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KISSaLOT – LOT Polish Airlines hangs mistletoe in the highest place in the world

LOT Polish Airlines KISSaLOT

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) has kicked off the Christmas holidays with KISSaLOT. Mistletoe twigs have been hung in each of LOT’s aircraft–the highest place in the world–through January 6, 2015. It’s the airline’s way of bringing people together.

The tradition of kissing under the mistletoe has only recently come to Poland, though it’s been known by its ancestors for centuries. Suspended from the ceiling or over the door, mistletoe is supposed to bring love, harmony and happiness in the coming year to its inhabitants. According to tradition, feuds and disputes cease under the mistletoe; friendships are more durable and people who meet there are allowed to kiss.

LOT operates flights this winter season to more than 40 cities around the world, including New York, Chicago, Toronto, Beijing, and charter destinations such as Cancun, Bangkok, Colombo, Krabi, Ho Chi Minh City, La Romana, Santa Clara, Varadero, Durban and to Zanzibar.

Photo: LOT Polish Airlines.

LOT aircraft slide show:

Video: LOT Polish Airlines. According to the airline (translated from Polish): “On this occasion, at Warsaw Chopin Airport, be prepared for an extraordinary surprise.”


Video: LOT Polish Airlines greets its one half millionth Boeing 787 passenger

LOT Polish Airlines returns to the black

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) is enjoying a financial turnaround, especially with the help of its new Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners. The airline issued this statement:

LOT Polish Airlines has consistently improved its financial standing and is now in the black. At the end of August, the airline exceeded the cumulative breakeven point, thus making a profit on its core business of flying following years of losses. This is in line with the assumptions of the restructuring plan.

Sebastian Mikosz, CEO of LOT Polish Airlines said, “Compared to the corresponding period of 2013, we have attained a better result of PLN 100M ($30,934,000). LOT is seeking to achieve sustainable profitability and we have consistently pursued our goals to meet our annual financial forecast. According to the Restructuring Plan, approved by the European Commission, we are expected to achieve a return of approximately PLN 70M ($21,654,000) in 2014. Our improved effectiveness is marked in all aspects of our operations. Reaching the breakeven point is the exclusive success of the company’s activities. There are no market-specific factors, such as aviation fuel prices or currency exchange rates that helped us achieve these results, as was the case partially last year.”

LOT began to improve its financial results in 2013. Last year closed with a slight loss on the core business of PLN 4M ($1,237,360). This result was still better than assumed in the Restructuring Plan. Last year was also the first year of many in which LOT recorded a net profit. It amounted to PLN 26M ($8,042.840).

LOT continues to finance the difficult restructuring process exclusively with its own resources. By the end of September, the airline will not apply for the second tranche of public aid, which will be smaller than assumed.

LOT owes its positive results to continuous transitions. The carrier continues to improve the quality of services, launch new products, expand its portfolio and approach new passenger groups.

LOT has also increased its transit capacities by as much as 40%, meaning passengers travelling via Warsaw are able to change more comfortably on their way to other cities in Poland and destinations in Central and Eastern Europe.

2014 marks the first year of the “Dreamliner’s effect”. The first LOT Boeing 787 jets started flying in June with now all long-haul flights operated with Dreamliners since August. This aircraft is not only popular among the passengers, but brings tangible benefits, such as fuel savings.

In July 2014, the European Commission made a positive decision about LOT. The Restructuring Plan was approved and public aid was granted. The restructuring process of the company will end at the end of 2015. Until that time, LOT may not operate new flights. However, the first new flights are to be announced at the beginning of 2015.

Copyright Photo: TMK Photography/AirlinersGallery.com. The restructuring program and the new Boeing 787s are game changers for LOT. The 787s have also changed the way people think of the airline. Boeing 787-8 SP-LRC (msn 35940) arrives in Toronto (Pearson).

LOT Polish Airlines: AG Slide Show

LOT Polish Airlines fights back against low-cost rivals with new low fare groups

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) is introducing new “Economy Plus” and “Economy Simple” fare groups to remain competitive against low-fare airlines. The airline just issued this statement:

In June LOT is introducing new Economy Plus class of service in short and medium haul aircraft and LOT Economy Simple tariffs providing discounts of up to 30 percent off normal economy fares.

Passengers traveling in LOT Economy Plus will enjoy a business product for an economy price. They will have a dedicated hotline number, check-in desk, priority baggage and boarding service as well as a dedicated bus when the aircraft cannot be accessed from a jet bridge at Warsaw airport. On board, these passengers will have a choice of meals, beverages and alcoholic drinks just as in business class. They will sit in the front of the aircraft and obtain more miles in the frequent flyer program than before. Premium Economy passengers traveling on long-haul flights will connect to flights in Europe in LOT’s Economy Plus Class.

LOT has also prepared a special, simple and low-cost tariff called LOT Economy Simple created for the short-haul passengers who want to decide for themselves what services to use and when the fare price is the lowest. Ticket prices are 30 percent lower than in standard economy class. With a LOT Economy Simple ticket, a passenger has the option for online or airport check-in and while on board, served a drink and a sweet snack plus score frequent-flyer miles.This tariff is mainly for leisure travellers traveling only with their cabin luggage.To check luggage, there will be charged PLN 60 ($20) extra.In normal economy class, checked luggage is still free.

A ticket in LOT Economy Simple starts at PLN 199 ($65).For example, flights to Brussels are 30 percent off PLN 439 ($144) in Economy Simple vs. PLN 638 ($210) in Economy; to London 29 percent off PLN 499 ($164) in Economy Simple vs. PLN 705 ($232) in Economy and to Paris 24 percent off PLN 449 ($148) in Economy Simple vs. PLN 458 ($151) in Economy.

These new developments are another step in implementing the Restructuring Plan.In the past year, the airline focused primarily on cutting costs, looking for savings and beginning to improve the quality of the product and service standards.

“We significantly improved our results in the past year, but cutting costs alone is not enough,” said Sebastian Mikosz, CEO LOT Polish Airlines. “To achieve sustainable profitability, LOT has to grow and take better care of its passengers, by expanding the portfolio, offering better comfort and a broader range of optional services.”

