Meet the people who help keep American’s operation on track

American Airlines issued this story:

At the nerve center of American’s operation, a team of professionals work behind the scenes with a shared goal of getting customers to their destinations safely and quickly, even when weather or other challenges impact our operation. The teams based at American’s Integrated Operations Center (IOC) work around the clock to keep American’s operation running smoothly, and every decision is made with the customer in mind.

IOC by the numbers:

  • Nearly 1,700 team members work in our IOC, which operates 24/7/365
  • As many as 6,000 flights across 1,500 mainline and regional aircraft tracked daily
  • Nearly 1,000 mainline aircraft monitored by Maintenance Operations Control
  • More than 500,000 customers supported daily
  • More than 1 million flights dispatched annually 
  • More than 4,500 pilots and 9,000 flight attendants supported every day 

Our customers simply couldn’t get in the air without the IOC’s ground-based support team. Learn more about the team and the work they do.