AFA works to build a coalition to fight the U.S. operations of Norwegian Long Haul

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The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA) has issued this statement against Norwegian hiring U.S.-based Flight Attendants:

The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA) today met with a broad labor coalition and government representatives from Norway to discuss the detrimental effects Norwegian Air International’s attempt to bypass international labor laws will have on aviation workers around the world. AFA, part of a delegation comprised of union representatives, issued the following statement concerning current hiring practices by Norwegian Air International:

“Today we joined our aviation colleagues and industry leaders to discuss strategies and alternatives that would ensure Norwegian does not erode labor laws or the careers of U.S. Flight Attendants as they work to expand their business.

“History has shown that when companies find a way to take advantage of loopholes that assist in evading strong labor provisions, a global race to the bottom begins, leaving behind workers and communities. For nearly 70 years, AFA has been dedicated to protecting the Flight Attendant career, standing against any attempt to create a position that has little room for advancement and no job security. We are concerned that Norwegian’s announcement to hire U.S.-based Flight Attendants to staff international flights undercuts labor laws, paying outsourced workers a fraction of what Norwegian Flight Attendants earn.

“For decades, AFA has worked closely with our counterparts across the world for global labor standards that protect careers and enhance aviation growth. While we are dedicated to creating opportunities that expand business, it is imperative that airlines work collaboratively with unions and workers so that everyone is able to share in the success.

“AFA remains dedicated to our long-standing mission of uniting all Flight Attendants, regardless of carrier. We stand in unity with our counterparts at Norwegian in their fight to retain good jobs. Norwegian’s attempt to outsource Flight Attendant positions, not only bypasses Norway’s labor laws that protect workers, but it erodes careers of U.S. Flight Attendants who have worked for nearly seven decades to build an enduring career.

“In our global aviation environment, it is imperative that we all work together to ensure that workers are treated fairly and are recognized for the role they have in their airline’s success.”

3 thoughts on “AFA works to build a coalition to fight the U.S. operations of Norwegian Long Haul

  1. Ryanmichael Farris

    AFA needs to butt out!!!!!!!! We are Americans working for foreign airlines, they start US flight attendants out at $35.90 an hour which is LESS than Norwegian Based Flight attendants, not my fault UAL Or AAL doesn’t start mainline at that rate!! They want to fight something try Mesa and CHQ and all the regional carriers that are working pilots and FA to death for little to NO money, or guys like Bedford who REFUSE to even talk about work conditions and pay!! Wait until Norwegian starts hiring American based Pilots for the 787 program, to be continued!!!

    This just set me off Sent from my iPad 3 HD. *- – -)- – –

    Happy flying. Yeah that’s a Boeing 777 can you do better????


  2. G

    so does this mean they will also form a coalition to fight Emirates, Cathay Pacific and other foreign airlines hiring americans? hmm.. or as well a coalition to fight their own United client since they hire personnel in BKK and they don’t pay them the same as the american personnel. hmm, or perhaps they are just scared, shame on you AFA, i’m one of those lucky FAs and i’m treated with more kindness and respect than I ever was by any US carrier. Unions will be and have been the death of a lot of US carriers so take that into consideration. On behalf of the Americans hired by Norwegian, we will stand by Norwegian and show the world how wrong is the opposition such as yourself. Good luck.

  3. NoWayAFA

    AFA touts itself as being the protector of flight attendants. Ask pre-merger UA flight attendants how that’s working out. Ask DL flight attendants about the attempts to coerce them. Ask AFA’s other flight attendant victims. AFA doesn’t care a thing about flight attendants who aren’t forced into giving it dues to keep enriching its unelected hierarchy. And since AFA entrenches itself with forced unionism and a tyrannical, bullying system, it doesn’t care what its flight attendants think – it knows it can force dues from them and doesn’t have to do a thing beyond dues-collection activities. If Norwegian’s crews were to surrender to AFA and agree to give it forced dues, then AFA wouldn’t fight hiring of non-union USA flight attendants. AFA can only be happy for people obtaining a job if they’re paying into AFA’s coffers. AFA finds time and resources to form coalitions like this one, but can’t seem to support or assist the thousands (but dwindling) flight attendants it already forces dues from.

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