Southwest is upgrading the passenger experience

Southwest Airlines realizes it has some short-comings when it comes to the flying experience for its customers. It also realizes that it must remain competitive with others carriers.

The carrier has always been passenger friendly and has a loyal following. Not charging for bags and allowing for ticket changes with extra charges endears the airline to its loyal customers.

However there are some areas it knows it must improve.

One area of concern is keeping families together since it does not have assigned seats. With open seating, families are often forced to split up to find a seat.

Southwest Airlines plans to address this concern with a new program allowing families with children to board first. A trial version of this new program will be introduced in Atlanta in early 2023 according to Travel + Leisure. It will be introduced in a phased approach.

Families will have a designated area to gather.

Southwest has also pledged to upgrade its current WiFi, which can be slow. The carrier recently signed an agreement with Viasatto to provide high-quality internet service and live-TV onboard service for newly delivered aircraft.

The new service is being tested on its new Boeing 737 aircraft. Southwest has also been offering free WiFi on certain flights where the upgraded WiFi service is available.

Other airlines are adding power ports on their aircraft. Southwest plans to solve that competitive problem by installing USB-A and USB-C power ports on its fleet. The airline plans to introduce these new power ports on its Boeing 737 MAX aircraft starting in early 2023.

Other competitors are adding larger overhead bins. The airline also plans to address the current lack of overhead-bin space, especially painful on crowded flights. Larger overhead bins will be introduced on new aircraft deliveries starting in early 2023.

Top Copyright Photo: Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 N8779Q (msn 67760) LAS (Michael B. Ing). Image: 959616.
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