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KLM modifies its Boeing 787 order

KLM 787-9 (14)(Flt)(KLM)(LRW)

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (Amsterdam) has changed its order for six Boeing 787-9s to the larger 787-10.

According to the carrier, this is not an additional order. The aircraft are expected as of 2020.

Image: KLM.

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Air France-KLM’s first half loss widens, more cuts coming, KLM gives a 787-9 preview

Air France-KLM logo

Air France-KLM (Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines) (Paris and Amsterdam) today announced a second quarter loss of €79 million ($86.4 million), widening the first half loss.

As a result, the group stated it would cut another €300 million ($328 million) in costs. The group will continue to cut unprofitable routes.

The group announced these immediate measures:

  • Launch of immediate cost-saving measures
  • Acceleration of all cost reduction initiatives
  • Adjustment of Winter 2015-16 capacity

The group blamed the widening loss on increased competition and exchange rate issues.

Alexandre de Juniac made the following comments:

“In the First Half 2015, Air France-KLM’s results were characterized by exceptional volatility in exchange rates and the fuel price, and by on-going pressure on unit revenues. All the Perform 2020 cost-saving initiatives were identified and quantified, and productivity agreements have already been signed at KLM. Transavia is pursuing its rapid development and will serve 47 cities on departure from Paris this summer. The maintenance business is posting strong growth.

The lack of results improvement leads us to implement immediate additional adaptation measures including, in particular, the closure of heavily loss-making routes, the downward revision in capacity for the forthcoming Winter season, together with an acceleration and an increase in the magnitude of our cost-saving initiatives. Following the agreement signed by KLM with its unions, the rapid conclusion of the negotiations with the Air France unions is key to re-launching the results turnaround. At this pivotal moment in Air France-KLM’s history, the Board and I know that we can count on the spirit of responsibility and commitment shared by all the Group’s staff to enable us to return to a growth path.”

Read the Financial Times analysis: CLICK HERE

In other news, KLM is banking on the new Boeing 787-9 (above) to give it a financial spark and lift. The airline issued this preview of the upcoming introduction of the new type:

KLM 787-9 above Amsterdam (KLM)(LRW)

Image Above: KLM. The new Boeing 787-9 over Amsterdam.

For KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, the introduction of the Boeing 787-9 marks the dawn of a new age for both customers and crew. With this aircraft, KLM invests more than ever in its customers and future. KLM has chosen this new aircraft type to ensure its passengers an unforgettable and comfortable journey.

“The Boeing 787-9 enables KLM to offer passengers even more comfort and privacy. KLM has chosen to add specific improvements to this special aircraft, which make it unique among other 787s. All these details add up to ensure our passengers can experience a new way to fly.”

Pieter Elbers – KLM President & CEO
KLM 787-9 Business Seat (KLM)(LRW)Photo Above: KLM. The Boeing 787-9 WBC Seat.

Among the most important features of the Boeing 787-9 are the new World Business Class (WBC) seats, which recline completely flat and have direct access to the aisle; the Economy Class seats, which recline 40% further; a state-of-the-art Inflight Entertainment system; and Wi-Fi for all passengers who want to be online during their flight. Finally, the interiors in WBC, Economy Comfort and Economy Class create a highly hospitable setting onboard.

Lower fuel consumption

With the arrival of this new aircraft type in October 2015, KLM is adding a quieter and more fuel-efficient aircraft to its fleet. The Boeing 787-9 is equipped with highly fuel-efficient engines, which will reduce CO2 emissions by at least 20%.

The aircraft is part of KLM’s program of fleet investment, which began with the introduction of the new World Business Class in the Boeing 747. This was followed by entirely new World Business Class and Economy Class interiors in the Boeing 777-200 and the phased introduction of new Boeing 777-300s. From December 2015, KLM will continue its fleet renewal with the deployment of the Embraer 175 and 190.

New flight mode

The design of the interior of the aircraft creates a typically KLM mood, layout and character onboard the Boeing 787-9. The point of departure for the cabin interior was to maximise comfort and privacy for passengers, while maintaining KLM’s brand values.

KLM 787-9 Cabin (KLM)(LRW)

Above Photo: KLM.

KLM’s Boeing 787-9 is fitted with onboard Wi-Fi. This marks the launch of KLM Wi-Fi, which was tested in earlier trials. It will now be possible to use the internet, email and other online services onboard using laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Larger windows, a higher cabin pressure and special LED-lighting further enhance the unique flight experience. This is all aimed at ensuring passengers arrive fitter and more rested at their destinations.