Copyright Photo: Rolf Wallner/AirlinersGallery.com. Embraer ERJ 170-200LR (ERJ 175) SP-LIE (msn 17000153) in the 1945 retrojet scheme taxies at Zurich.

LOT Polish Airlines: AG Slide Show


LOT Polish Airways names its sixth Boeing 787-8 “Franek” (Frank)

LOT Polish 787-8 SP-LRF (11)(Nose) %22Franek%22 (LT)(LR)

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) on April 30 took delivery of its sixth new Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, specifically the pictured 787-8 SP-LRF (msn 35942). The new 787 is named “Franek” which is Frank in Polish. The name was chosen as a result of an Internet contest. The airline issued this statement:

“Frank” (Franek in Polish) is the newest and sixth Dreamliner in the LOT Polish Airlines fleet that landed yesterday (May 1) at the Chopin Airport in Warsaw. The aircraft was named Frank as a result of an Internet contest. The name has been posted to the body of the aircraft and will appear until the end of the year.

“This year is special for us, full of changes and our Jubilee Year with our 85th anniversary,” said Barbara Pijanowska-Kuras, press officer for LOT Polish Airlines. “For our 6th Dreamliner delivery, we decided to organize a contest for the name of the aircraft numbered SP-LRF. The interest exceeded our wildest expectations. We are pleased this aircraft raises so many positive emotions.”

There was record interest in the Internet naming contest for the 6th LOT Dreamliner with 199,393 hits, 92,709 unique users and nearly 1,300 entries.

The Internet contest was held in March. The rules were simple–create an interesting name, justify your choice and become a “parent godfather” for this Dreamliner. Ms. Katarzyna Wąchała of Warsaw was the lucky winner. As a reward, she flew to visit the Boeing factory in Seattle. She returned to Poland today with her “baby”. She became the first long-distance passenger on the first flight of the youngest aircraft in the LOT fleet to Warsaw.

“The choice was difficult,” said Pijanowska-Kuras. “We wanted the name to arouse positive emotions, to be nice, short, easy to read and pronounce for foreigners, creative, intriguing and somewhat surprising. The choice was determined by the reasons given by the author. The registration number of this new aircraft is SP-LRF, so F is for Franek; F is also the 6th letter of the alphabet corresponding to LOT’s 6th Dreamliner; Franek in Polish is a timeless name; Franciszek is the name of two aces of the skies: Franciszek Peter and Franciszek Jacha and finally, it is also the name of Franciszek Zwirko – as Ms. Wachala wrote as her reasons for Franek.”

Franek will start to fly by mid-May on regular long haul connections in LOT’s network. The plane will be seen at airports in New York, Chicago, Toronto and Beijing. Beginning this winter season at the end of October, Franek may also visit other tourist places, such as Cuba, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Vietnam, Mexico or Thailand because LOT will begin long haul charter flights.

Since August 2103 when the fleet was joined by the fifth Boeing 787, LOT has been performing all long-haul flights only with Dreamliners. The Polish carrier was the first airline in Europe to operate this most modern world aircraft. Passengers appreciate the change in product quality and comfort of this machine. Given the company’s financial results and their year-to-year comparison in 2013, thanks to the Dreamliners, LOT gained as much as 95 million Zloty or $31,276,400. Business Class (Elite Club), perceived by passengers as the best on trans-Atlantic flights from Eastern Europe, has become increasingly popular. LOT has experienced huge success for its Premium Economy (Premium Club), between business and economy class. The Dreamliner also provides greater cargo business opportunities. LOT has also saved several million Zloty due to lower fuel consumption because from mid-2013, the long haul flights were flown by Dreamliners. At the end of 2017, the Polish carrier will have eight Dreamliners. The 7th Dreamliner will be delivered in the winter 2016/2017 and the 8th later during 2017.

The Dreamliner is a long-haul aircraft (12000 km) with a maximum cruising speed of 875 km / h, length of 57.72 m and a wingspan of 60.13 m. It has 252 passenger seats. The specially designed interior gives a feeling of spaciousness on board. Windows larger by ca 30% provide an excellent view, an appropriate pressure gives a greater sense of comfort, and the higher humidity as well as adequate filters ensure clean and healthy air. Luggage lockers are larger, and LED lighting system imitates daylight and adjusts to the time of the day. The special solution allows passengers to avoid turbulence and motion sickness.

Copyright Photo: LOT Polish Airlines.

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LOT Polish Airlines introduces a 1945 retrojet color scheme on Embraer 175 SP-LIE

LOT Polish ERJ 175 SP-LIE (45)(Grd)(LOT)(LR)

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) has introduced an Embraer ERJ 170-200LR (ERJ 175) registered as SP-LIE (msn 17000153) in a 1945 retro paint scheme. This livery was used by company from 1945 through 1973.

According to LOT, “On the interior walls are mounted vintage photos and posters”.

Copyright Photo: LOT Polish Airlines.


LOT Polish Airlines: AG Slide Show

LOT Polish goes back into the black with a 2013 net profit of $8.6 million, the first profit since 2008

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) reported a profit for the first time since 2008, closing 2013 with a net profit of PLN 26 million ($8.6 million) and an operating result of minus PLN 4 million ($1.3 million). The result is PLN 138 million ($45.6 million) better than assumed in the Restructuring Plan. The main reasons for this result are a consistently implemented transformation process in the company and the Boeing 787 “Dreamliner effect”.

Back in November 2012, LOT announced the 2013 financial results would be better than expected in the Restructuring Plan. Today’s presentation of detailed figures, following an audit, has been a pleasant surprise.The figure achieved was PLN 26 million ($8.6 million) towards minus PLN 196 million ($64.8 million) assumed in the Plan.Thus, the result has been improved by more than PLN 222 million ($73.3 million).

LOT has gotten closer to where the core business will be profitable. The carrier ended with just a minus PLN 4 million ($1.3 million), compared to a planned minus of PLN 142 million ($46.9 million).This meant more than a PLN 138 million ($45.6 million) improvement, of which PLN 119 million ($39.3 million) LOT earned itself. Macroeconomic factors such as favorable fuel prices had very little impact on the achievement.Furthermore, such factors were offset by unfavorable currency exchange rate fluctuations. The company benefit of the market situation was only PLN 19 ($6.3 million) out of the PLN 138 million ($45.6 million) improvement. This result is also unaffected by the agreement with Boeing on the settlement for the period when the Dreamliners were not used on long-haul flights.

