Finnair’s loyalty program flies into a new era with Avios

Finnair will renew its Finnair Plus loyalty program by introducing Avios as its new loyalty currency in early 2024. 

Partnering with IAG Loyalty to adopt Avios will bring new opportunities for existing and new Finnair Plus members to collect and use the program’s new loyalty currency.  The

Finnair Plus program will also move to a new spend-based platform. 

The program will feature new milestone benefits to enable members to receive extra rewards, such as additional upgrade benefits, when reaching certain point limits within their existing tier. 

And as an extra incentive to join the Finnair Plus program, its members will now also receive complimentary internet access for messaging as a new benefit on Finnair’s short-haul European flights operated with the narrow-body Airbus fleet, regardless of their tier status.  

Finnair will also invest in new, more spacious lounge premises on the Schengen side of Helsinki Airport, Finnair’s home hub. The lounge will move to new premises in 2024 and feature a dedicated area for top-tier members. The current Schengen lounge will continue to serve customers until the new lounge opens. 

The Finnair Plus loyalty program has over four million members worldwide and was first launched in 1992.  

As part of the changes, Finnair will also increase the number of award seats – the most popular award among members – and guarantee at least 4 award seats on Finnair flights within Europe and 8 on Finnair long-haul flights. 

From early 2024, Finnair will adopt Avios as its new loyalty currency, bringing Finnair Plus members new opportunities to collect and use loyalty currency across partner airlines. This includes when they shop online with thousands of leading brands via and with IAG Loyalty’s growing list of partners around the world that range from BP, Nectar, and Uber in the UK, Areas airport retail, and Cabify in Spain and Bilt in the US.  

Avios is the loyalty currency used by Finnair’s oneworld partners’ loyalty programs – British Airways Executive Club, Qatar Airways Privilege Club, and Iberia Plus.  

Finnair Plus award points will be converted to Avios with a 3:2 ratio, and the purchasing power of the current points remains unchanged – Avios prices are also updated with the same 3:2 ratio.  

The Finnair Plus loyalty program will become spend-based, rather than driven by the number of flights flown by its members.  A new loyalty currency, Avios, will be collected, and members will be able to move from one tier to another based on the money spent on Finnair’s flights and travel extras. Tier limits will be revised to reflect the switch to Avios and the new spend-based earn of tier points. Collecting tier points and loyalty currency on partner-marketed or -operated flights will continue to be based on the travel class, booking class, and distance flown. However, you will collect based on miles, not kilometres, flown.