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JettWings to start operations in northeast India, also wants to acquire Go First

JettWings Airways is based in Guwahati in northeast section of India. The airline is planning to start operations soon in the northeast part of India.

The new airline will start local operations with ATR 72-600s and is also planning to add Embraer E175s jets.

The company has also submitted an expression of interest for bankrupt Go First.

The company describes its organization:

At the forefront of Jettwings Airways’ success are two dynamic individuals, Dr. Sanjive Narain and Sanjay Aditya Singh. Dr. Sanjive Narain, the Chairman of the airline, brings with him an extensive three decades of business experience and expertise in multiple sectors, including media. His visionary leadership and strategic acumen have positioned Jettwings Airways to create a new era of air travel in North East India.

Leading the operational helm of the airline is Mr. Sanjay Aditya Singh, serving as the CEO and MD. With two decades of experience and a deep understanding of the region’s aviation needs, Mr. Singh is instrumental in steering Jettwings Airways towards success and prominence in the aviation industry.

Jettwings Airways is not just an airline but a catalyst for growth and development in North East India. By connecting the region to the global aviation network, the airline opens doors to increased business opportunities, tourism, and cultural exchange.

A dedicated airline for the eight states of North East India is essential due to unique geographical and demographic characteristics. The region’s rugged terrain and limited road infrastructure make air travel crucial for efficient connectivity. With a significant demographic dividend and untapped tourism potential, better air connectivity can boost economic development, trade, and tourism. Additionally, improved air transportation facilitates cultural exchange, education, and collaboration, fostering national integration and overall development in the region.