This profitability was reached despite the fact that LOT had to reduce its carrying capacity under so called compensatory measures.This is a requirement of the European Commission due to the received public assistance. Therefore, LOT carried 5% fewer passengers than in 2012, but in 2013, carried more than 4.6 million passengers.

Considering the core business, a significant increase of cost effectiveness and raising the revenue contributed to the improvement towards the Restructuring Plan.Better results were also possible due to reduced administration cost, employment restructuring, fuel savings, reduced cost of ticket distribution and renegotiation of contracts with suppliers. LOT also managed the range of destinations more efficiently, expanded connection possibilities for passengers and improved flexibility of the tariffs offered. The carrier launched extra services and extended distribution channels, including mobile solutions.

Comparing the results year by year, the improvement was most significantly impacted by the ‘Dreamliner effect’.Thanks to this state-of-the-art luxury jet, LOT gained as much as PLN 95 million ($31.4 million).The business class (Elite Club) recognized by passengers as the best in transatlantic flights available from this part of Europe has become increasingly popular.

A huge success is also the Premium Club, an intermediate standard between the business and economy class. Thanks to the Dreamliner, the number of the business and premium class passengers in 2013 increased by more than 80 % compared to 2012. Boeing 787 also offers greater business opportunities in terms of cargo carriage.Because LOT operated the Dreamliner long-haul flights (New York, Chicago, Toronto, and Beijing) beginning mid-2013, consequently LOT saved several million PLN on the reduced fuel consumption.

The year 2013 marks just the beginning of changes.Regaining sustained profitability, maximum reduction of the second installment and maintaining financial liquidity are not the only challenges to face in 2014. It is also of key importance to obtain the European Commission acknowledgement for the Restructuring Plan.So far, there have been positive signals from Brussels.The Commission recognizes the consistency and effects of the Restructuring Plan being implemented.Another challenge is to maintain the market position where LOT is facing increased competition and to effectively use the 6th Dreamliner in a situation where LOT cannot offer new destinations. There are various scenarios being considered, apart from operating the jet on flights to the destinations available at the height of the holiday season. LOT is gradually developing the charter business and is in talks with various partners to explore potential leasing .For 2014, LOT plans to develop the strategy of expanding the range of destinations after completion of the formal restructuring process, after October 2015, as well as steps to acquire a strategic investor.

Copyright Photo: TMK Photography/AirlinersGallery.com. The Boeing 787 has helped LOT Polish Airlines back into profitability. Boeing 787-8 SP-LRD (msn 35941) departs from Toronto (Pearson).

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LOT Polish Airlines to allow passengers to use personal electronic devices

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) is allowing passengers to use their personal electronic devices (PED) on board LOT’s aircraft in flight mode beginning on February 17, 2014.

Passengers may keep these devices switched on throughout the journey including take-offs and landings.  They may use all the functions on their phones, tablets, MP3 players or cameras, but without the use of the cellular signal (making calls or sending SMSes).

The use of PEDs on board LOT’s aircraft was driven by a decision of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) which stated the use of electronics on board planes does not affect aircraft operations provided the flight mode (non-transmitting mode) is switched on.

Copyright Photo: TMK Photography/AirlinersGallery.com. Boeing 787-8 SP-LRD (msn 35941) arrives at Toronto (Pearson).

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Is Avianca’s German Efromovich the savior of Alitalia or LOT Polish Airlines?

Avianca (2013) logo

Avianca’s (Bogota) owner, German Efromovich, is considering making a deal to acquire a share of struggling Alitalia (2nd) (Rome) or state-owned LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw). Any acquisition would be completed as an individual, not through Avianca which has expressed it does not have any interest in either airline.

Read the full story from Reuters: CLICK HERE

Alitalia logo


LOT Polish logo

LOT Polish Airlines will not seek any more public aid, will drop underperforming destinations during the winter season

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) will not apply in September to the Treasury for payment of the second tranche of public aid. According to the airline, this is possible thanks to the promising results of the Restructuring Plan consistently implemented in the Company. At the same time LOT is introducing the flight schedule for the winter season 2013/2014 to its reservation systems. A new network is in line with the Restructuring Plan submitted by the Ministry of the Treasury to the European Commission. It is also a result of necessary compensation required by the European Commission.

The first tranche of aid for LOT was paid in December of last year. Disbursement of the second – in accordance with the Restructuring Plan submitted by the Ministry of the Treasury to the European Commission – was planned for August this year. Meanwhile, the Company has not applied for the second tranche in August and will not apply for it in September. An amount of the second tranche will be carefully assessed when the Company will apply to the Treasury for its payment. Perhaps this will happen only in October.

According to its underlying principles, the Company will achieve sustained profitability starting from 2015.

Consistently implemented restructuring measures include, among others, the network of destinations for the winter season. These changes are in line with the objectives of the Restructuring Plan submitted in June by the Ministry of Treasury to the European Commission. They are also a result of necessary compensation required by the European Commission. Within planned changes, destinations from Warsaw to Bydgoszcz, Rome and Stuttgart will be suspended from the beginning of the winter season 2013. In the coming months, passengers will also not find in the network flights to Beirut, Cairo and Nice, which are seasonal destinations. At the same time, like last winter, flights with the aircraft staying overnight from Warsaw to Stockholm will be suspended. This means two, not three flights a day to the Swedish capital.

The Polish carrier also decided to suspend flights from Warsaw to Zurich, Helsinki and Dusseldorf. These destinations did not generate enough transfer traffic for other LOT flights from Warsaw, especially the long haul which are key to the company’s long-term strategy.

Since, in accordance with assumptions, LOT focuses on expansion of its hub in Warsaw, there will be also less flights from Polish regional airports. In winter 2013, LOT aircrafts will not fly from Cracow to Frankfurt, from Poznan to Munich and from Katowice to Munich.