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The one year tragic anniversary of the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH 17

KLM MH17 Mesage

Malaysia Airlines (Kuala Lumpur) today issued this statement concerning the one-year anniversary of the tragic shoot-down of flight MH 17:

Malaysia logo-1

July 17 marks the one year anniversary of flight MH 17.

Malaysia Airlines, together with the governments of Malaysia, Australia and the Netherlands, are honoring those lost by offering our deep condolences to families and friends affected by this tragedy.

In observance of the one year anniversary, the Government of Malaysia held a memorial event on July 11, 2015, at Kompleks Bunga Raya, KL International Airport, Sepang. The Government of Australia and the MH 17 Aviation Disaster Foundation, with support from the Government of Netherlands, will also be having a remembrance ceremony on July 17, 2015, in Canberra and Nieuwegein respectively.

Malaysia Airlines has made arrangements for family members to attend the memorial event at one of these countries by providing flight tickets, accommodation and transfers to the event venue.

The airline would like to take this opportunity to thank the Government of Malaysia, Australia and Netherlands, our many international friends, our employees, our loyal customers, and the people of Malaysia who have provided tremendous and heartfelt support to Malaysia Airlines and the families of the passengers and crew during this difficult time.

Today, we remember and honor those lost and keep their family and friends in our hearts.


MH 17, July 17, 2014

Top: In support, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines issued this statement and symbol.

Note: The government of the Netherlands is preparing to issue its aircraft accident report on the intentional destruction of flight MH 17.

KLM reaches a tentative agreement with its pilots union including the operation of the new Boeing 787

KLM 787-9 (14)(Flt)(KLM)(LRW)

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (Amsterdam) today reached a further agreement in principle with the Dutch Air Line Pilots Association (Vereniging Nederlandse Verkeersvliegers – VNV).

The agreement in principle reached with VNV will now be put before the association’s membership base for approval.

The airline provided these details:

KLM logoPerform 2020

Lengthy and intense negotiations took place with a VNV delegation in recent months. VNV consistently expressed its willingness to invest in the company. KLM and VNV have now reached an agreement for the forthcoming three-year period from  January 1, 2015 up to and including December 31, 2017, in which the pilots’ contribution towards the employment conditions is proportionately balanced with the consideration required of KLM by VNV and will also contribute significantly towards achieving the Air France KLM Perform 2020 objectives.

The outcome

The outcome achieved through negotiation now means that pilots will give concrete shape to the annual productivity gain of 4%. The agreement also includes a concrete increase in the retirement age. Moreover, this agreement will also generate an improvement in KLM’s cash position. In return for this investment, pilots now enjoy access to shares. This will be defined further. The agreement in principle has yet to be tested against legal, fiscal and governance aspects.

What are the results of negotiations with the Dutch Air Line Pilots Association (VNV)?

Holiday entitlement

From commencement of the 2016 collective labor agreement (CLA) year, all pilots will enjoy a holiday entitlement of 35 days. Holiday entitlement was first awarded on the basis of age, and varied from 34 to 38 days.

21 days leave during summer

The number of contiguous days leave during the summer period has been reduced by 1 day to 21 calendar days starting from April 1, 2016.

Transparent holiday scheme

A properly functioning offer and exchange platform will increase the transparency and predictability of the holiday scheme for pilots.

ICA: Change to travel leave days (leave scheme)

Starting from the winter schedule, travel leave in travel cycles of more than 3 travel leave days will no longer be rounded upward. For example, if a flight generates 4.2 travel leave days, this will no longer be rounded up to 5 days.

As a result (in this example), the travel leave after a flight will thus be 4.2 days instead of 5. The 0.2 travel leave day (4.2 – 4) will not be lost, as the decimal will be counted. As soon as the decimals total 1 full travel leave day, the day will be awarded to the pilot.

The current CLA agreement and method (rounding system) will remain applicable to travel cycles of 3 or fewer travel leave days.

ICA: Reduction of 4-pilot operations

Cape Town, Seoul and Kuala Lumpur have been designated as 3-pilot instead of 4-pilot destinations. Should any of these destinations no longer apply, KLM and VNV will in consultation designate another 4-pilot destination.

Note: KLM conducts ICA flights with two, three or four pilots. The number of pilots in the cockpit depends on the applicable flight time.

Boeing 737: Assignment

A Boeing 737 pilot is assigned in cycles of 28 days (16 working days, 12 leave days). This will be adjusted by structurally raising the number of working days from 16 to 17 (with 11 leave days).

