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Lufthansa announces its new First Class experience is available on all long-haul flights from Munich

Lufthansa (Frankfurt) has announced its new first class experience is available on all long-haul routes from its Munich hub. The airline issued this statement:

Lufthansa passengers can now experience the airline’s new First Class service on all long-haul flights from Munich. At the end of last week, the final Airbus A340-600 in the airline’s Munich-based long-haul fleet was retrofitted with the new First Class cabin. This winter, a total of 24 Airbus A340-600 and A330-300 aircraft will serve 22 intercontinental destinations from Munich.

This summer, the retrofit of the new First and Business Class cabins on the remainder of the long-haul fleet will be completed. By the end of 2015, all Lufthansa long-range aircraft will feature the new Premium Economy cabin. Altogether 11,000 seats are being installed on 105 aircraft.

Lufthansa First Class (LH)(LR)

Photo: Lufthansa.


In the award-winning First Class cabin, passengers can look forward to individual service and a wide selection of top-quality food and drinks. Each of the eight First Class seats can be extended to create a lie-flat bed measuring 2.07 meters in length and 80 cm in width, enabling passengers to enjoy a deep, relaxing sleep. The new Business Class seat offers exceptional comfort, whether in an upright or a reclining position.

At the press of a button, the seat converts into a comfortable bed with a horizontal sleeping surface measuring 1.98 meters in length. In Business Class, passengers can select what they want to watch from the expanded inflight entertainment programme and view it on their personal 15-inch monitor. The new Premium Economy Class offers 50 per cent more space plus an enhanced service, and passengers can also check in two items of baggage. In the course of this year, Lufthansa will offer its Business Class passengers a new, more personalized, restaurant-style service.

Top Copyright Photo: Rob Finlayson/AirlinersGallery.com. Airbus A340-642 D-AIHU (msn 848) touches down at Los Angeles International Airport.

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Lufthansa starts operations with its pilot-controlled LEOS “TaxiBot”

Lufthansa LEOS tug (LH)(LRW)

Lufthansa (Frankfurt) has started using this hybrid-electric aircraft tractor to tug aircraft with turned-off engines to the runway. The airline issued this statement:

Following approval by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Lufthansa LEOS, a subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik AG, has commenced operations with the innovative TaxiBot aircraft tractor, developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) with Lufthansa LEOS’ extensive support and cooperation. After extensive testing, the TaxiBot will now be used in real flight operations at Frankfurt Airport.

At a media event held at Frankfurt Airport on February 19, the TaxiBot’s towing procedures were demonstrated for local and international journalists, while taxiing a Lufthansa Boeing 737-500 to the take-off position.

TaxiBot (NB) is a towbar-less 800-hp strong hybrid-electric aircraft tractor, controlled by the pilot and intended for towing aircraft between the gate and the runway with the aircraft’s engines turned-off.

“The Lufthansa Group is setting global standards in sustainable mobility. With innovations like the TaxiBot, we are not only helping to conserve fuel but are also making an important contribution towards reducing noise and exhaust emissions at airports,” said Kay Kratky, member of the Lufthansa German Airlines Board – Operations & Hub Frankfurt. The use of the TaxiBot at Lufthansa’s Frankfurt hub can save up to 2,700 tonnes of fuel on long-haul flights per year.

“IAI, along with its partner TLD, has been cooperating since 2007 with Lufthansa LEOS in the development of the TaxiBot, with the support of both OEMs Airbus and Boeing,” said Yehoshua Eldar, IAI Executive VP, and head of the TaxiBot program steering committee. “TaxiBot is the only certified and operational alternative taxiing solution in the world. We are proud to create this innovative, eco-friendly revolution in commercial aviation and would like to thank Lufthansa for their wonderful support of the TaxiBot certification and validation process. The TaxiBot family is expanding with the testing of the Wide Body (WB) model which will operate with all WB families of aircraft such as the Boeing 747 and Airbus A380. We look forward to the WB certification tests with a Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 and to continuing our long and fruitful cooperation with this leading flagship airline.”