At the same time, flights from Warsaw to Yerevan, Athens and Belgrade will be unchanged in the coming winter season. Belgrade, one of the strongest destinations in the network of the Polish carrier, will continue to support the flow of transit passengers in their further travel to North America or other European ports. And Athens will remain in the flight schedule due to Greek Presidency of the European Union, which will begin on  January 1, 2014.

Copyright Photo: TMK Photography. LOT Polish has been gradually replacing its older Boeing 737 fleet with newer Embraer E-Jets. The remaining 737-400s are likely to be retired this winter with this schedule reduction. Boeing 737-45D SP-LLF (msn 28752) approaches Belgium for landing in the updated 2011 livery.

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LOT Polish Airlines asks for more money from the Polish treasury

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) has applied for additional state aid in the amount of over $115 million from the Polish treasury according to this report by Business New Europe citing treasury sources. The treasury has promised the citizens of Poland that this will be last bailout for the state airline. The treasury ministry must approve the request before it is sent to the European Commission in Brussels for the final approval.

There is also a report the airline will lease out out two of its new Boeing 787-8s.

LOT Polish will continue to shrink in size and go to smaller aircraft as the government continues its attempt to sell the loss-making carrier.

Read the full report: CLICK HERE

Copyright Photo: Ole Simon/AirlinersGallery.com. LOT Polish’ Embraer ERJ 170-200LR (ERJ 175) SP-LIN (msn 17000313) taxies at Paris (Orly).

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LOT Polish Airlines introduces the Boeing 787 to New York

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) inaugurated its new Boeing 787-8 with nonstop service from New York’s JFK to Warsaw yesterday (June 1). LOT also made aviation history as the first Dreamliner flight from New York’s JFK Airport as well as the first trans-Atlantic passenger flight.

The flight from Warsaw arrives at JFK at 4:40 p.m. (1640).  The return flight from JFK departs at 6:25 p.m. (1825) and arrives the next day in Warsaw at 9:35 a.m. (0935). The flights were previously operated with Boeing 767s.

Originally LOT had scheduled the JFK launch of the Dreamliner on June 30, but decided to speed up the actual implementation.  The next Dreamliner launch will occur in Chicago (O’Hare) on June 5, followed by Toronto (Pearson) on June 7.  LOT, the first European carrier to operate the Dreamliner, has three out of the eight ordered in its fleet and is expecting delivery of the fourth aircraft at the end of June.

LOT’s Dreamliner has 18 seats in Elite Club (business class), 21 in Premium Club (premium economy) plus 213 seats in economy class.

In preparation for the Dreamliner flights, LOT implemented a new design inspired by traditional and famous symbols of Poland. These changes are reflected in the new aircraft interiors, inflight menus with its new selection of beverages, on-board equipment, toys for children and other amenities. The quality of service offered is an additional asset with specially trained Elite Fleet cabin crews, new comfortable classes of service — Elite Club and Premium Club — as well as the unique product on board the aircraft.

Copyright Photo: Marcelo F. De Biasi/AirlinersGallery.com. The historic first arrival at JFK is recorded. Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner SP-LRC (msn 35940) prepares to touch down at JFK.

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Video (in Polish):


LOT Polish Airlines to resume Boeing 787 operations on June 1

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) has moved up its resumption of Boeing 787 services now to June 1. The flag carrier will resume 787 flights on this date between Warsaw and New York (JFK). The previous date of resumption was June 5.

LOT is also celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Warsaw-New York route.

Copyright Photo: Terry Wade/AirlinersGallery.com. Boeing 787-8 SP-LRA (msn 35938) prepares to land at London (Heathrow) before the grounding.

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Route Map:

LOT Polish 5:2013 Route Map

The European Commission approves the state aid to LOT Polish Airlines

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) has received welcome news from the European Commission of the European Union. The EC was looking into the state aid the airline received last year. The commission stated the aid did fall into the guidelines for state aid and approved the loan from the government of Poland.

Read the full story from NASDAQ: CLICK HERE

Meanwhile the struggling carrier will relaunch Boeing 787-8 jet service on June 5 to Chicago (O’Hare) and  later, to New York (JFK), Toronto (Pearson) and Beijing.

Copyright Photo: Nick Dean/AirlinersGallery.com. A beautiful portrait of Boeing 787-8 SP-LRC (msn 35940) on a clear day at Paine Field near Everett.

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LOT Polish Airlines to resume Boeing 787 operations on June 5

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) is planning to resume Boeing 787-8 service on June 5. The first route will be from Warsaw to Chicago (O’Hare).

Warsaw-Toronto (Pearson) will resume two days later with the grounded type.

Copyright Photo: Nick Dean. Boeing 787-8 N1791B became SP-LRC (msn 35940) on delivery.

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Boeing completes certification testing for the new 787 battery system

Boeing (Chicago) yesterday (April 5) completed a 787 certification demonstration flight on line number 86, a Boeing-owned production airplane built for LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw). This flight marks the final certification test for the new battery system, completing the testing required by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The flight departed from Paine Field in Everett, Washington at 10:39 a.m. Pacific with a crew of 11 onboard, including two representatives from the FAA. The airplane flew for 1 hours and 49 minutes, landing back at Paine Field at 12:28 p.m. Pacific.

The crew reported that the certification demonstration plan was straightforward and the flight was uneventful. The purpose of the flight was to demonstrate that the new battery system performs as intended during normal and non-normal flight conditions.

Boeing will now gather and analyze the data and submit the required materials to the FAA. We expect to deliver all of the materials to the FAA in the coming days. Once we deliver the materials we stand ready to reply to additional requests and continue in dialog with the FAA to ensure we have met all of their expectations.

More information from Boeing on the battery fix: CLICK HERE

Copyright Photo: Nick Dean. Boeing 787-8 N1791B (SP-LRC) (msn 35940) is the battery test aircraft pictured in action at Paine Field near Everett.

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LOT Polish Airlines to wet lease an Airbus A330-200 from Hifly to replace its grounded Boeing 787-8s

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) is wet leasing an Airbus A330-200 from Hifly (Lisbon) until at least the end of May to replace its grounded Boeing 787-8s according to Air Journal. The leased aircraft will be operated to New York (JFK) and Chicago (O’Hare).

LOT will also be asking Boeing for additional compensation for its grounded fleet.

