Record number of transatlantic flights this summer after 40% increase in a decade, United Airlines leads

From OAG:

  • Record number of transatlantic flights in summer 2023: 111,400.
  • There are now 18% fewer airlines operating flights across the Atlantic than in 2000 (37 vs 45).
  • 90% of transatlantic services this summer will use twin-engine aircraft.
  • Number of airport pairs decreases as airlines consolidate back to core networks.

Summer 2023 sees a record number of scheduled flights between Western Europe and the USA: 111,400 according to the latest data from OAG’s Schedules Analyser. That’s equivalent to 530 a day.

In summer 2013 there were 80,416 flights scheduled between Western Europe and the US, which means the number of flights between the two has increased by almost 40% over the past ten years.

Less Choice, More Competition

In summer 2000, travelers could choose from 45 airlines operating scheduled flights across the Atlantic, this summer, because of mergers in the United States, airline collapses in Europe, consolidation in Central Europe, and the influence of airline alliances, there are now only 37 airlines operating.

Lower Operating Costs

Previously, four or three-engine aircraft dominated the market, whereas this summer over 90% of services will be operated by twin-engine aircraft with the B777 accounting for over 22% of flights and the A330 a close second with a 20% share of the market. Combined with other innovations and technology, this has transformed operating costs, meaning new routes are possible.

Fewer Airport Pairs

Using the UK as an example, there are thirteen fewer airport pairs being operated this summer than in 2019 – although the absolute number of scheduled flights has increased by nearly 5%. Post a major disruption, such as the pandemic, airlines will consolidate back to their core networks which explains a 14% increase in flights between London Heathrow and New York JFK.

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