Ian to affect airports on the Gulf Coast of Florida and the Panhandle

Overnight Tropical Storm Ian turned to the Northwest in the Caribbean although the track is somewhat wobbly. The storm is expected to intensify quickly into a major hurricane in the warm Gulf of Mexico. Ian is project to become a dangerous Category 4 hurricane. Warnings for Florida are expected later today, especially for low-lying areas.

Due to expected high winds and rain squaws, airports on the Gulf Coast of Florida (especially Tampa, St. Petersburg/Clearwater, Fort Myers and Sarasota Bradenton) will be impacted, especially late Wednesday and early Thursday.

Airports are likely to close that are close to the projected center of the storm. Airlines are very likely to cancel hundreds of flights on both days.

The center track remains a significant unknown as there is still disagreement between the U.S. and European models.

Orlando, due to its north-south runways, will be impacted due to expected cross winds. Flights are likely to be cancelled, especially on late Wednesday and Thursday.

Airports on the east Coast of Florida (especially Miami and Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood) may be able to remain open but many flights may be canceled due to expected high winds and the heavy rains of feeder bands.

Due to the projected path, airports in the Florida Panhandle (especially Tallahassee and Jacksonville to the east) will be affected on late Thursday and early Friday if the track remains.

The storm is projected to continue into Georgia and up the East Coast.

The next 10 days could be very disruptive for travel in the east coast of the United States.

The projected path is likely to change.

0500 (5 am) NHC advisory:

Update: 1100 (11 am) September 25, 2022:

Wind arrival times:

Update: 1700 (5 pm) EDT September 25, 2022:

More updates to follow.