American Airlines flight attendant union board of directors approves strike authorization vote

On July 17, the Board of Directors of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, comprised of Union Leadership from all ten of American’s Flight Attendant bases, unanimously authorized the APFA Negotiating Committee to conduct a strike authorization vote of the 26,000+ Flight Attendants at American Airlines.

APFA has passed proposals on every section of its collective bargaining agreement with American Airlines. Also, the union has invoked the services of the National Mediation Board (NMB) by filing for federal mediation, the next step to reach an agreement as outlined by Section 6 of the Railway Labor Act. 

“Flight Attendants are ready for an agreement that respects our contributions to the success of this carrier,” Julie Hedrick, National President of APFA, said. “Our contract became amendable in 2019, and American’s Flight Attendants have not received cost-of-living increases or any other quality-of-life improvements, even as they played an essential part in keeping American in the skies both during and after the pandemic.”

The strike authorization vote will open on July 28th and will close on August 29th, with results announced in conjunction with a day of pickets at bases across the country on August 30th. If approved, the strike authorization vote would allow APFA to call a strike, if necessary, once released to self-help by the National Mediation Board.

“That a strike authorization vote is even being put before our membership should concern American Airlines and those who invest in and fly our airline,” Hedrick said. “It’s time for American Airlines management to show Flight Attendants the respect they are due through appropriate pay and improved working conditions. We are ready for American Airlines to bring these negotiations to a close.”

If the parties cannot reach an agreement in federal mediation, the union could request to be released into a thirty-day cooling-off period, after which 26,000+ American Airlines Flight Attendants would be free to strike the world’s largest carrier.