Copyright Photo: Antony J. Best. LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner SP-LRA (msn 35938) prepares to land at London (Heathrow) when it was flying.

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Boeing test flies a 787 with new lithium-ion battery system

Boeing (Chicago) yesterday (March 25) test flew a 787-8 with the new lithium-ion battery system. The two-hour test flight was conducted from Paine Field near Everett, Washington.

According to Reuters, the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has set a two-day forum for April 11-12 to examine the design and performance of lithium-ion batteries. The NTSB also plans to hold a separate hearing on the 787 battery later in April.
Read the full article: CLICK HERE

Copyright Photo: Boeing. The pictured 787-8 SP-LRC (msn 35980) destined for LOT Polish Airlines was the test aircraft.

The FAA grounds the Boeing 787 due to battery issues

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) (Washington) has grounded all N-numbered Boeing 787s (United Airlines is the only U.S. operator) due to the on-going problems with the batteries. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration issued an emergency airworthiness directive that requires U.S. 787 operators to temporarily cease operations. According to this report by Reuters, “the FAA said airlines would have to demonstrate that the batteries involved were safe before they could resume flying, but gave no details on when that could occur.”

Read the full report: CLICK HERE

Boeing issued the following statement:

Boeing Chairman, President and CEO Jim McNerney issued the following statement after the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued an emergency airworthiness directive that requires U.S. 787 operators to temporarily cease operations and recommends other regulatory agencies to follow suit:

“The safety of passengers and crew members who fly aboard Boeing airplanes is our highest priority.

“Boeing is committed to supporting the FAA and finding answers as quickly as possible. The company is working around the clock with its customers and the various regulatory and investigative authorities. We will make available the entire resources of The Boeing Company to assist.

“We are confident the 787 is safe and we stand behind its overall integrity.  We will be taking every necessary step in the coming days to assure our customers and the traveling public of the 787’s safety and to return the airplanes to service.

“Boeing deeply regrets the impact that recent events have had on the operating schedules of our customers and the inconvenience to them and their passengers.”

This is the major issue for Boeing and its 787 customers. It also raises questions about the FAA certification process.

Here is a list of how other countries and operators are reacting:

EASA (Europe) will follow the FAA and ground the aircraft according to Reuters: CLICK HERE

Japan has grounded the 787s of ANA and JAL (who had already grounded their fleets): CLICK HERE. JAL is also canceling the new Tokyo-San Diego route.

LAN Airlines grounded its three 787-8s: CLICK HERE

Qatar Airways has grounded its five 787-8s. Read the report by Reuters: CLICK HERE

United Airlines grounded its 787-8s and substituted other aircraft for the 787 flights or rebooked its customers.

Meanwhile LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) wins the “worst timing award” for its press release and the Chicago O’Hare inaugural flight. Right before the FAA grounded the aircraft, the Polish airline issued the following announcement:

LOT Polish Airlines will inaugurate new 787 Dreamliner nonstop service from Chicago to Warsaw on Wednesday, January 16, and make aviation history as the first airline with scheduled Dreamliner service from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

LOT is the first European carrier to operate the Dreamliner with a total of eight aircraft to be in their fleet.  LOT’s Dreamliner inaugural flight from Chicago to Warsaw is followed closely by Toronto on February 1 and New York’s JFK on February 3.

LOT’s inbound Dreamliner special flight from Warsaw is scheduled to touch down at Chicago’s O’Hare airport at 6:55 p.m.  The Dreamliner trip from Chicago will depart at 9:55 p.m., and arrive the next day in Warsaw at 1:50 p.m.  Typically the flight will depart Warsaw at 5:25 p.m. and arrives in Chicago at 9:20 a.m. the same day.  The flights were previously operated with Boeing 767s.

LOT’s Dreamliner has 18 seats in Elite Club (business class), 21 in Premium Club (premium economy) plus 213 seats in economy class.

In preparation for the Dreamliner flights, LOT has implemented a new design inspired by traditional and famous symbols of Poland. This design is reflected in the new aircraft interiors, inflight menus with its new selection of beverages, on-board equipment, toys for children and other amenities. The quality of service offered is an additional asset with specially trained Elite Fleet cabin crews, new comfortable classes of service-Elite Club and Premium Club- as well as the unique product on board the aircraft.

January 16, 2013 will probably go down in history as the darkest day for the Boeing Aircraft Company. William E. Boeing is probably rolling in his grave.

Copyright Photo: Antony J. Best. Boeing 787-8 SP-LRA (msn 35938) lands at London (Heathrow) prior to the grounding.

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LOT Polish Airlines to shrink in size, Boeing 737s and 767s to be retired

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw), because of its continued financial losses, is going to shrink in size according to this report by the Wall Street Journal. The carrier is phasing out its Boeing 737s and 767s. The Polish government, which controls 93 percent of the stock, issued $127 million in emergency loans to the struggling state carrier on December 21 to keep it out of bankruptcy. This loan, which may still be deemed illegal state aid by the European Commission, is keeping the airline aloft. The Polish government is restructuring the airline and only the most profitable routes will be kept. One half of the fleet is expected to be returned to the lessors according to the article.

Read the full report: CLICK HERE

Copyright Photo: Terry Wade. LOT is proud to be the first operator of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in Europe but will it be able to continue to operate the new type? The 787 is planned to be assigned to the carrier’s long-range routes if those routes can be maintained with the restructuring. The first 787-8, SP-LRA (msn 35938) prepares to touch down at London (Heathrow) on its first visit.

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LOT Polish Airlines puts its first Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner into revenue service, seeks state aid

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) put its first Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner (SP-LRA, msn 35938) into revenue service today (December 14). The company issued the following statement:

At 8:00 a.m. today, LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner SP-LRA took off from the Chopin Airport in Warsaw on its first scheduled flight to Prague. It is the first commercial flight of the LOT Dreamliner (and the first by an European carrier).

Flight LO 523 from Warsaw to Prague lasted 57 minutes. On board there were 175 passengers for whom LOT had prepared special certificates commemorating this first extraordinary flight. For the return flight, 149 passengers have been booked. The plane is planned to take off from Prague airport at 10:05 a.m. and is scheduled to arrive in Warsaw at 11:10 a.m.