Accordingly, a memorandum of understanding was signed today between Lufthansa LEOS and IAI for wide body aircraft certification testing. The test phase will be performed using a Boeing 747-400 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2015.

“The development of the TaxiBot represents a milestone in environmentally friendly aircraft ground operations at airports. The use of the aircraft tractor in real flight operations means that we are now taking the next step towards the long-term goal of environmental friendly aircraft taxiing right up to ‘green aircraft handling’,” said Peter Unger, Managing Director of Lufthansa LEOS.

A special nose wheel cradle in the TaxiBot registers all the steering movements and transfers these to navigate the tractor’s eight wheels. This enables the pilot to steer the tractor from the cockpit using “Pilot Control Mode” after pushing back from the gate, until it is released at the runway. The aircraft engines are not required to start up until the TaxiBot is separated from the aircraft.

The TaxiBot is part of the “E-PORT AN” project at Frankfurt Airport. Partners of the initiative include the state of Hesse, Fraport AG, the Lufthansa Group and the Rhine-Main model region. As part of this project electric mobility ventures for the future are realised in order to make towing procedures for aircraft and ground vehicles more environmentally friendly. The projects are supported by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

Copyright Photo: Lufthansa.

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Lufthansa to introduce the Boeing 747-800 on the Newark route tomorrow

Lufthansa (Frankfurt) is planning to introduce the larger Boeing 747-800 on the daily Frankfurt – Newark route tomorrow (February 23) instead of March 29 per Airline Route. The newer Boeing 747-800 will replace the older 747-400 on the route.

Copyright Photo: Michael B. Ing/AirlinersGallery.com. Boeing 747-830 D-ABYQ (msn 37840) arrives in Los Angeles.

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Vienna to become the first base for the new Eurowings outside of Germany

Eurowings A320-200 D-AIZQ (15)(Grd) HAM (Lufthansa)(LRW)

Lufthansa Group (Lufthansa) has announced Vienna will be the first base for the new Eurowings outside of Germany. The group issued this statement:

The new Eurowings will have its first base outside Germany in Vienna. Following close consultation with Austrian Airlines and at the carrier’s own request, two Airbus A320 aircraft are to be stationed there initially, offering point-to-point connections on European routes. The aircraft are to fly in the colors of the new Eurowings. It is planned to staff the aircraft with crews from Austrian. This partnership is possible as a result of Austrian’s new collective agreement, which was entered into in December 2014 and offers additional prospects to the 900 pilots and 2,300 flight attendants. The agreement also means that employees are making an important contribution to the future viability and competitiveness of Austrian Airlines.

The first Airbus A320 took off on February 1, 2015 (above) in the new Eurowings livery for its maiden flight from Hamburg to Prague, with seating for 162 passengers on board. Further aircraft featuring the new design will follow in the coming weeks.

Photo: Lufthansa. Eurowings’ first A320, the pictured A320-214 D-AIZQ (msn 5497) was transferred from Lufthansa on January 25. Currently Eurowings operates as a Lufthansa Regional carrier.

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JetBlue Airways issues a statement on Lufthansa’s incentive offer to exchange Lufthansa notes for JetBlue stock outside of the United States

JetBlue Airways Corporation (New York) has issued this statement below concerning its partner Lufthansa (Lufthansa Group) (Frankfurt). Lufthansa has offered to its note holders a voluntary option to exchange Lufthansa notes for JetBlue stock:

JetBlue Airways Corporation Chief Financial Officer Mark Powers issued the following statement on the incentive offer commenced by Deutsche Lufthansa AG for bonds issued by its subsidiary in 2012 which are exchangeable for shares of JetBlue common stock:

“Lufthansa and its board representatives have been valued professional colleagues to JetBlue for many years and we expect to continue our various commercial relationships going forward. This offer, which is a continuation of a transaction that began in 2012, will have no impact on our outstanding share count.”

