Frontier to honor Jamaica with new ‘Doctor Bird’ tail

Frontier Airlines has revealed that the national bird of Jamaica, the doctor bird or red-billed streamertail, will be the newest animal to adorn one of the airline’s plane tails.

Featuring the Jamaican doctor bird serves to honor Jamaica and celebrate the airline’s growing partnership with the island country. Frontier currently operates flights from nine U.S. destinations to Jamaica with two more scheduled to begin in 2023.

The red-billed streamertail, also known as the Jamaican doctor bird, is a species of hummingbird. It is endemic to Jamaica and is the country’s national bird. The doctor bird features stunning, iridescent colors and is treasured by Jamaicans, often immortalized in Jamaican folklore and song.

All Frontier Airlines aircraft feature an animal on their tail with a special name and backstory. The plane tail animals, which are adored by children and adults, alike, are meant to highlight animal species throughout North America, many of which are threatened or endangered.

The red-billed streamertail will be named Stewart, a nod to the late Gordon “Butch” Stewart (below, right), the legendary founder of Sandals Resorts International and prolific advocate for Jamaica tourism. The new aircraft is expected to join the Frontier fleet in late 2023.

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The new tail comes on the heels of expanded service from Frontier Airlines to Jamaica. Currently, the airline operates flights to Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay from Atlanta, Orlando, Chicago-Midway, Miami, Philadelphia, St. Louis and Tampa. Service from Denver to Montego Bay will begin in February 2023 and from Dallas/Fort Worth to Montego Bay next spring. Frontier began service from Atlanta to Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston earlier this week and also flies to Kingston from Miami. Frontier has been the fastest growing airline serving Jamaica since 2019, based on number of seats.

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