Cathay Pacific Airways’ Boeing 747-467 B-HOP loses pressurization over Kazakhstan

Cathay Pacific Airways’ (Hong Kong) Boeing 747-467 B-HOP (msn 23815) while operating flight CX 270 from Amsterdam to Hong Kong, diverted to Karaganda, Kazakhstan after losing cabin pressure.

The airline issued the following statement:

“Cathay Pacific announces that a special flight has departed from Hong Kong at about 16.00 this afternoon to fly to Karaganda airport in Kazakhstan to bring back 306 passengers and 20 crew on board our CX270 flight (departed 28 November from Amsterdam to Hong Kong) which had to be diverted due to a technical problem.

This special flight is expected to depart from Karaganda airport at 00.20 Hong Kong Time (HKT, Tuesday 30 November) and arrive at Hong Kong International Airport at 06.20 tomorrow.

Flight CX270 departed from Amsterdam at 13.05 local time (20.05 HKT) yesterday. About six hours into the flight, at about 02.20 HKT this morning, the cockpit crew detected a fault in the cabin pressurisation system.

In line with standard safety procedures, oxygen masks were deployed and the flight was diverted to the nearest airport, which was Karaganda.

The Boeing 747-400 aircraft landed safely at Karaganda airport without incident at about 04.08 HKT. A Mayday was declared for the descent as required under standard safety procedures.

All passengers and crew are reported safe with no injuries.

Cathay Pacific has informed the Civil Aviation Department of the incident and is investigating the cause of the fault.

A Cathay Pacific spokesman said that the airline had sought visa exemptions for the passengers from the relevant local authorities. But due to immigration requirements, deplaning of the passengers had been delayed until immigration procedures had been completed.

The passengers were served breakfast on board and, once arrangements with the local authorities were finalised, they left the aircraft at 08.00 HKT.

The spokesman said: “Our crew followed the necessary safety protocols at all times, including landing at the nearest airport.

We sincerely apologise to our passengers for the long delay and our inability to deplane them immediately because of the immigration requirements at Karaganda Airport. The crew kept passengers informed of the situation throughout, and were greatly assisted by the management and staff at Karaganda Airport who did everything possible to expedite the process.”

Copyright Photo: Keith Burton. Please click on the photo for additional information.