Korean Air donates to California Science Center to create Korean Air Aviation Gallery, including a retired Boeing 747

Korean Air has announced a $25 million donation, along with its retired Boeing 747 aircraft, to the California Science Center to create the Korean Air Aviation Gallery at the future Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center. 

The Gallery will have a diverse exhibition of almost 20 aircraft, plus a Boeing 747 airliner fuselage that will be the Gallery’s centerpiece. The Gallery’s collection will also include a replica of the Wright Brothers’ 1902 Glider, a Harrier T4 jump-jet and a historic F-100 Super Saber. 

Cho said the 747 exhibit will showcase the transformative technology and ongoing impact of the iconic aircraft. People can see the plane’s enormous scale and elegant design, and take a simulated flight from Los Angeles to Seoul in a theater on the airplane’s main deck.  

Other hands-on experiences include a Wind Tunnel exhibit, providing the opportunity to experiment in a wind tunnel lab to understand the forces that make planes fly; and a Design-a-Plane exhibit, offering a unique lesson in aircraft design and engineering.