The Dreamliner will fly to Prague on selected dates from mid-December to mid-January, 2013. The upcoming flights are scheduled to operate on December 15, 16, 18, 19, 20 and 28. The four remaining dates are January 2, 11, 12 and 14, 2013.

The flight to Prague kicked off a series of promotional flights in Europe, at which time the Dreamliner will visit nine European cities in total: Prague, London, Vienna, Munich, Frankfurt, Hannover, Kiev, Budapest and Brussels.

LOT Polish 787-8 SP-LRA (11)(Cabin)(GST)(LRW)

Copyright Photo: Gordon Stretch. The cabin of SP-LRA is seen on one of the promotional flights in Europe.

We have decided to operate the first Dreamliner flight to Prague, as it is a one-hour flight only from Warsaw and it seems ideal for the first “neighborly” visit of LOT Dreamliner in Europe. Actually, it will not be the only flight to Prague – the Dreamliner will visit the Czech capital a number of times – says Zbigniew Mazur, acting LOT CEO. I am glad passengers from the Czech Republic will be the first to experience the comfort of travel on board the world’s most modern passenger plane belonging to the Polish carrier – adds Zbigniew Mazur.

As we have mentioned previously, the first trans-Atlantic flight of LOT Dreamliner will be operated to Chicago (O’Hare) on January 16, 2013. Its next destination will be Toronto (Pearson) on February 1, 2013. On February 3, passengers will fly aboard the Dreamliner to New York (JFK), and Beijing will welcome the LOT Boeing 787 one month later on March 3, 2013.

In other news on the financial side, LOT Polish has requested state financial aid. According to this report by the Wall Street Journal, LOT Polish Airlines has filed a request for state aid, the first installment of 400 million zlotys ($125 million) according to the Polish government. LOT, which was close to bankruptcy in 2009, lost money in 2011 and is expected to post another loss for 2012. The CEO of the company has resigned.

Read the full report: CLICK HERE

Copyright Photo: Nick Dean. Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner SP-LRA is seen at Paine Field near Everett prior to the official handover.

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LOT Polish Airlines takes delivery of its first Boeing 787, becomes the first European carrier to fly the Dreamliner

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) and Boeing yesterday (November 14) celebrated the delivery of the airline’s first Boeing 787 Dreamliner.  The Polish carrier is the first European airline to take delivery of the 787.

Senior LOT and Boeing executives, as well as Polish and US government officials, celebrated the historic delivery at an event at the Future of Flight Aviation Center in Mukilteo, Washington, near Boeing’s 787 final assembly plant in Everett.

LOT will operate the 787 on short-haul flights across Europe in December, and will introduce the Dreamliner on its long-haul passenger service from Warsaw to Chicago in January 2013.  LOT will also use the 787 to operate routes from Warsaw to New York (JFK), Toronto (Pearson) and Beijing.

The 787 Dreamliner is composed of light-weight composites and features numerous systems, engine and aerodynamic advancements, making it more efficient to operate compared with its competition. It is the first mid-sized airplane capable of flying long-range routes, providing airlines with unprecedented fuel economy and low operating costs and enabling airlines to open new, non-stop routes preferred by passengers.

This delivery is the first of eight Dreamliners that LOT has on order. The cabin is configured with 18 Elite Club seats (Business Class), 21 Premium Club seats (Premium Economy) and 213 seats in Economy Class.  Customers will experience unparalleled levels of comfort with the 787’s improved lighting, bigger windows, larger overhead bins, lower cabin altitude and enhanced ventilation systems, among other features.

LOT’s first Dreamliner, the pictured 787-8 SP-LRA (msn 35938, ex N1026G) has landed in Warsaw this morning, Thursday, November 15, where LOT is celebrating the 787’s arrival into its fleet with a reception led by the airline and Poland’s prime minister Donald Tusk.

Copyright Photo: Nick Dean. 787-8 SP-LRA is seen at Everett (Paine Field) before the official hand over.

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LOT Polish Airlines announces the first Boeing 787-8 routes

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) today officially announced the launch dates for its new Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner intercontinental service.  The inaugural flight from Warsaw to Chicago (O’Hare) will be on January 16, 2013, followed closely by Toronto (Pearson) on February 1 and New York (JFK) on February 3.  Beijing will begin one month later on March 3, 2013.

LOT is offering three classes of service on the new aircraft, Economy Class, Premium Club (Premium Economy) and Elite Club (Business Class).  All three classes will enjoy comfort beyond their expectations as well as the professional and friendly service of the Elite Fleet Crew.

With the introduction of a new class, Premium Economy, which will be referred to as Premium Club, LOT has fares starting as low as $1,342 from New York and Chicago to Warsaw.  LOT’s new Business Class, referred to as Elite Club, have fares starting as low as $3,787 from New York to Warsaw and $4,087 from Chicago to Warsaw.  Sample fares include all taxes fees and surcharges.

In addition, according to Airline Route, from December 2012 to January 2013 (subject to aircraft deliveries), LOT will introduce the new Boeing 787-8 on select European cities prior to the above regular long-range schedule. The Star Alliance member is also planning to retire its Boeing 767-300s by March 2013.

Image: LOT Polish Airlines.

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LOT Polish Airlines to use MAEL to maintain its eight Boeing 787 Dreamliners

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) has signed an agreement with Monarch Aircraft Engineering Limited (MAEL) to maintain its eight Boeing 787 Dreamliners on order. LOT will receive its first 787-8 in November 2012.

Under the terms of the agreement, MAEL will build a line maintenance base in Warsaw, as well as technically support the new aircraft while flying abroad.

In addition, MAEL will cooperate with Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance) for the provision of spare parts necessary to operate the new Boeing 787 fleet.

Copyright Photo: Wingnut. LOT Polish Airlines’ Boeing 737-45D SP-LLG (msn 28753) now sports a special 2012 London Olympics decal as the official transport for the Polish team.

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LOT Polish Airlines to consolidate New York operations at Terminal 1 in JFK

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) on September 1, 2012, will move its operations at JFK International Airport in New York City from Terminal 4 to Terminal 1.  LOT will also transfer all its Newark flights to JFK airport beginning on October 29, 2012.

