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ANA to resume Tokyo Narita-Yangon flights after 12 years

ANA (All Nippon Airways) (Tokyo) will resume Tokyo (Narita)-Yangon (Myanmar) flights this year after 12 years of dormancy due to the previous political situation. Relations between the two countries is warming.

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Air Nippon to be merged into ANA

Air Nippon (Tokyo), a wholly-owned subsidiary of ANA, will be merged onto ANA (All Nippon Airways) (Tokyo) based on the decision of both board of directors today (November 25).

Air Nippon was founded by ANA, Japan Airlines-JAL and TOA Domestic as Nippon Kinkyori Airways-NKK in March 1974 and commenced operations on October 10,1974. The name Air Nippon was adopted in 1987 and the abbreviation ANK comes from the full, somewhat redundant name Air Nippon Kabushiki kaisha.

In April 2004 Air Nippon adopted ANA’s livery and currently uses ANA flight numbers.

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Air Nippon first officer mistakes the rudder trim knob for the cockpit door lock, sends the 737 in flight almost upside down

Air Nippon (ANA) (Tokyo) and ANA (All Nippon Airways) (Tokyo) are investigating an incident on September 6 on flight EL 140 between Naha and Tokyo (Haneda) with 117 passengers and crew on board a Boeing 737-700. Apparently the first officer mistook the rudder trim knob for the cockpit door lock to allow the captain back into the cockpit. According to this report by GMA News and Gizmodo, the action “caused the jet to roll and drop 1,900 meters in 30 seconds”. According to internal investigations, “the narrow-body aircraft continued to roll until it reached 131.7 degrees to the left, leaving it almost belly-up”.

Two flight attendants were injured.

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ANA to gradually replace the DHC-8-300s with newer DHC-8-400s

ANA (All Nippon Airways) (Tokyo) as part of its Corporate Plan FY2011 (starting on April 1, 2011) is begin phasing out the Bombardier DHC-8-300s and replacing them with newer DHC-8-400s (Q400s).

ANA also plans to launch flights between Tokyo (Narita) and Chengdu in June 2011, its first service to an inland destination in China.

ANA is also planning to move ahead with a new budget airline subsidiary.

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ANA to merge Air Central and Air Next into Air Nippon

ANA (All Nippon Airways) (Tokyo) has decided to move ahead with the merger of its subsidiaries. Air Central and Air Next will be merged into Air Nippon (Air Nippon Network Company) on October 1, 2010. Air Nippon in turn will be renamed ANA Wings (ANA Wings Company Limited) on October 1.

Copyright Photo: John Adlard. Air Next’s Boeing 737-5L9 JA355K (msn 28129) is pictured on final approach at Fukuoka.

ANA’s subsidiaries endure one-day strike


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Air Central, Air Next, Air Nippon and Air Nippon Network (subsidiary of ANA-All Nippon Airways) (Tokyo) yesterday (March 18) endured a 24-hour strike by its pilots as a protest against the slow-going negotiations for a new contract. 137 flights were cancelled and 30 flights were delayed.