ASL Airlines France launches three new routes from Lille

ASL Airlines France has launched three new route from Lille, France to Bejaïa, Tlemcen and Sétif.

Inaugurated this week, are in addition to the already existing lines of ASL Airlines France departing from Lille Airport to Algiers and Oran; which brings to five the number of destinations to Algeria served from the Lille Airport.

ASL Airlines France is the only French company to offer flights to Algeria from Lille Airport. The strengthening of its presence in the Algerian market offers passengers from Lille and its region new travel options.

The first flight to Bejaïa took off on June 26 at 1:55 p.m. from Lille and landed at 3:25 p.m. at destination. The first flights to Tlemcen and Sétif will be operated on June 28 and 30 respectively. Flights are operated by Boeing 737-300, – 700 and – 800 (i.e. 147 and 186 seats).

Until October 30, 2023, ASL Airlines France will serve scheduled flights from Lille:
– Algiers: 3 flights per week (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday)
– Oran: 2 flights per week (Tuesday and Thursday)
– Béjaïa: 2 flights per week (Monday and Wednesday in July and August, then Monday and Thursday the rest of the season)
– Tlemcen: 1 flight per week (Wednesday)
– Sétif: 1 flight per week (Friday)