National Airlines adds the 8th Boeing 747-400F to its fleet

National Airlines has announced the arrival of a Boeing 747-400F, Factory Freighter, to its fleet. This addition is a fuel-efficient freighter under registration N537CA (MSN 33749). Featuring a nose door and a large side door, it is the best option to transport long and heavy cargo around the globe. As the most preferred cargo aircraft, this freighter holds a maximum gross payload of up to 124 metric tons (124,000kgs). The induction is part of National Airlines’ current global fleet and network expansion approach to meet the massive demand to move huge shipments.

The airline’s fleet expansion is impactful for high-volume cargo industry customers globally. Innovative and larger capacity availability at shorter notices will reboot many supply-chain networks and production lines across various commercial industries.

National Airlines offers on-demand cargo capacity through its fleet of 8 Boeing freighter aircraft with daily service options to over 200 airports in its global network. National operates 8 x B747-400 freighters out of which 6 are B747-400BCF, 1 x B747-400ERF, and 1 x B747-400F. The airline also offers passenger charter services on 1 x A330-200 and 1 x B757-200 aircraft.

Top Copyright Photo: National Airlines (5th) Boeing 747-428 (F) N952CA (msn 25238) YYZ (TMK Photography). Image: 959033.

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