Amazon hires Azul to speed up deliveries in the north of Brazil

Amazon and Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras signed an agreement to strengthen the package delivery capacity in the north region of Brazil.

Thanks to this project with the largest company in terms of number of commercial flights and cities served in the national territory, Amazon consumers in local metropolis like Manaus and Belém, for example, will start to receive orders transported on Azul planes within two days, and in Macapá, in up to three.

With the continued growth of e-commerce, according to the survey carried out by the real estate consulting firm Cushman & Wakefield, one of the trends for the Brazilian logistics market in the coming months is the focus on delivery in the shortest time and cost possible. This requires companies to strategically redesign their operations and includes investments not only in warehouses, but also in the entire logistics network.

Keeping in mind the objective of offering the best shopping experience to its customers, while preserving the safety and health of its associates, innovation can be seen in all processes of Amazon’s operation in Brazil. The company strengthens its network in the country through a network of people, facilities, trucks, logistical partners, air transport, vans, motorcycles, and several other connections, which allow fast and efficient deliveries to its consumers.

Amazon serves 100% of the municipal districts in Brazil through the combination of its operation and third-party partners. There are thousands of associates in 12 Fulfillment Centers and 12 Delivery Stations throughout the country, in addition to the 1,400 corporate employees.

The project with Azul Cargo has airlines that will transport packages from the Amazon Fulfillment Center, in Cajamar (SP), to cities in the north region.

The services offered by Azul Cargo, the biggest cargo company in Brazil, cover 300 routes to more than 150 Brazilian destinations from a fleet of around 160 aircrafts. Amazon now takes advantage of this breadth and connectivity of air networks to further optimize its deliveries in the country. In addition, Azul Cargo’s seven own aircrafts cover national routes with higher demand and all the safety and speed that the market demands.