle, Wichita and Charleston) has completed the power on sequence for the new 747-8 Intercontinental. This milestone enables the program to begin functional tests on the airplane.

Power on is a complex series of tasks that methodically energize and activate the airplane’s systems. In this critical stage of the assembly process, the electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems are brought on line.

Mechanics connected the 747-8 to an external power cart to energize the flight-deck display and maintenance systems. The electricity coursing through the airplane’s 133 miles (214 km) of wire will be as high as 105 kilovoltampere (kVa).

The program also activated the airplane’s hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Pressurized to 3,000 pounds per square inch (psi), the hydraulics power the flight control surfaces, landing gear, brakes and steering systems. The 160 psi applied to the pneumatic system enables the airplane to operate the environmental control systems and the leading-edge flaps.

A video that gives you an inside look at the power on sequence is available at http://bit.ly/dlXgym.

Copyright Photo: Nick Dean. Please click on the photo for additional details.

Boeing delays the delivery of the first Boeing 747-8F

Boeing (Chicago, Seattle, Wichita and Charleston) today announced a schedule change for the 747-8 Freighter with the first delivery now expected to be in mid-year 2011. The company also announced steps it is taking to support the new schedule, including adding a fifth airplane to the flight-test fleet.

Boeing previously indicated that, following recent flight-test discoveries, there was a high probability the first 747-8 Freighter delivery would move into 2011. According to Boeing the new delivery schedule follows a thorough assessment of the expected cumulative impact of these discoveries, which include a low-frequency vibration in certain flight conditions and an underperforming aileron actuator. While neither issue requires structural changes to the airplane, they have led to disruptions to certification testing, which the program was unable to offset within the prior schedule.

Copyright Photo: Nick Dean. Boeing 747-8R7F N5573S will become LX-VCC (msn 35807) for launch customer Cargolux Airlines International.

Cargolux to introduce a new livery with the first Boeing 747-8F

Copyright Photo: Boeing. Boeing 747-8R7F N55725 (msn 35806) will become LX-VCB on delivery.

Cargolux Airlines International (Luxembourg) is introducing a new livery with the delivery of the first new Boeing 747-8F. The cargo airline is the launch customer for the new type. The first Boeing 747-8 Freighter painted in Cargolux’s livery emerged from the Boeing paint hangar in Everett, WA on June 7.  The cargo operator has a total of 13 Boeing 747-8 Freighters on order.

Boeing delivered the last Cargolux 747-400 Freighter with a unique transition paint scheme featuring fading stripes. The new livery on Cargolux’s 747-8 Freighter is an evolution from the current design and marks the start into a new era for the company.

“The design stands for continuity and commitment while confirming the fundamental principles that made Cargolux successful. The red, white and blue stripes symbolize the company’s roots in Luxembourg, its hub and home base,” said Ulrich Ogiermann, CEO of Cargolux. The new livery features a distinctive new red tail and an additional logo on the belly further promotes the brand.

Boeing will deliver the first 747-8 Freighter to Cargolux in the fourth quarter of this year.

World Airways to operate a Boeing 747-400 freighter for Cargolux

World Airways (Atlanta), a subsidiary of Global Aviation Holdings, Inc., has signed an agreement with Cargolux Airlines International (Luxembourg) to operate one Boeing 747-400 freighter on a full-time basis for air cargo service beginning October 2010 through June 2011.

Cargolux currently operates 15 747-400Fs.

Copyright Photo: Gunter Mayer. Boeing 747-4H6 (SF) N741WA (msn 25702) stops at Nuremberg.

Cargolux survives a difficult year in 2009

Cargolux Airlines International (Luxembourg) saw a reduction in tons sold and the decline in yields which resulted in a drop in revenue of 34 percent to $1.3 billion (US) as the weak economy hit cargo operators very hard. Cargolux recorded an overall loss of $153 million (US) for 2009.

Cargolux kept its fleet of 16 Boeing 747-400Fs in operation. However, a lower utilization of each aircraft meant that, in practice, the company had the equivalent of two aircraft on the ground during the months of June and July, 2009.

In September and October, Cargolux delivered two Boeing 747-400F aircraft to UPS in a deal that had been concluded before the financial crisis hit and was intended to facilitate the planned delivery of the new Boeing 747-8F freighters in 2009. However, by the time those two aircraft left the fleet, Cargolux actually found a need for more capacity, as the cargo markets began to rebound.

To cover the demand, Cargolux leased-in up to three Boeing 747-200Fs for the peak season in the last three months of the 2009.

As a result of the losses incurred and to ensure the survival of the company, a re-capitalization of Cargolux became necessary. In November 2009, the company implemented a restructuring of its capital structure in a two step transaction. First, shareholder SAirlines (part of the defunct Swissair Group) sold its 33.7 percent stake to Luxair, BCEE, SNCI (all current shareholders of Cargolux) and, as a new shareholder, the Luxembourg State.

The production delay of the new Boeing 747-8F has pushed the first delivery to Cargolux from 2009 to late 2010.

Copyright Photo: Keith Burton. Cargolux’s Boeing 747-4R7F LX-VCV (msn 34235) turns on the runway at Manston.

First Boeing 747-8F freighter leaves the factory

Boeing (Chicago, Seattle, Wichita and Charleston) has rolled out the first 747-8F freighter. It is destined for Cargolux.

Press release:


Cargolux Italia is flying to Dubai and Hong Kong

Cargolux Italia (Milan-Malpensa) is a new joint venture between Italian investors and Cargolux Airlines International S.A. (Luxembourg).  The new company is now flying its assigned Boeing 747-4R7F LX-KCV (msn 25868) between Luxembourg, Milan (MXP) and Hong Kong via Dubai going eastbound. It returns via Baku going westbound. Operations commenced on June 13, 2009. LX-KCV carries Cargolux Italia titles

A superb takeoff shot of Boeing 747-4R7F LX-KCV (msn 25868) departing from Milan (Malpensa). The freighter is named "Lombardia".  Copyright Photo: Paolo Maggiolo.

A superb takeoff shot of Boeing 747-4R7F LX-KCV (msn 25868) departing from Milan (Malpensa). The freighter is named "Lombardia". Copyright Photo: Paolo Maggiolo.


Cargolux is coming to Toronto Pearson


Cargolux's Boeing747-4R7F LX-NCV (msn 29730) departs from Los Angeles in the 1970 old colors.  Copyright Photo: Michael Carter.

Cargolux's Boeing747-4R7F LX-NCV (msn 29730) departs from Los Angeles in the 1970 old colors. Copyright Photo: Michael Carter.

Cargolux (Luxembourg) will start weekly cargo service to Toronto (Pearson) with Boeing 747-400F freighters starting on April 19.


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