KLC: Public holidays

KLC pilots will with retroactive effect from January 1, 2015 surrender 3 of the 6 public holidays provided for by the CLA.The maximum number of flight hours per 30 days and per year as stated in the CLA will be raised in order to accommodate the productivity increase resulting from this measure.

Boeing 787 classification

Pilots can vary/ mix flights* with the Boeing 787 and Boeing 777-200/300. KLM and VNV have a shared vision of the professional and technical aspects that require attention in this respect, including a logical design and the accompanying preconditions. Consultations on this will continue also after the introduction of the Boeing 787.

This has resulted in the proposal that the Boeing 787 be classified in the same manner as the Boeing 777 in terms of payment, the rules applicable to duty and rest times (WRR) as well as the position in the pilot career scheme (RVL).

Two beds and a seat for resting purposes are available in the Overhead Flight Crew Rest (OFCR) area. If a business class seat is still available on the flight day in the case of 4-pilot destinations, this seat will be made available to the 4th pilot for resting purposes.

The Boeing 787 cockpit OFCR is certified for the entire flight operation, including taxiing, takeoff and landing.

* A pilot flies/ is certified for both the Boeing 777 200/300 and the Boeing 787.


The retirement age will be raised in 4 steps from 56 to 58. This means that starting from 2016, it will be raised by six months each year until the retirement age of 58 years is reached in 2019.

Additional agreements reached on the financing of the pension scheme have released a significant amount in pension contributions, thus improving the cash position of KLM.

Counter performance KLM

Shares in AF-KLM

KLM will provide pilots with a one-off share package as compensation for the resulting productivity gains and pension concessions.

Profit-sharing scheme

The current profit-sharing scheme will be replaced by an improved profit-sharing scheme.

90% part-time

A 90% part-time variant will be added to the existing options for all WRR appendices. This offers pilots the possibility of exchanging the raised productivity for a salary reduction. The new employment percentage cannot be applied in combination with parental leave.


KLM has in this proposal committed itself to the VNV to include the same employment provision as that agreed with the ground and cabin unions. This provision states that no forced redundancies will take place on economic grounds during the CLA period as long as the existing instruments used for this purpose (including temporary increase in part-time and/or non-activity) are adequate. The parties will enter into consultations if these instruments prove to be inadequate.


The term is from January 1, 2015 up to and including December 31, 2017.

Image: KLM.

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Air Malta and KLM sign a code-share agreement

Air Malta (Luqa) and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (Amsterdam) have signed a code-share agreement whereby KLM will place its code and flight numbers on flights operated by Air Malta between Malta and Amsterdam.

Air Malta logo-2
Starting with immediate effect this agreement will enable KLM to offer their customers daily services between the Dutch capital and Malta. Air Malta’s flights to/from Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport will connect with KLM’s extensive global network.

KLM logo

The flights will be operated by the Maltese airline with Airbus A319/A320 aircraft (above).

With this code-share agreement, the two airlines’ customers will benefit from new services, such as through check-in for passengers with connections.


Copyright Photo: SPA/AirlinersGallery.com. Airbus A320-214 9H-AEK (msn 2291) approaches the runway at London (Heathrow).

Air Malta aircraft slide show: AG Airline Slide Show

KLM aircraft slide show: AG Airline Slide Show

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KLM to pull back on growth, will cut capacity for the winter season

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (Amsterdam) has announced a pull back on its planned expansion for this coming winter season. The airline issued this statement:

KLM logo

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will reduce the number of flights it had planned and, in so doing, curtail the growth it had intended for the 2015/2016 winter season. The adjustments will result in a half-million fewer seats than were previously planned. The winter season will run from October 25, 2015 to March 26, 2016.

KLM will reduce flight frequencies to ten European destinations. Furthermore, frequencies to Africa, Japan, and Brazil will also be curtailed. KLM will do all it can to minimise any inconvenience to passengers.

The adjustments result from the fact that KLM’s revenues are under pressure. The pressure will force Air France-KLM to accelerate its plans to implement its Perform 2020 program. KLM has introduced a broad range of initiatives to improve its competitive position, and speed is of the essence.

KLM has already reached an accord with the cabin crew and ground crew unions concerning a collective labour agreement. Further implementation depends on an accord with the pilots’ union (VNV), which has not yet agreed to much-needed productivity increases.

Copyright Photo: SPA/AirlinersGallery.com. Boeing 737-7K2 PH-BGK (msn 38054) departs from London’s Heathrow Airport.

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