SWAPA pilots picket outside SWA Spirit Party in Chicago


On August 14, SWAPA Pilots took part in an informational picket outside of the Southwest Spirit Party in Chicago. While Southwest was throwing a party celebrating its culture, SWAPA Pilots stood in unity and showed that without a contract, there is no culture.

  • Southwest Airlines pilots continue to demand a contract through informational picketing, despite the National Mediation Board denying their request to strike. 
  • Concerns include pilot scheduling issues, such as pilot deadheading and fatigue, as well as the withdrawal of agreements in principle by Southwest Airlines management.
  • Southwest Airlines is facing criticism for its outdated tech system, declining return on investment, and questions about its culture and future, as reflected in employee picketing and downgrading of its stock by investment firms. 

Southwest Airlines is still in difficult relations with its pilots and flight attendants. While the airline is holding a spirit party on August 14, the pilots’ union will be informational picketing outside to demand a contract.

Pilots picketing to show steady resolve 

Despite ongoing negotiations with Southwest Airlines and the National Mediation Board (NMB) denying the pilot’s union Southwest Airlines Pilots Association (SWAPAa release from mediated negotiations to strike, SWAPA remains focused on working towards a contract. Upon the airline losing 200 pilots this year but with 1,269 pilots hired for a loss percentage of 15.76%, SWAPA placed on social media the following infographic: