Iberia becomes the first airline with its own scent

Iberia Scent

Iberia (Madrid) made this announcement today about becoming the first airline with it own scent as part of its new brand experience:

Iberia continues to renew its image, by becoming the first airline to create its own scent, which it has named “Mediterráneo de Iberia”.

It is a fresh, soft and delicate fragrance that provides a sense of wellbeing, a warm welcome to the airplane. The “Mediterráneo de Iberia” fragrance has notes of fruit, flowers and wood, with a touch of citrus: lemon, orange, bergamot and mandarin, elegantly combined to highlight the delicate of orange blossom.

Iberia (2013) logo

Iberia Scent wording

Iberia: AG Slide Show

7 thoughts on “Iberia becomes the first airline with its own scent

  1. york u

    Actually Air Canada rouge has two different scents they use on their flights, one for southern destinations and one for European destinations.

  2. RP

    Interesting idea, however, what about people who don’t like the scent? Do they have to bear it for a 10-hour flight? What about people with allergies?

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