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Silver to resume seasonal service between Destin-Fort Walton Beach and Orlando

Silver Airways has made this announcement:

On March 13, 2020, in time for the Memorial Day weekend, Silver Airways is kicking off the summer travel season between two historic U.S. Air Force bases – Orlando International Airport, formerly McCoy Air Force Base, and Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport, located within Eglin Air Force Base.

Silver Airways’ Orlando (MCO) – Destin-Fort Walton Beach (VPS) service
effective March 13, 2020 thru September 7, 2020:

Origin/Destination  Departure Arrival Flight # Stops Frequency
Orlando – Destin-Fort Walton Beach 10:30 am 11:20 am 141 0 Friday to Monday
Destin-Fort Walton Beach – Orlando 12:00 pm 2:50 pm 140 0 Friday to Monday

Silver Airways route map:

Silver Airways aircraft photo gallery:


LOT Polish Airlines extends its Chinese cancellations until late March

LOT Polish Airlines has made this announcement:

The Management Board of LOT Polish Airlines decided to prolong the suspension of all flights between Warsaw and Beijing until March 28, 2020. The decision results from concerns for the safety of Passengers and members of the Crews of LOT Polish Airlines.

At the same time, we are closely monitoring the epidemiological situation all around the world and staying in touch with representatives of the Ministry of Health and the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate.

LOT Polish Airlines aircraft photo gallery:

Uzbekistan Airways puts four Boeing jets up for sale

Uzbekistan Airways has put two Boeing 757-200s and two Boeing 767-300s up for sale.

The airline issued this offer:

As part of the project to further unify and update the fleet of aircraft, “Uzbekistan airways” JSC offers for sale aircraft of the type:



Boeing 757-200 UK-75701 (1999y.)
cost 12 030 000 USD;

Boeing 757-200 UK-75702 (1999y.)
cost 12 408 000 USD;





Boeing 767- 3 CBER UK-67007 (2003y.)
cost 21 414 000 USD;

Boeing 767-3 CBER UK-67008 (2004y.)
cost 22 362 000 USD


Please send your commercial offer to e-mail:, up to 02.03.2020y., до 18.00ч.

Phone number (99871) 254-19-12

Uzbekistan Airways aircraft photo gallery:

Cathay Pacific Group traffic declines by 3.8% in January, will drop capacity by 40%

Cathay Pacific Group issued this statement:

The Cathay Pacific Group has released combined Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon traffic figures for January 2020 that show decreases in the number of passengers carried and the amount of cargo and mail uplifted compared to the same month in 2019. 

Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon carried a total of 3,010,012 passengers last month – a decrease of 3.8% compared to January 2019. Passenger load factor decreased by 1.3 percentage points to 84.7%, while capacity, measured in available seat kilometres (ASKs), decreased by 0.3%.

The two airlines carried 151,964 tons of cargo and mail last month, a decrease of 8.9% compared to the same month last year. The cargo and mail load factor declined by 1.4 percentage points to 60.2%. Capacity, measured in available freight tonne kilometres (AFTKs), was down by 3.2% while cargo and mail revenue freight tonne kilometres (RFTKs) decreased by 5.4%.

Cathay Pacific Group Chief Customer and Commercial Officer Ronald Lam said:  “This was the most challenging Chinese New Year period we have experienced. As the novel coronavirus outbreak in mainland China intensified towards the end of the holiday period, travel demand dropped substantially. With more governments worldwide having imposed travel restrictions on passengers from mainland China and in some cases Hong Kong, we are seeing continued cancellations of bookings.

“We have since taken a series of short-term measures in response. These notably include the sharp reduction of capacity across our global network. For February and March, we have now reduced our overall passenger flight capacity by approximately 40%, representing further reduction since our recent announcement. Passenger capacity reduction is also likely for April as we continue to monitor and match market demand. Meanwhile, we have kept our freighter capacity intact.


“Our overall passenger performance in January was slightly behind that of 2019. Inbound passenger traffic to Hong Kong was down 40% year-on-year, a slight improvement over the 46% declines seen in November and December. For the first time in the past few months we saw growth in our outbound traffic – 1% – though this was largely due to the Chinese New Year holiday starting earlier this year. We remain heavily reliant on lower-yield transit traffic through Hong Kong, which grew by 7% versus the same period last year.

“We started off 2020 fairly positively, seeing satisfactory passenger traffic volume through the first three weeks of the year. This was particularly evident with our long-haul routes, which showed improved load factors and yield over 2019. However, our performance deteriorated rapidly in the last week of January as the novel coronavirus situation became more severe, and it continues to weaken significantly. We saw significant cancellation of bookings within a short period of time.


“We saw reasonably solid demand across our network for the first three weeks of January. Our mainland China point of sales particularly stood out, recording year-on-year tonnage growth. By the last week of January, however, overall demand plummeted as manufacturing came to a halt in mainland China during the Chinese New Year holiday.

“The delay of the post-Chinese New Year resumption of manufacturing across mainland China has significantly affected both our Hong Kong and mainland China markets. However, demand elsewhere across our network remains buoyant, especially on trade lanes that have seen significant reductions in passenger capacity.


“The first half of 2020 was already expected to be extremely challenging financially. As a result of this additional significant drop in demand for flights and consequential capacity reduction caused by the novel coronavirus outbreak, the financial results for the first half of 2020 will be significantly down on the same period last year.

“We have an incredible brand with a reputation and track record of premium service and commitment to our customers that differentiates us from our competitors. These qualities and values remain at the heart of everything we do and are what will help us come back stronger when we emerge from this current crisis.”



