ANA unveils its latest Pokémon logojet – “Pikachu Jet NH” on Boeing 787-9 JA894A

ANA (All Nippon Airways) unveiled its latest logojet on June 4 – “Pikachu Jet NH” on Boeing 787-9 JA894A (msn 34517).

The airliner is now in service.

The “Pikachu Jet NH” aircraft features a livery designed for ANA, in which the Sky High Pokémon Rayquaza is depicted across the entire fuselage to create a vivid effect.
Charizard, Latias, Latios, Vivillon, and other flying Pokémon from all over the Pokémon world move together with Pikachu toward the shining rays of hope and endless possibilities of an interconnected world.

Pokémon are also hidden inside the engines, so please keep an eye out for them when boarding on your next adventure with the Pikachu Jet!

These are the interior designs on Pikachu Jet NH:

It also includes a special flight souveneir:

These are the flight souvenirs on Pikachu Jet NH.

Below flight souvenirs (Japanese wooden tag, Commemorative sticker and Boarding certificate) will be distributed on board of the special jet.

* The souvenirs may not be distributed on some routes or irregular flights. Distribution may end without prior notice once the scheduled amount has been reached.

Japanese wooden tag (“kifuda”)/Commemorative sticker/Boarding certificate

Pokémon-related content such as Pokémon Kids TV and POKÉTOON can be enjoyed on all ANA international and domestic flights.

  • To be launched on international flights in June 2023 and on domestic flights in July 2023.
  • Screening content is subject to change.
  • Check ANA SKY CHANNEL from the end of the month before for further details. Screening content will vary depending on the timing of your flight.