The response is in reaction to the following announcement by Lufthansa to permit voluntary exchange of Lufthansa notes into shares of JetBlue Airways Corporation:

Deutsche Lufthansa AG (“Lufthansa”) is launching a voluntary incentive payment offer (the “Offer”) to holders of the EUR 234.4 million 0.75% exchangeable senior notes due 2017 (the “Notes”) issued by Lufthansa Malta Blues LP (the “Issuer“) and guaranteed by Lufthansa, to exchange their Notes into shares of common stock (the “Shares”) of JetBlue Airways Corporation (“JetBlue”) on the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in the Incentive Payment Offer Document dated February [18], 2015 (the “Incentive Payment Offer Document”).

Lufthansa will offer a cash incentive payment (the “Cash Incentive Payment”) to holders of the Notes (each a “Noteholder”) who exercise their exchange rights prior to the expiration of the offer on March 17, 2015 at 11:59 p.m., New York City time (the “Expiration Deadline”).

Noteholders who validly accept the Offer prior to or at 5:00 p.m., New York City time, on March 3, 2015 (the “Early Participation Deadline”) will be eligible to receive the Early Participation Consideration, equal to EUR 2,500 per EUR 100,000 principal amount of Notes that are duly submitted for acceptance (the “Early Participation Consideration”). Noteholders who validly accept the Offer after that time but prior to the Expiration Deadline will be eligible to receive the Incentive Offer Consideration only, equal to EUR 1,750 per EUR 100,000 principal amount of Notes that are duly submitted for acceptance (the “Incentive Offer Consideration”). No accrued interest will be paid, and no further payments will be made in respect of Notes exchanged in connection with the Offer.

Noteholders may withdraw their acceptances at any time prior to the Expiration Deadline (11:59 p.m., New York City time on March 17, 2015). Subject to the requirements of applicable law, the expiration time of the Offer and the deadlines for accepting and withdrawing may be extended by Lufthansa in its discretion.

The payment of the Early Participation Consideration or the Incentive Offer Consideration, as the case may be, and the delivery of the Shares are expected to take place on March 26, 2015.

The Offer will not impact the rights of the Noteholders that do not submit their Notes for acceptance in the Offer.

If following the Offer, 90% or more of the Notes originally issued have been exchanged, Lufthansa will have the right to redeem the remaining Notes that remain outstanding at their principal amount together with accrued interest, pursuant to the Indenture governing the Notes.

About the Notes

In 2012, through a fully consolidated Lufthansa Group company, Lufthansa successfully raised EUR 234.4 million in gross proceeds through the issuance of the Notes. The Notes are due in 2017 and are exchangeable into Shares of JetBlue at the option of the Noteholders.

With this incentive payment offer Lufthansa Group intends to improve its financial debt profile. A successful transaction will allow for an early retirement of the Notes and a corresponding reduction in Lufthansa Group’s balance sheet debt, while finalizing the disposition of all or part of its share in JetBlue that was initiated through the issuance of the Notes in 2012.

Morgan Stanley & Co. International plc is acting as dealer manager for the Offer.



Copyright Photo: Bruce Drum/AirlinersGallery.com. Airbus A320-232 N663JB (msn 3287) in the Windowpane tail motif prepares to land in Las Vegas.

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Lufthansa’s new basic 1968 Boeing 747-830 retro jet

Lufthansa 747-800 D-ABYT (68)(Nose)(Lufthansa)(LR)

Lufthansa (Frankfurt) will soon take delivery of this brand new Boeing 747-830 D-ABYT (msn 37844) (above). The new Jumbo was rolled out of the paint shop on February 8 at Paine Field sporting a basic 1968 livery, albeit minus the traditional metal finish on the bottom of the fuselage for that period. The aircraft will soon be flying test flights and we will have more photos soon.

The retro color scheme is part of modern day Lufthansa’s 60th Anniversary celebrations. Post-war Lufthansa restarted operations on April 1, 1955.

Top Photo: Lufthansa. D-ABYT in the Boeing paint shop after the work was finished.

Bottom Copyright Photo: Bruce Drum/AirlinersGallery.com. The first LH 747, Boeing 747-130 D-ABYA (msn 19746), is pictured taxiing to the gate at New York (JFK) on April 8, 1971 in the original 1968 livery for the Boeing Jumbo. The first 747 was handed over to the airline on March 10, 1970.

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