Atlantic Airways’ inaugural flight from Stewart Airport to Vagar on August 23


The route will from New York Stewart International Airport (FAE) to Vagar Airport (FAE) with these departure dates:

August 22.  Faroe Islands (FAE) – New York (SWF)

August 23.  New York (SWF) – Faroe Islands (FAE)

August 29.  Faroe Islands (FAE) – New York (SWF)

August 30.  New York (SWF) – Faroe Islands (FAE)

September 5.  Faroe Islands (FAE) – New York (SWF)

September 6.  New York (SWF) – Faroe Islands (FAE)

September 12.  Faroe Islands (FAE) – New York (SWF)

September 13.  New York (SWF) – Faroe Islands (FAE)

September 19.  Faroe Islands (FAE) – New York (SWF)

September 20.  New York (SWF) – Faroe Islands (FAE)

From Flightradar 24:

In this video we take the historic, brand new inaugural flight from New York to the Faroe Islands onboard Atlantic Airways and their A320NEO in seat 1F. And we’re in the cockpit for landing. With low clouds down to a few hundred feet off the ground, it’s certainly an interesting one. Join us as we take the specially-timed bus from Manhattan to New York Stewart International Airport (SWF) for this flight. It’s located up in Newburgh, NY, about 90 minutes away. The airport sees little other service aside from a PLAY flight to Reykjavik and the occasional Allegiant flight domestically. We’ll show you the takeoff on a beautiful day out of Stewart; the service and menu onboard including a special treat for us on the inaugural flight; you can hear the Captain crack a joke or two to the cabin; and we get glimpses of Canada and East Greenland too. Finally we land at Vágar Airport (FAE) in the Faroe Islands, the main gateway to the islands. Let us know if you’re planning to take this very unusual flight!

Flightradar24 playback for flight RC408 on August 23, 2023:…