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Ryanair loses court challenges to SAS, Finnair state aid in new setbacks

Ryanair Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 (200) N1779B (EI-HGJ) (msn 62325) BFI (Joe G. Walker). Image: 953464.

From Reuters:

“The Luxembourg-based General Court said aid granted to SAS and Finnair complied with the bloc’s state aid rules.”

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Top Copyright Photo: Delivery of the first high-density MAX aircraft is imminent. Ryanair Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 (200) N1779B (EI-HGJ) (msn 62325) BFI (Joe G. Walker). Image: 953464.

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Ryanair to appeal EU court rulings on Finnair and SAS state aid

The new 200-seat Boeing 737-8 with 28 inches of seat pitch

Ryanair has issued this statement:

Ryanair has noted the EU General Court’s rulings on Finnish, Danish and Swedish State aid favoring Finnair and SAS over all other EU airlines. The Finnish government granted a €600 million loan guarantee to Finnair which has benefited from more than €1.2 billion in State aid since the beginning of the pandemic. The Danish and Swedish governments each granted a loan guarantee of €137 million to SAS which has also benefited from recapitalization State aid from these countries, bringing the total aid received by SAS to over €1.3 billion.

While the COVID-19 crisis has caused damage to all airlines that contribute to the economies and the connectivity of Finland, Denmark and Sweden, the governments of these countries decided to support only their flag carriers. Ryanair referred the European Commission’s approvals of these illegal subsidies to the EU General Court in June 2020. Ryanair will appeal today’s General Court judgments to the Court of Justice of the EU.

Ryanair’s spokesperson said:

“One of the EU’s greatest achievements is the creation of a true single market for air transport.  The European Commission’s approvals of the Finnish, Danish and Swedish State aid went against the fundamental principles of EU law. Today’s judgments set the process of liberalization in air transport back by 30 years by allowing Finland, Denmark and Sweden to give their national flag carriers a leg up over more efficient competitors, based purely on nationality.  

We will now ask the EU Court of Justice to overturn these unfair subsidies in the interests of competition and consumers. If Europe is to emerge from this crisis with a functioning single market, airlines must be allowed to compete on a level playing field. Undistorted competition can weed out inefficiency and benefit consumers through low fares and choice. Subsidies, on the other hand, encourage inefficiency and will harm consumers for decades to come.”

The EU Commission’s spineless approach to State aid since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis has allowed Member States to write open-ended cheques to their inefficient zombie flag carriers in the name of faded national prestige. The EU Commission has hastily approved over €30 billion of discriminatory State aid since the crisis began.  Discriminatory State subsidies given by EU Member States or planned to be given are set out here:

Lufthansa Group               €11bn 

Air France-KLM                €10.6bn

Alitalia                                €3.5bn

SAS                                      €1.3bn

TAP                                     €1.2bn

Finnair                                €1.2bn

Norwegian                          €0.8bn

LOT                                     €0.65bn

Condor                                €0.6bn

Air Europa                         €0.5bn

Top Copyright Photo: Ryanair will soon take delivery of its first high-density MAX 8: Ryanair Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 (200) N4027A (EI-HGK) (msn 62326) BFI (Joe G. Walker). Image: 953313.

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Ryanair’s March traffic down 91% to 500K passengers, EASA approves the Boeing 737-8 MAX 8-200

Ryanair issued this traffic report for March 2021:

77% load cactor as COVID-19 continues to impact traffic

Ryanair Holdings plc on April 6 released its March 2021 traffic statistics as follows:

   2020 2021      Growth
Ryanair Group  5.5m 0.5m -91%
Rolling Annual 148.6m   27.5m  (71% LF) -81%

Ryanair operated approximately 5% of its normal March schedule with a 77% load factor.

In other news, EASA has also approved the high-density Boeing 737 MAX 8-200 on April 6, 2021 following the FAA on March 31, 2021.

Copyright Photo: Joe G. Walker.