JAN % change Cumulative %


  2020 v JAN19


JAN 2020


v YTD19


RPK (000)        
 – Mainland China 623,620 -18.9% 623,620 -18.9%
 – North East Asia 1,379,130 -3.2% 1,379,130 -3.2%
 – South East Asia 1,537,014 1.1% 1,537,014 1.1%
– South Asia, Middle East  & Africa 1,006,997 -0.8% 1,006,997 -0.8%
 – South West Pacific 1,765,853 9.6% 1,765,853 9.6%
 – North America 3,222,357 -3.2% 3,222,357 -3.2%
 – Europe 2,295,604 -3.8% 2,295,604 -3.8%
RPK Total (000) 11,830,575 -1.8% 11,830,575 -1.8%
Passengers carried 3,010,012 -3.8% 3,010,012 -3.8%
RFTK Total (000) 855,433 -5.4% 855,433 -5.4%
Cargo and mail carried (000Kg) 151,964 -8.9% 151,964 -8.9%
Number of flights 6,649 -5.3% 6,649 -5.3%




  2020 v JAN19


JAN 2020 v YTD19


ASK (000)        
 – Mainland China 896,694 -11.7% 896,694 -11.7%
 – North East Asia 1,749,611 2.5% 1,749,611 2.5%
 – South East Asia 1,866,848 3.7% 1,866,848 3.7%
– South Asia, Middle East  & Africa 1,198,208 -0.5% 1,198,208 -0.5%
 – South West Pacific 2,016,481 6.8% 2,016,481 6.8%
 – North America 3,571,618 -2.2% 3,571,618 -2.2%
 – Europe 2,663,279 -2.6% 2,663,279 -2.6%
ASK Total (000) 13,962,739 -0.3% 13,962,739 -0.3%
Passenger load factor 84.7% -1.3pt 84.7% -1.3pt
AFTK Total (000) 1,422,019 -3.2% 1,422,019 -3.2%
Cargo and mail load factor 60.2% -1.4pt 60.2% -1.4pt
ATK (000) 2,749,499 -1.8% 2,749,499 -1.8%
Cathay Pacific aircraft photo gallery:

HiSky – a new airline is launching in Moldova

HiSky is a new airline based in the Republic of Moldova. The prospective airline is planning to launch on April 10, 2020 from Chisinau.

The airline issued this statement:

People interested in aviation services have a new alternative – HiSky. The company – founded in Moldova, launches on the local and regional market on the basis of a partnership with the Romanian operator Cobrex Trans.

HiSky will operate flights to six destinations in Europe – London (United Kingdom), Dublin (Ireland), Lisbon (Portugal), Paris (France), Bologna (Italy) and Dusseldorf (Germany).

It’s for the first time for Moldova, when direct flights from Chisinau to Dusseldorf will be operated. Flights to this destination are planned twice a week: on Mondays and Fridays.

The flights will be operated starting on April 10, 2020.

The price policy combines low-cost principles with a wide range of additional services charged in a transparent manner, so that the passengers could be aware of the price and charges they pay for.

HiSky company offers 4 service packages: basic, classic, premium and premium plus, but no matter which one the passenger chooses, he/she will have quality services and professional attitude from the company’s staff.

HiSky will operate its flights with modern Airbus A320 from Cobrex Trans modern fleet.

HiSky’s staff and the Company’s General Director, Mr. Iulian Scorpan, represent an experienced team in the field of aviation, a fact that will help us to establish the company’s policy according to national and international standards and legislation.


Cargo convoy departs to China carrying medical supplies donated by Qatar Airways for Coronavirus relief

Qatar Airways Cargo Boeing 777F A7-BFS (msn 66337) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 949182.

Five Qatar Airways Cargo freighters departed to China on February 21, 2020 carrying approximately 300 tons of medical supplies donated by the airline to support Cornavirus relief efforts. The five flights departed one after the other bound for Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou as part of Qatar Airways’ voluntary offer of free air cargo transportation for medical relief aid organized by Chinese Embassies and Consulates worldwide to fight the coronavirus emergency.

The convoy follows an earlier batch of critical medical relief aid transported by Qatar Airways Cargo to Shanghai on February 2, 2020. The shipment included 100,000 medical-grade N95 respiratory masks and 2,700 medical-grade disposable latex gloves, providing essential protection to healthcare professionals working around the clock at hospitals in Hubei Province, the epicentre of the virus. The airline is planning to transport additional donations in the coming weeks.

The ‘Green Channel’ initiative for complimentary air transportation was announced jointly by Qatar Airways and the Chinese Embassy in Qatar on February 7, 2020. Qatar Airways is the first international airline to volunteer emergency relief flight delivery.

Qatar Airways is also working closely with the World Health Organization and local authorities worldwide to safeguard the health and safety of its employees and passengers. Its modern fleet is protected with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration systems, eliminating 99.97% of fine airborne particles from circulating air in cabins, greatly restricting the spread of airborne fungi, viruses and bacteria.

Top Copyright Photo: Qatar Airways Cargo Boeing 777F A7-BFS (msn 66337) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 949182.

Qatar Airways aircraft slide show:

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Atlantic Airways to operate summer service to London Gatwick

Atlantic Airways has made this announcement:

Faroe Islands from London Gatwick every Tuesday from June 23 to August 11, 2020 – it has never been easier to embark on your Faroese adventure!

One-way from £85 GBP

The archipelago compesed of 18 volcanic islands lies northwest of Scotland and halfway between Iceland and Norway.

The airport is situated on the island of Vagar, only 45 minutes by car from the capital, Torshavn.

Route Map:

Atlantic Airways aircraft photo gallery: