Xiamen Air unveils a new Universal Beijing Resort Minion Land special livery on B-1913

Xiamen Air made this announcement:

“Minions are here!”

On the morning of September 26th, at Fuzhou Changle International Airport, amidst the laughter of many passengers, another themed painted Boeing 737-800 (B-1913) from Xiamen Airlines, featuring the Universal Beijing Resort Minion Land, took off and flew to Beijing.

This is the second collaborative painted themed plane introduced by Xiamen Airlines, following the announcement in July of the first “Airline Friend of Universal Beijing Resort”.

Two weeks ago, Xiamen Airlines unveiled its first painted aircraft themed after Universal Beijing Resort Jurassic World Isla Nublar, attracting numerous IP fans and travelers. Now, Xiamen Airlines has brought another new landmark for Minion Land fans, and through this “airborne business card,” continues to invite travelers worldwide to come to China and visit Universal Beijing Resort.

This time, Xiamen Airlines boldly broke away from its usual elegant and dignified “Blue Sky Egret” fleet style. They brought the star Minions from Universal Beijing Resort’s Minion Land and their bananas onto the plane’s fuselage. The bright yellow color contrasts strongly with the classic “Xiamen Airlines blue,” attracting the attention of tourists.

At the inaugural flight event, passengers felt the happiness and infectious energy from Universal Beijing Resort starting from the check-in process. Passengers dressed in overalls along the way greeted each other with “Bello.” Ms. Chen, a passenger, expressed herself as a super fan of the Minion Land and has been a loyal Xiamen Airlines customer for many years. After seeing Xiamen Airlines’ Weibo announcement of the inaugural flight, she immediately purchased a ticket and became one of the first passengers to board the painted plane. Moreover, at the inaugural ceremony, she was chosen as a lucky passenger and had the opportunity to participate in the unveiling of the plane’s livery.

Xiamen Airlines has officially launched a variety of themed gift cards that include benefits such as flight coupons, themed meal selection, seat selection, and Egret Points. There are limited-time offers for gift card purchases, with a chance to receive Universal Studios Beijing One-Day Dated Ticket. On the inaugural day, some passengers were already excited to collect three commemorative edition e-boarding passes and took photos with the backdrop wall of the “Universal Studios Beijing Minion Land” at the inaugural event.

Since the beginning of this year, the tourism market has experienced rapid recovery. Especially since July, domestic air passenger traffic has returned to pre-pandemic levels, and the civil aviation industry has entered a crucial period of incremental growth and improved quality. Themed painted plane are rare outdoor media with significant visual impact, and the IP image of Universal Beijing Resort is also highly appealing. Through the strong collaboration and the extensive route network and marketing of Xiamen Airlines, the brand images of both parties have been further enhanced in key cities across China. The successful completion of this inaugural flight is another initiative by Xiamen Airlines to establish a solid presence in important markets, including Fujian, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, and others.

It is evident that an increasing number of people are anticipating new products and experiences in the cultural tourism industry, leading to higher expectations for air travel services. Xiamen Airlines has been focused on enhancing the passenger experience and has made efforts to explore and develop integrated services that encompass dining, entertainment, and enjoyment—a distinctive and innovative practice in the industry. By combining “culture and tourism” with aviation, Xiamen Airlines integrates cultural tourism with civil aviation, capitalizing on current consumer trends. In the future, Xiamen Airlines will continue to explore new hotspots in cultural tourism consumption and create new growth opportunities in the travel market.