Tailwind Air increases seaplane service between Manhattan and Boston Harbor

Tailwind Air has announced a significant expansion of its popular seaplane service between Manhattan and Boston Harbor in response to overwhelming demand.

Starting September 12, 2023, travelers can enjoy even more convenient and efficient access between these iconic American cities with the introduction of three flights a day on weekdays and daily service in each direction on Saturdays and Sundays.

Passengers embark on their journey from the SkyPort terminal located at the base of 23rd Street and the FDR in Manhattan. Here, they are treated to a private lounge before boarding their seaplane. In less than 75 minutes, guests arrive at Boston Harbor, where they disembark at the Boston Fan Pier.

On the return trip, travelers arrive at Fan Pier’s ReelHouse Oyster Bar in Boston before taking off from Boston Harbor, landing directly in Manhattan’s East River, and disembarking at the SkyPort Terminal. This seamless, stress-free experience showcases Tailwind Air’s commitment to providing a unique and efficient mode of transportation between these two iconic destinations.

Commencing September 12, 2023 the new flight schedule is as follows:

Manhattan (NYS) to Boston Harbor (BNH) weekday departures:

8:00 am
9:15 am
4:15 pm

Boston Harbor (BNH) to Manhattan (NYS) weekday departures:

7:45 am
2:45 pm
4:40 pm
Daily service on Saturdays and Sundays in each direction.

For more information about Tailwind Air’s routes, pricing, and to book your flight, please visit our website at www.flytailwind.com