Southwest Airlines CEO Bob Jordan looks forward after normal operations resume

Southwest Airlines CEO Bob Jordan shared the following comments with Employees on December 30 as we continue to deliver a normal schedule and determine next steps in protecting our ongoing reliability:

“You know, we’ll move forward with lessons learned here, as we always do. We have plans to invest in tools and technology and processes, but there will be immediate work to understand what happened.

One of our five-year strategic plan priorities established in 2021 is to modernize the operation along with a 2022 company focus area of getting back to our historic operational reliability and efficiency. As Andrew stepped into his role, he told you all that one of his key areas of focus was to improve our ability to recover effectively from irregular operations and invest in processes, People, and technology that were already underway.

Analysis Business cases, multiyear project plans, approved budgets, and dedicated project teams are fully focused on making these priorities a reality, and we need to finish that work, and in all honesty, we will dial up that work in 2023.

We always take care of our Customers. That’s our 51-year history here. Likewise, I know that we have work to do to restore your confidence in Southwest. You have our word that we will commit to the necessary resources to quickly examine and bolster our strategy for continuous improvement in our processes, our systems, and more.”

Southwest Airlines operated its normal schedule on Friday, December 30 and Saturday December 31, 2022

The airline continued;

We appreciate the dedicated work of the Southwest Team to restore our schedule, and we anticipate minimal disruptions for the weekend.

Once again, we value the continued patience and support of our valued Customers, and we apologize for the inconveniences of the past week. If needed, we offer several methods for Customers to seek support from us:

Customers affected through the operational disruption can find additional assistance at:

Those specifically needing assistance reuniting with baggage can find information here:

We look forward to the opportunity to address any needs of our Customers over the coming days as we strive to return to our previous level of Southwest Hospitality and reliability.

CEO Bob Jordan GMA Highlights

Below are highlights from CEO Bob Jordan’s appearance on Good Morning America on Friday, Dec. 30 as Southwest returned to normal operations.

  • We’re making investments in our operational areas. Like always, there’ll be lessons learned from this and we’ll continue to make more investments.
  • There’s no greater focus beyond safety than taking care of our customers. We’re offering refunds, covering expenses. We’ll be going back out with even more after that.
  • Our desire is to go above and beyond. We always take care of our customers. That’s our 51 year history here. Southwest Airlines will be looking at and taking care of things like rental cars, hotel rooms, meals, booking customers on other airlines sold. That will all be part of what we’re covering here as we reimburse our customers and make good on this issue.
  • This has impacted so many people, so many customers over the holidays. It’s impacted our employees. And I’m extremely sorry for that. There’s just no way almost to apologize enough, because we love our customers, we love our people, and we really impacted their plans.
  • We already had a great plan to invest in tools and technology and processes, as we always do, but there’ll be a lot of lessons learned in terms of what we can do to make sure that this never happens again because this needs to never happen again.

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