Ryanair’s 200-seat Boeing 737 MAX is certified by the FAA

The new 200-seat Boeing 737-8 with 28 inches of seat pitch

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on March 31, 2021 certified the high-density Boeing 737 MAX 8200 which is destined to be delivered to Ryanair.

Copyright Photo: Joe G. Walker.

This high-density model is based on the 737 MAX 8 that is able to seat up to 200 passengers in an all-economy configuration.

The model contains extra emergency exits.

European agencies are also expected to approve the new type later this month before operations can commence.

Ryanair will be the first airline to operate the 737 MAX 200, a variant based on the successful 737 MAX 8 that can accommodate up to 200 seats, increasing revenue potential and providing customers up to 20 percent better fuel efficiency per seat than today’s most efficient single-aisle airplanes.

Boeing developed the 737 MAX 200 in response to the needs of the fast growing low-cost sector, which is forecasted to account for 35 percent of single-aisle airline capacity by 2033. While the heart of the single-aisle market will remain at 160 seats, the 737 MAX 200 will provide carriers like Ryanair with up to 11 more seats of potential revenue and up to 5 percent lower operating costs than the 737 MAX 8, driving economic growth and increasing access to air travel.

Top Copyright Photo: Ryanair Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 (200) N4027A (EI-HGK) (msn 62326) BFI (Joe G. Walker). Image: 953313.

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Ryanair announces two new routes to Zadar and a new base at Zagreb

Ryanair has announced a new Liverpool to Zadar route, commencing in July 2021 and flying twice weekly as part of Ryanair’s UK Summer 2021 schedule.

The airline also announced a Newcastle to Zadar route, commencing in July 2021 and flying once weekly.

Finally the airline announced a new base at Zagreb with 36 weekly flights and 12 new routes (Brusseles, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Memmingen, Milan, Rome, Podgorica, Oslo, Gothenburg, Paris and London) starting in June.

Ryanair launches its biggest Spanish domestic schedule

Ryanair has launched its biggest Spanish domestic schedule with 70 routes (+40% vs. last summer) and up to 800 weekly flights across 21 airports in Spain. This includes a further nine newly announced routes and an additional 16 flights every week on existing routes, starting from July 1, 2021:

New Routes   Additional Flights
Route Weekly Flights   Route Weekly Flights
Alicante – Ibiza 3 Menorca – Valencia 7 (+4)
Alicante – Menorca 3 Malaga – Valencia 3 (+1)
Mallorca – Zaragoza 3 Mallorca – Valencia 14 (+4)
Menorca – Seville 3 Gran Canaria – Valencia 3 (+1)
Mallorca – Tenerife Norte 2 Seville – Valencia 5 (+1)
Malaga – Menorca 2 Malaga –  Santiago 6 (+1)
Alicante – Lanzarote 2 Ibiza – Seville 5 (+2)
Mallorca – Santander 2 Lanzarote – Seville 3 (+1)
Fuerteventura – Valencia 1 Fuerteventura-Seville 3 (+1)

Ryanair launches three new routes and extra flights from UK to Greece this summer

Ryanair has announced three new routes and extra flights on a further five routes between the UK and Greece for this summer, all starting on July 1, 2021:


New Routes   Additional Flights
Route Weekly Flights   Route Weekly Flights
Preveza – Stansted 2 Birmingham – Corfu 3 (+1)
Stansted – Zakynthos 2 Corfu – East Midlands 3 (+1)
Stansted – Santorini 2 Corfu – Manchester 3 (+1)
Corfu – Southend 3 (+1)
Stansted – Rhodes 3 (+1)

The UK’s roadmap for the re-opening of air travel, coupled with their highly successful vaccination program, gives UK consumers confidence that summer travel will be possible.

Having just announced that tourists* are welcome to Greece from May 14, 2021, UK consumers can now book a sunshine getaway from London Stansted Airport to Santorini, Zakynthos and Preveza.

Ryanair has also added five extra flights every week from Birmingham, East Midlands, Manchester, Southend and Stansted to the idyllic holiday destinations of Corfu and Rhodes.