Copyright Photo: TMK Photography.

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Turkish Airlines declines to invest in LOT Polish Airlines

Turkish Airlines (Istanbul) has now declined to invest in the loss-making LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw). LOT is now searching for a new investment partner.

Read the full report from the Financial Times: CLICK HERE

Top Copyright Photo: Andi Hiltl.

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Bottom Copyright Photo: Dave Glendinning.

LOT Polish Airlines returns to Beijing

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) on May 29 relaunched the connection between Warsaw and Beijing. The inaugural flight took off from Chopin Airport after 4:10 pm (1610). Poland’s First Lady, Anna Komorowska, and members of Trade Mission headed by Deputy Prime Minister, Waldemar Pawlak, were among the VIP’s on board.

Resumption of the Chinese route is another stage of LOT Polish Airlines’ “East Meets West” strategy that has been implemented since 2011. Opening the new Beijing destination was possible thanks to favorable takeoff and landing slots at the Beijing airport, negotiated by LOT. Last year, the Polish carrier also got approval from the Russian authorities to fly over Siberia, thus enabling it to use the shortest air corridor. Among other things, this agreement with Russia will significantly decrease fuel consumption and duration of the flights to Beijing.

The carrier’s hub at Chopin Airport in Warsaw is aspiring to become the connecting center of Central Europe. LOT Polish Airlines operates this connection jointly with Air China (Beijing) on a code-share basis. This allows LOT to use the extensive sales network of the Chinese carrier.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner will soon operate on this route. Until November 2012, flights on this route will be operated by Boeing 767-300 aircraft. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner will replace the currently operated Boeing 767s when delivered.

Flights to Beijing will operate three times a week – on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 4:10 pm (1610) (arrival in China at 6:35 am local time) and flights from Beijing to Warsaw will operate on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8:45 am (0845) (arrival in Warsaw at 12:40 pm local time).

Copyright Photo: Pepscl.

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LOT Polish Airlines prepares for Euro 2012 games with a new logojet

LOT Polish Airlines (Polskie Linie Lotnicze) (Warsaw) is promoting the upcoming Euro 2012 games with its first “Welcome to Poland 2012″ football logojet. According to the airline, ten LOT Polish Airlines aircraft are set to receive this special decorations in celebration of the fast-approaching European Football Championship, to be held this year in Poland and the Ukraine. The initiative, conceived by LOT, will see the addition of this unique football logo on the rear fuselage and wingtips of the aircraft. Designed in-house at LOT, the logo also echoes the style and color scheme of the company’s new livery, which were launched at the beginning of April 2012.

The pictured Embraer ERJ 170-200LR (ERJ 175) SP-LIA (msn 17000125) received its decal and took off for Odessa on April 21, 2012 with this new soccer design. The other nine airliners are scheduled to receive their additional graphics by the end of May 2012, in order to be ready to fly primarily between Polish and Ukrainian destinations from the beginning of June. In total, eight Embraer ERJ 175s and two Embraer ERJ 195s will carry the special logo.

The aircraft with the special motif will also carry “Welcome to Poland 2012″ sub-titles on both sides of the fuselage.

The aircraft will fly the logo promoting the Euro 2012 Championship until the end of July 2012 at the very least according to LOT.

Copyright Photo: Arnd Wolf. SP-LIA visited Munich today (April 28).

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JetBlue Airways and LOT Polish Airlines implement a new interline agreement

JetBlue Airways (New York) and LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) have announced a new interline partnership which will allow their customers to seamlessly book connections through JetBlue’s home at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and LOT’s hub at Warsaw’s Chopin Airport.

The new agreement offers travellers many new connections between JetBlue’s network in North America and LOT’s network throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

LOT offers nonstop service from New York to its hub in Warsaw, where customers can connect to more than 45 destinations across Poland, Europe and the Middle East.  Some of the most popular destinations include Bucharest, Budapest, Belgrade, Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Riga, Saint Petersburg, Sofia, Tallinn and Vilnius.

In New York, JetBlue offers easy connections between LOT-operated transatlantic flights and many cities along the East Coast including Buffalo; Charlotte and Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina; New York; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; as well as many cities in Florida.

In other news, JetBlue yesterday opened its new corporate headquarters in Long Island City, Queens.  Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Senator Charles E. Schumer and other top government leaders joined JetBlue’s President and CEO Dave Barger in cutting the ribbon on the airline’s innovative new home, the latest addition to the vibrant Long Island City community.

Over the past year, LOT has redesigned its livery (see below), updated its cabin crew uniform and made multiple enhancements to both its inflight and ground product.  Further, it recently completed an order of up to eight Boeing 787 Dreamliners, making it the first global network carrier in Europe to operate the commercial jetliner. LOT will take delivery of the first two Boeing 787 Dreamliners in 2012.

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Bottom Copyright Photo: Paul Denton.

LOT Polish Airlines to bring the Boeing 787 to Chicago O’Hare starting in January

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) has announced it will introduce its new Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner on the Warsaw-Chicago (O’Hare) route starting in January 2013.

From Chicago (O’Hare), LOT currently operates seven flights a week to Warsaw with Boeing 767-300 aircraft and will increase to nine flights in June.

LOT Polish will also introduce cargo service to Chicago from Katowice, Poland in mid-February 2013.

As part of the introduction of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, LOT will implement a new aircraft interior design, new inflight menus, new selection of beverages, new on-board equipment, new toys for children and other amenities in April.

The 787’s Premium economy – with 21 seats equipped with individual IFE system monitor in the armrest.

LOT, being the first European airline to receive the Boeing 787, has decided to use this opportunity to refresh the livery of its aircraft. The new revised livery was introduced in 2011. According to the airline, “the livery does not break with the tradition but is rather a project that combines the glorious past of the national carrier with a modern design. – LOT, being a modern company, is not afraid of change, and is aware that modernity is not the negation of the past, but rather a creative and thought through way of connecting elements. This approach can be seen from the project of the refreshed livery. – says Andrzej Pągowski graphic artist and designer, one of the artists and specialist in the area of the creation of the image and brand that presented opinions on the project.”

Top Image and Middle Photo: LOT Polish Airlines.

