The new American Airlines faces many challenges in the coming months

American Airlines (Dallas/Fort Worth) new incoming CEO, Doug Parker of US Airways (Phoenix), is facing his biggest professional challenges of his airline career as the merger of American Airlines and US Airways moves to the final stages. For Doug, he is actually returning to AA. Doug was at the old American Airlines from 1986 to 1991 where he served under former CEO Robert Crandall.

This article by the Star-Telegram outlines the challenges Doug is now facing at the new AA as he prepares to take the leadership role in the day-to-day operations. The new world’s largest airline is facing many challenges as it integrates again two airlines. Critics will argue that Doug has failed to fully integrate America West Airlines (Phoenix) with the old US Airways (Washington). Today the current US Airways still operates as two airlines with East and West divisions with separate contracts, crews and aircraft. Now Doug will have to integrate three airlines into one.

The good news is Parker has already negotiated conditional labor agreements with AA’s three largest unions.

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Copyright Photo: Michael B. Ing/ Doug is probably going to have to accept the new American look due to the already large number of repainted AA aircraft and the on-going “new look” advertising campaign. This effort by the current AA management has probably already settled the decision on what AA will look like going forward even though this livery is not Doug’s design. It will always be known as out-going CEO Tom Horton’s livery. American’s Boeing 737-823 WL N973AN (msn 29548) climbs away from the runway at Los Angeles International Airport in the new look.

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