Air China Cargo launches its first route from Dalian to Europe

Air China Cargo (Beijing ) has launched its first cargo route from Dalian. At 10:20 am on April 15, an Air China Cargo Boeing 747-400F freighter took off from Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport heading to Frankfurt, Germany, via Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport. The flight marked the official opening of Air China Cargo’s freighter flights from Dalian to Frankfurt. Air China Cargo is the first airline in Dalian to offer cargo flights to Europe.

Representatives from Air China and the Dalian government held a brief ceremony to commemorate the route’s first flight.

The route is to be flown three times a week by 747-400s.

Located at the intersection of the Northeast Asian Economic Circle and Bohai Economic Circle, Dalian is an important industrial base in northern China, and is also an important foreign trade port and the northeast region’s largest shipment transportation hub.

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