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Bottom Copyright Photo: Ton Jochems. The latest Embraer in the refreshed 2011 livery.

LOT Polish Airlines to drop Hanoi on March 26, will add Beijing

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) will drop Hanoi due to poor load on March 26. Instead the flag carrier will add new service to Beijing.

On the financial side, the carrier lost over $44 million in 2011.

Copyright Photo: TMK Photography.

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LOT Polish Airlines modifies its color scheme

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) in November once again modified its livery. The first aircraft to be repainted is this Boeing 737-4Q8 SP-LLL (msn 25164), formerly operated by LOT Charters in the Centralwings livery. The revised livery has removed the blue cheatline along the window line. As an addition, a red accent stripe has been added on the tail. The logo remains the same.

The fleet is slowly being repainted.

Copyright Photo: Damian Leśniak. SP-LLL is seen at the Warsaw base on December 3, 2011 in the new look.

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LOT Polish Airlines’ Boeing 767-35D SP-LPC makes a successful belly landing at Warsaw

LOT Polish Airlines’ (Warsaw) pictured Boeing 767-35D ER SP-LPC while operating flight LO 16 from Newark, performed a successful wheels-up landing today (November 1) at Warsaw.

Read the full report from Reuters: CLICK HERE


Copyright Photo: TMK Photography. Please click on the photo for the aircraft information.

LOT Polish Airlines introduces this new logojet to promote Poland as a destination

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) has introduced this special “Polska” (Poland) logojet on this new newly-acquired Embraer ERJ 195. The special “Move Your Imagination” design also promotes the Polish Tourist Organization.

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Copyright Photo: James Mepsted. Please click on the photo for the full details.

LOT Polish Airlines to introduce a new livery with the first Boeing 787 Dreamliner

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) is planning to introduce this updated livery with the introduction of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. LOT Polish is the European launch customer for the new type. Yesterday Boeing brought a 787 to Warsaw to salute the carrier’s support of the delayed project.

On September 7, 2005 LOT ordered seven (with two options and five purchase rights) Boeing 787-8s for its long haul operations, which were initially planned for delivery in 2008. On February 19, 2007 the airline converted one option to make a total of eight Boeing 787-8s on order. On March 7, 2011 Boeing officially notified LOT Polish that the delivery of the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner had been delayed for another year. The first aircraft is now due to be delivered in April, 2012. Another four are expected to arrive between August and November of 2012.

For more information from LOT on the 787: CLICK HERE

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Image: LOT Polish Airlines.

Continental Airlines and LOT Polish Airlines announce code share agreement

Continental Airlines (Houston) and LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw), both Star Alliance members, yesterday (April 4) announced they have started code sharing on flights between select destinations in the United States and Europe.

Effective April 2, 2011, Continental is placing its “CO” code on LOT’s trans-Atlantic flights between Continental’s New York hub, Newark Liberty International Airport, and LOT’s Warsaw hub, as well as on LOT-operated flights linking Warsaw with London/Heathrow, Frankfurt and Amsterdam that connect with Continental flights between those airports and New York/Newark.

Subject to government approval, Continental will also place its code on LOT-operated flights between Warsaw and Paris/Charles de Gaulle that connect with Continental’s New York/Newark-Paris flights.

Additionally, LOT is placing its “LO” code on Continental-operated flights between New York/Newark and Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, San Francisco and Washington/Dulles that connect with LOT’s trans-Atlantic flights between Warsaw and New York/Newark.

Copyright Photo: Rolf Wallner. Please click on the photo for information on this special color scheme of LOT.


Turkish Airlines is considering a buy of troubled LOT

Turkish Airlines (Istanbul) is considering a purchase of troubled LOT Polish Airlines according to this report in the Wall Street Journal.


LOT Polish Airlines to operate the Embraer ERJ 195

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) has converted four Embraer ERJ 175s for four larger ERJ 195s. Deliveries will start next year.

Copyright Photo: Jacek Fiszer. Embraer ERJ 170-200LR (ERJ 175) SP-LIA (msn 17000125) arrives back at the WAW hub.

LOT Polish Airlines introduces a new livery for its LOT Charters division

Copyright Photo: Juan Borras. Boeing 737-4Q8 SP-LLK (msn 25740) taxies past the ATC tower at Barcelona.

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) in December 2009 introduced this new “sunny face” livery on its Boeing 737-4Q8 SP-LLK (msn 25740). This new color scheme replaces the now dated Centralwings livery worn by the charter division.

LOT Polish Airlines celebrates 80 Years with special logojet


LOT Polish 737-400 SP-LLC (09-80th)(Ldg) WAW (ATM)(LR)

Copyright Photo: Antoni Mazur. SP-LLC lands at the WAW base with the special markings.

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) has taken its gold “Common Task”-adorned Boeing 737-45D SP-LLC (msn 27157) and added a big “80” with smaller “Flying since 1929″ sub-titles as it celebrates its 80th Anniversary.  Congratulations LOT.


LOT Polish gets OK to fly Warsaw-Tokyo Narita

Copyright Photo: TMK Photography.  Please click on photo for full view, information and other photos.

Copyright Photo: TMK Photography. Please click on photo for full view, information and other photos.

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) will be able to start flying the Warsaw-Tokyo (Narita) route starting in March 2010 when additional slots become available.

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LOT Polish introduces a Krakow logojet

Copyright Photo: Adrian Arzenheimer.  Embraer ERJ 170-100ST SP-LDC (msn 17000025) taxies at Zurich in the new scheme.

Copyright Photo: Adrian Arzenheimer. Embraer ERJ 170-100ST SP-LDC (msn 17000025) taxies at Zurich in the new scheme.

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) has introduced a new logojet to promote tourism to Krakow and the surrounding Malopolska (Lesser Poland) region. Lesser Poland (also known as “Little Poland”, or Malopolska in Polish) is one of the historical regions of the country. The region forms the southeastern corner of Poland.

LOT Polish to consider other 787 options

LOT Polish Airlines (Warsaw) will consider other options (including Airbus) if there are further delays to its Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners on order. LOT now expects to receive its first 787 at the end of 2010.

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LOT Polish pulls the plug on Centralwings


Please click on photo for full view and caption.

Please click on photo for full view and caption.


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