Era Alaska is the star of Discovery Channel’s reality TV show “Flying Wild Alaska”

Era Alaska (Anchorage) is getting the spotlight in the new TV reality series “Flying Wild Alaska” on the Discovery Channel. The show follows the Twetos family of Unalakleet but covers all of the Era Alaska companies.

For more information about the show:


Copyright Photo: Brian McDonough. Please click on the photo for more historical background on Era and the consolidation under the Era Alaska name.

3 thoughts on “Era Alaska is the star of Discovery Channel’s reality TV show “Flying Wild Alaska”

  1. Brian McDonough

    I watched this show last Friday evening, the Tweto’s daughter who works the ramp, cracked me up with some of her comments. The contaminated fuel problem they had at Barrow was interesting. Never realized it was a family run operation till I saw the show.

    1. brucedrum Post author

      Thanks Brian. I found that interesting about the family too, controlling other parts of the Era operation. I am not sure how the ownership of the new “Era Alaska” works out but it is like an umbrella name with several same-owner companies now using the same name. They are all connected under the Frontier Alaska Group ownership. Maybe one of our readers can clarify this for us.

  2. Arthur Lin

    Watching your show brings back memories of my tour of duty (USAF) in 1956 at the AC & W site at Unalakleet. My TACAN site (navigational aid) was physically located at the village. From your show, it seems to be larger than when I was there. I also performed duties at Galena, Barrow, Fort Yukon, Northway and Kotsubue.

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