British Airways and IAG Cargo fly 34 tons of emergency aid to Pakistan

British Airways has made this announcement:

  • British Airways and its sister company IAG Cargo partnered with multiple aid organizations to fly vital emergency aid to Pakistan, in the wake of the devastating flood crisis
  • 34 tons of aid is being flown to Islamabad, including medical support and clothing
  • The latest flight was operated by a team of cabin crew who all have a personal connection to Pakistan
  • British Airways’ customers have generously donated more than £176,000 to the cause through the airline’s onboard collection

British Airways and IAG Cargo are proud to be flying 34 tons of emergency aid to Islamabad, Pakistan, following the devastating humanitarian crisis caused by floods across the country. More than 33 million people (around 15% of Pakistan’s population), have been affected by the floods and nearly half a million people have been displaced. The government of Pakistan estimates that a third of the country, an area the size of the UK, is underwater. Schools, roads, crops and livelihoods have been devastated and conditions are expected to worsen as the rains continue, leaving communities without food, clean drinking water and shelter.

The largest consignment of aid that has been flown out, more than eight tonnes, was transported on Sunday, September 25, 2022, including non-perishable food, tents, clothing and much needed medical supplies. The flight was operated by a team of specially selected cabin crew who all have a personal connection to Pakistan. All aid, carried for free by British Airways and IAG Cargo, has been donated by key charity partners, including Football for Peace and Khalsa Aid. A further 21 tons of aid will be flown to Pakistan over the next few weeks. In addition to sending aid supplies, the airline has also been working with the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) to help aid workers get to Pakistan to help with the crisis.