JetBlue introduces a new bold standard Mint livery

JetBlue Airways today announced its new standard livery featuring a bold and all-blue design emblematic of its role as an innovative, industry-disrupting brand that customers love and trust for travel. From colorful tailfin patterns to special liveries, JetBlue has always used custom designs to honor the people, places and partnerships that make up its DNA.The new “icon in the sky” gives JetBlue a standout visual design as it expands to new markets and brings customer-centric offerings across the travel industry.


The first aircraft to receive the new livery paint is an Airbus A321-200 (N982JB) with Mint®, aptly named “A Defining MoMint,” which goes into service on June 15. JetBlue plans to refresh all of its current standard liveries as part of its normal aircraft painting cycle.

“Liveries have always been a part of our identity. When you spot a JetBlue aircraft—whether on the ground or in the air—we want customers to recognize us as a travel brand that moves them differently than everyone else,” said Jayne O’Brien, head of marketing and loyalty, JetBlue. “The new livery helps us stand out among a sky of legacy carriers, and is a stunning reflection of our role as a disruptor that uniquely combines lower fares and great service.”

The new livery design builds on JetBlue’s heritage and unique personality with energized favorite elements for a new era, such as:

  • A blue allover fuselage that goes all-in on the company’s namesake color.
  • Iconic tailfin patterns now energized and extended to embrace the body and belly of the aircraft.
  • A larger JetBlue logo to represent the bold impact these aircraft have in the industry.
  • Colorful winglets that add an extra pop of fun with a refreshed palette of accent colors.
  • The aircraft’s pattern and the JetBlue logo featured on the belly, making it instantly recognizable to plane-spotters.

The first design—for the A321 with Mint aircraft—applies JetBlue’s Mint Leaves pattern on the aircraft’s exterior for the first time, allowing customers and crewmembers to easily identify it in a new way. JetBlue’s all-core aircraft will also receive new livery designs with refreshed patterns and a broader set of accent colors.

In addition to exciting changes on the exterior, JetBlue has previously made several innovations inside of the aircraft to bring customers a more comfortable, personalized and fun travel experience. JetBlue’s partnerships provide purposeful, industry-leading products from complimentary seatback entertainment to free high-speed Fly-Fi® broadband internet[a].

The bright, colorful elements featured in the new livery design are also echoed in JetBlue’s new visual brand identity that rolled out on digital assets and social platforms earlier this year. As the company’s first brand refresh in a decade, the new colors and designs reflect a more joyful, contemporary and digital-first appearance. From the outside to the inside, each touchpoint in the JetBlue experience has been thoughtfully created to honor its storied identity while signaling its bold moves to bring disruptive, customer-focused impact to new markets.

The livery design is JetBlue’s first-ever complete refresh of its paint design. Customers can look forward to spotting more new livery designs with refreshed tailfin patterns later this year.

Aptly named A Defining MoMint, the first plane to sport our new livery (our first-ever Mint pattern, coming soon to all Mint planes) is an Airbus A321 with Mint—which rolls into service on 6/15/23. Look for refreshed versions of our existing patterns to make their runway debuts as the rest of the fleet is repaint-ready.

A Defining MoMint 

The first plane to sport our new livery is an Airbus A321 with Mint, which rolled into service in June 2023. Named A Defining MoMint, it features our first-ever Mint pattern—coming soon to all Mint planes.  

Our boldest, bluest plane. Ever. 

Our newly energized brand and approach to our commercial livery design signals the next step in JetBlue’s journey. 

All-blue body 

Nothing says JetBlue like a blue airplane body. The bold blue allover design will stand out like never before—in the air, on the runway and at the gate. 

Accented winglets 

The vibrancy of the all-blue body is complemented by a refreshed (and refreshing) palette of accent colors—for extra pops of fun. 


Taking patterns beyond the tail 

Our tailfin patterns have made our liveries fun, distinct and iconic, and our new liveries go a step further, extending each pattern to the body and belly. For our first new livery, we’ve rolled out a brand new pattern—Mint Leaves—that will appear on all Mint aircraft and match Mint’s onboard touchpoints. Refreshed versions of our existing patterns will make their runway debuts as the rest of the fleet is repaint-ready. 

Larger logo 

With a more prominent pattern creating more impact at the back, we’ve balanced it out by bumping up the size of the JetBlue logo up front. 


Belly art 

Ever since we launched our Brooklyn Nets livery with Spread Love on the belly, we’ve wanted to spread the belly art love to the whole fleet. Our new livery design features the plane’s pattern and the JetBlue logo on the belly—making it instantly recognizable to plane-spotters. 

Updated font for plane name 

Each of our planes sports a unique name—usually with a pun or some wordplay in there—that you’ll spot near the nose. In this case, the name says it all.