ITA Airways unveils its new Airbus A321neo cabins

Marco Finelli reporting from Italy:

This is what the interior of the ITA Airways A321neo looks like, the aircraft arrived just a few days ago in Rome Fiumicino from Hamburg Finkenwerder where it was built.

As is known, the plane is the first of 9 that will arrive between this year and 2024.All 9 will have this unusual setup with 165 seats of which 12 in Business class, 12 in Premium economy, 12 in comfort economy and 129 in economy.

The Business Class product is the Stelia Opera. It is row 1 slightly more spacious than the other 10. In fact you can see the extra space on the left where the front pod is missing. It is practically a minisuite almost like the one proposed by JetBlue.The equipment highlights the 17.3-inch monitor in 4K technology. The fact of the interior style conceived by Walter Da Silva is not overlooked. In all combinations you can see the blue and the sand color. Perhaps the latter could be a negative gap in the long run not only in the seat coverings as well as the airplane carpets.

The overall image of the business class product highlights the lack of a door in each pod, which lately many carriers offer in this type of commercial offer.

You can see the capacious Airspace overhead bins which offer more space. Then another distinctive element is that at the end of the cabin there are fixed dividers between this area of the plane and the one where the subsequent products are located. That is, Premium Economy, Comfort Economy and Economy.

Once you have crossed the panel that separates the Business Class, you can slightly see its consistency on the left. Here we show Premium Economy with the Safran Z600. Here the abdominal is 2-2.In the same image you can already see after the Comfort Economy with the same stylistic approach as the Premium, which obviously differs from that of the Economy in terms of chromaticity.

In this photo you can better see the differences between the two economy products. The Comfort one is the first and follows the standard. Both are united by the same seat, the Safran Seats Z400.In the economy section there are two emergency overwing exits on the right and left.

So we see a now rare fact in an A321neo, that is the presence of the monitor in every seat, always with 4K technology and of generous dimensions. Just think that it is almost double in economy compared to the first ones that were installed on commercial airplanes. Today, those installed on the A321neo are 13.3 inches, also with 4K touch screen technology. 15.6 inches in Premium Economy. The sizes that were previously available in First Class or Business Class.