Ryanair aircraft photo gallery:

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Ryanair launches biggest ever Italian domestic schedule

Ryanair has launched its biggest ever Italian domestic schedule. Italian consumers have never had more choice when booking staycations or business trips, with 100 routes to choose from (+65% vs. last summer) across 28 Italian airports. This includes a further five new routes announced today (starting from July 1, 2021):

New Route Weekly Flights
Alghero-Catania 2
Alghero-Palermo 2
Alghero-Pescara 2
Cagliari-Rimini 2
Palermo-Rimini 2

Ryanair will operate up to 1,500 weekly Italian domestic flights this summer. As vaccination programs accelerate, Italy’s domestic traffic is expected to bounce back and Ryanair is delighted to take part in the recovery of the Italian tourism industry across the regions. Ryanair customers can now book their summer flights on the lowest fares and with the option to avail of Ryanair’s ‘zero change fee’ offer should plans change.

Ryanair’s extended Italian domestic schedule will now deliver:

  • 100 routes available to book as far out as March 2022
  • Over 30 new routes including a further 5 new routes announced today
  • Up to 1,500 flights every week
  • Connections between 28 airports across Italy

Ryanair Holdings plc, Europe’s largest airline group, is the parent company of Buzz, Lauda, Malta Air and Ryanair. Carrying 149 million guests p.a. (pre Covid-19) on more than 2,100 daily flights from 77 bases, the Group connects over 240 destinations in 40 countries on a fleet of 460 aircraft, with a further 210 Boeing 737s on order.

Ryanair joins ambitious ‘Fueling Flight Initiative’ in its pledge to support sustainable aviation fuels for a carbon neutral future

Ryanair has announced it has joined the ambitious “Fueling Flight Initiative” in its commitment to supporting Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs) as an essential element to achieve net-zero carbon emissions in the aviation industry.

This ambitious initiative provides recommendations on the sustainability aspects of the EU’s policy design to support SAFs. Together with environmental groups, fellow airlines and research organizations, the group convenes to reach consensus on the necessary policies for the transition towards carbon neutral flying.

Ryanair’s Director of Sustainability, Tom Fowler, said:

“We are delighted to join the ‘Fueling Flight Initiative’. Sustainable Aviation Fuels are a key component of airlines’ efforts on the road to carbon-neutrality. A transparent and future-proof regulatory framework for SAFs can support and equip airlines in their fight against climate change, and we are proud to be part of this initiative.

Ryanair’s environmental record speaks for itself.  Our Environmental Policy includes investment in new and more efficient aircraft, support for research into SAFs, elimination of non-recyclable plastics within 5 years and participation in verified carbon projects powered by Ryanair customer donations. With this new initiative, we take a further step to the achievement of our decarbonization targets and the broader UN Sustainable Development Goals”.

Pete Harrison, the Executive Director of EU Climate Policy of the European Climate Foundation said:

“The ECF is delighted that Ryanair has joined this initiative. Europe must ensure that future policies only promote the most sustainable fuels for reducing the climate impact of aviation, and the EU needs to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. The current Renewable Energy Directive does not ensure that fuels used in Europe meet the sustainability standards desired by civil society nor of leading airlines. In the ‘Fueling Flight Initiative’, aviation companies, research organizations and environmental groups have now reached agreement on this important topic, and we propose shared guidelines on how to minimize environmental impacts. Policymakers should take this into consideration when defining a policy framework that is fair, affordable and meets the highest sustainability standards without compromise.”

Ryanair’s traffic was down 95% in February with only 500K guests

Ryanair issued this traffic report for February:

78% load factor as COVID-19 continues to impact traffic

Ryanair Holdings plc today (March 2) released its February traffic statistics as follows:

   2020 2021      Growth
Ryanair Group  10.5m 0.5m     -95%
Rolling Annual 153.8m 32.7m  (74% LF)     -79%

Ryanair operated approximately 6% of its normal February schedule with a 78% load factor.