A Fond Farewell – The Boeing 747 – The end of production is coming

Boeing issued this salute to the iconic Boeing 747:

Safety Firsts

Production of the storied 747 will come to an end as 2022 draws to a close. With more than five decades of service so far, the iconic “Queen of the Skies” leaves a lasting legacy of safety firsts.

The 747 was the first airplane with:

Triple redundancy in all major systems.

Quadruple redundancy in the control and hydraulic systems.

Three wing spars, with the third spar extending to the outboard engine.

Four main landing gear (the plane can operate with just two) that contribute to a soft landing.

Enclosed overhead bins replacing open hat racks. n Full-motion simulators for training.

The 747 team created the industry’s first full-motion simulator. During development of the airplane, Boeing invested millions of dollars in a flight training program, including behavioral flight training (instead of procedural) and a cadre of top flight instructors.



One of the last 747s under construction, in Everett, Washington, as seen through the pencil, pen then paint of Jeff Barlow from Boeing Creative & Digital.


Boeing 747-100 slide show:

Boeing 747-200 slide show:

Boeing 747-300 slide show:

Boeing 747-400 slide show:

Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental slide show:

Boeing 747SP slide show: