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Ryanair solves Lufthansa’s “Ghost Flight” problem – Just sell the seats to consumers at low fares!!!

Ryanair made this announcement:

Ryanair has called on the European Commission to ignore Lufthansa’s false claims about operating “ghost flights” just so they can “block” their slots and protect themselves from competition from low fare airlines. The solution is simple, Lufthansa should sell the seats on these flights at low fares, and reward EU consumers many of whom have funded the €12 billion of State Aid that Lufthansa and their subsidiaries in Belgium, Austria and Switzerland have already received from hard pressed taxpayers over the last 2 years of the Covid crisis.

Lufthansa complains about “ghost flights”, not because of concerns about the environment, but rather so they can further save the slot regime to protect their slots, which they aren’t using, while eliminating competition and consumer choice.

Ryanair’s Group CEO Michael O’Leary said:

“The solution to Lufthansa’s “ghost flights” problem is a simple one – just sell these seats to consumers. If Lufthansa really needs to operate these flights (solely to prevent the release of these slots to competitor airlines), then they should be required to sell these seats to the public at low fares. The German and EU public have already bailed out Lufthansa with billions of State Aid to Lufthansa and their subsidiaries, Brussels Airlines, Swiss and Austrian, and instead of operating empty flights just so they can block slots, Lufthansa should release the seats on these flights for sale at low fares to reward the German and European taxpayers who have subsidized it with €billions during the Covid crisis.

Lufthansa loves crying crocodile tears about the environment when doing everything possible to protect its slots. Slots are the way it blocks competition and limits choice at big hub airports like Frankfurt, Brussels Zaventem, Vienna, among others. If Lufthansa doesn’t want to operate “ghost flights” to protect its slots, then simply sell these seats at low fares, and help accelerate the recovery of short and long haul air travel to and from Europe.

In the meantime, Ryanair again calls on the European Commission to force Lufthansa and other State subsidized airlines to release slots that they do not wish to use, so that low fare GHOSTBUSTERS like Ryanair, among others, can offer choice, competition, and lower fares at these hub airports. The EU should ignore Lufthansa’s disingenuous claims about “ghost flights” when the solution is simple – sell the seats on these flights and then they will no longer need to be ‘afraid of no ghost’ flights”.

Ryanair to close its Frankfurt base

Ryanair has confirmed that it will close its Frankfurt am Main base on March 31, 2022 and has reallocated these five aircraft to airports that have responded with lower airport charges to stimulate traffic recovery.

In a post COVID-19 recovery phase, airports must incentivize traffic recovery, unfortunately Frankfurt instead of providing traffic recovery incentives, has chosen to increase prices even further, making Frankfurt uncompetitive with European airports. While Ryanair continues to invest in Germany (as evidenced by a $200 million investment in a new two aircraft Nuremberg base), the German Government continues to protect legacy carriers, such as Lufthansa who have soaked up €9 billion in State aid rather than introduce non-discriminatory traffic recovery schemes open to all airlines.

Ryanair will now deliver even more growth across Europe in Summer ‘22 with 65 new Boeing 737 8-200 ‘Gamechanger’ aircraft. There are a multitude of airports throughout Europe seeking to attract this Ryanair growth since our competitors continue to reduce both their fleets and capacity. Efficient operations and competitive airport fees are key to traffic recovery post Covid and instead of incentivizing Ryanair to stay and grow, Frankfurt have opted to drive away traffic and jobs by increasing airport charges.

Regrettably all Ryanair Frankfurt am Main based pilots and cabin crew have today received notification of the base closure at the end of March 2022. All flight crew can secure alternative positions within the Ryanair network, since Ryanair is leading Europe’s post-Covid recovery as it accelerates growth (in jobs and traffic) with the delivery of 210 aircraft.

All Ryanair passengers impacted by these flight cancellations will receive notifications and refunds over the coming days.

Ryanair’s Director of Commercial Jason McGuinness said:

“We are disappointed to announce the closure of our Frankfurt am Main base at the end of March 2022, but we have no alternative in response to a decision from the Airport to increase its airport fees, despite the collapse in traffic caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Ryanair continues to invest in German airports who understand the requirement to lower airport charges to recover traffic, competition in the German market has been massively distorted by the €9 billion of State aid that was pumped into Lufthansa, who continues to cut its fleet, connections, and jobs.

Efficient operations and competitive airport fees provide the foundation from which Ryanair can deliver long-term traffic growth and increased connectivity for airports and regions. This is impossible at Frankfurt following the German Government’s decision to increase its passenger taxes, and the Airport’s decision to increase its already high and uncompetitive fees.

Ryanair continues to successfully negotiate the long-term low costs required from airports to underpin Ryanair’s industry leading low fares, which is driving Ryanair’s recovery and leading Europe’s post-Covid recovery.”

Ryanair December traffic rises to 9.5 million passengers

Ryanair Holdings plc has released its December traffic statistics as follows:

  DEC 2020 DEC 2021
TRAFFIC 1.9m 9.5m
L. FACTOR 73% 81%

Ryanair operated over 62,200 flights in December with an 81% load factor.

July 9.3m 80%
August 11.1m 82%
September 10.6m 81%
October 11.3m 84%
November 10.2m 86%

Ryanair lowers full year guidance as Omicron variant weakens Christmas traffic – January capacity is cut by 33%

The Board of Ryanair Holdings plc have announced that it was lowering its full Year Guidance from a previous Net Loss range of between €100m to €200m, as the Omicron Covid variant and recent Government travel restrictions across Europe have notably weakened close-in Christmas & New Year bookings. This sudden downturn has also caused Ryanair this week to cut its planned January schedule capacity by 33%.

The impact of these recent Government travel restrictions, in particular last weekend’s ban on UK arrivals into France and Germany, and the suspension of all EU flights to/from Morocco has lowered Ryanair’s expected December traffic from between 10m-11m, to a lower range of between 9.0m-9.5m. In responding to these restrictions, Ryanair has now cut its January capacity by 33%, reducing its expected January traffic from approx. 10m to between 6m-7m. In light of the current uncertainty about the Omicron variant, and intra Europe travel restrictions, no schedule cutbacks have yet been decided for February or March 2022. These schedules will be revisited in January as more scientific information becomes available on the Omicron variant, its impact on hospitalizations, European population and/or travel restrictions in February or March.

As a result of these new Covid developments, it is now likely that Ryanair’s full year traffic forecast will be just under 100m passengers (previously guided at just over 100m), and the expected Net Loss for the full year (end on March 31, 2022) is likely to be within a new range of €250m to €450m. However, these figures are hugely sensitive to any further positive or negative Covid news flow. Ryanair hopes to have more clarity, especially on the impact of Omicron on intra Europe travel restrictions, in time for its Q3 results on January 31, 2022.

Ryanair announces partnership with Junta de Andalucia

Ryanair has announced its latest partnership with Junta de Andalucía in a bid to further boost tourism recovery across the Spanish region. Central to the partnership is an exciting and innovative joint communications campaign aimed at strengthening Spain’s position as an attractive tourist destination and spurring visitors from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Norway and Sweden.

As the most southern region in Spain, Andalucía is famous for its Moorish architecture, autonomous region of hills, clear-blue rivers, and mouth-watering food.

Ryanair November traffic rises to 10.2 million passengers

Ryanair Holdings plc released its November traffic statistics as follows:

TRAFFIC 2.0m 10.2m
L. FACTOR 62% 86%
July 9.3m 80%
August 11.1m 82%
September 10.6m 81%
October 11.3m 84%
November 10.2m 86%

Ryanair operated over 62,300 flights in November with an 86% load factor.

Ryanair to open a new base at Madeira Airport

Ryanair has announced the opening of its fifth base in Portugal with 2 new based aircraft.


Brussels Charleroi
London Stansted
Milan Bergamo
Paris Beauvais


Ryanair’s CEO Eddie Wilson said:

“We are delighted to announce the opening of our new base in Madeira, which will deliver increased connectivity with 2 based aircraft and 40 weekly flights across 10 new routes, connecting Madeira with cities such as London, Paris, Dublin, Milan and Manchester on a year round basis. This $200m investment will not only boost Portugal’s economy by driving vital tourism but will also create more than 60 direct jobs in the region and over 400 on-site jobs in Madeira.  

Efficient operations and competitive airport charges provide the foundation from which Ryanair can deliver long-term traffic growth and increased connectivity. We worked closely with our partners in Madeira airport, Tourism de Portugal and APM to secure this growth and improve the services for those that live, work, or wish to visit the region.

At a time when other airlines are reducing their fleets and closing bases, we are delighted to continue to invest in both our people and airports in Portugal. We urge the Portuguese Govt. to do likewise by opening Lisbon-Montijo, scrapping the ill-timed aviation tax (which is a direct tax on tourism) and introducing a non-discriminatory traffic recovery scheme.  All of which could be easily funded with the €3.2bn of wasteful state aid granted to the small zombie airline TAP, by the Portuguese Govt. 

Ryanair will operate over 160 Portuguese routes next Summer (over twice as many as TAP), to 15 countries, making Ryanair Portugal’s number one carrier for choice, fares and on time performance.  To celebrate, we are launching a seat sale with fares available from €29.99 for travel next Summer, which must be booked by Thursday 25th November. Since these amazing low fares will be snapped up quickly, customers should log onto now to avoid missing out.”

Ryanair opens new bases at Turin and Agadir

Ryanair celebrated the opening of its new Turin base and launched its Summer 2022 schedule. With two based aircraft, representing an investment of $200m alongside the introduction of 19 new routes, Ryanair significantly enhances Turin and Piemonte region connectivity.

Ryanair’s new Turin base will deliver:

  • 2 based aircraft (a $200m investment)
  • 60 direct jobs
  • over 100 departing flights per week
  • 19 new routes

Ryanair’s new base in Turin represents our commitment to the Piemonte region and further demonstrates Ryanair’s ability to rebuild the Italian tourism industry.

With 40 routes to choose from at Turin, passengers can now book a well-deserved getaway, flying at the lowest fares to exciting destinations such as Cagliari, Edinburgh, Malaga, and Seville.



Route WF
Bari 14
Barcelona 3
Brindisi 7
Birmingham NEW 1
Bristol 1
Brussels Charleroi 4
Budapest NEW 2
Cagliari 3
Catania 14
Copenhagen NEW 2
Dublin 3
Edinburgh NEW 1
Krakow NEW 2
Kyiv NEW 2
Lanzarote NEW 2
Lamezia 4
London Luton NEW 1
London Stansted 10
Lviv 2
Madrid NEW 2
Malaga NEW 2
Malta 2
Marrakech NEW 2
Naples 9
Palermo 14
Paris Beauvais NEW 3
Palma 2
Pescara 3
Seville NEW 2
Shannon NEW 1
Tel Aviv NEW 2
Trapani NEW 3
Valencia 2



Route WF
Agadir NEW 2
Barcelona 4
Bari 11
Billund NEW 2
Brindisi 9
Brussels Charleroi 3
Budapest 2
Cagliari 7
Catania 14
Chania 2
Copenhagen 2
Corfu 2
Dublin 2
Edinburgh 2
Fez 2
Ibiza 3
Kyiv 2
Krakow 2
Lamezia 5
Lanzarote 2
London Stansted 7
Lviv 2
Malaga 2
Madrid 3
Malta 3
Marrakech 2
Naples 9
Palermo 14
Palma 2
Paris Beauvais 3
Pescara 2
Seville 2
Tel Aviv 2
Trapani 3
Valencia 2
Zadar NEW 2

In other news, the airline celebrated the opening of its new Agadir base and the launch of its Summer 2022 schedule. With two based aircraft, representing an investment of $200m, this new base at Agadir signifies Ryanair’s commitment to Morocco and further demonstrates its ability to rebuild the Moroccan tourism industry, playing a key role in the recovery of jobs and the local economy.

Ryanair’s new Agadir base will deliver:

  • Two based aircraft (a $200m investment)
  • 60 direct jobs
  • 30 total routes (20 new routes)
  • Connections to popular European destinations such as Alicante, Barcelona, Bologna, Turin & Valencia
  • Over 65 departing flights per week

With 30 routes to choose from at Agadir, passengers can now book a well-deserved getaway, flying at the lowest fares to exciting destinations such as Bologna, Lisbon, Madrid, Pisa, Turin & Valencia. To celebrate the opening of its new Agadir base and its Summer 2022 schedule announcement, Ryanair has launched a seat sale with fares available from just 219 MAD, which must be booked by Friday 12th November, only on the website.


Agadir – W21 New Routes
Alicante Naples
Baden-Baden Nantes
Barcelona Paris Beauvais
Bologna Perpignan
Dublin Pisa
Krakow Porto
Lisbon Seville
Madrid Tenerife
Malaga Toulouse


Agadir – S22 New Routes

Ryanair announces over 30 routes from East Midlands for next summer

Ryanair has announced its Summer 2022 schedule from East Midlands Airport.

The summer schedule will operate over 130 weekly flights across 31 European destinations from April.

UK families can now book a summer holiday to European hotspots such as Alicante, Barcelona, Lanzarote, Malaga, Mallorca, Rhodes and Tenerife.

Ryanair cancels 700 flights at Lisbon this winter, attacks TAP’s “hoarding of take-off and landing slots”

Ryanair has made this announcement:

Ryanair has confirmed it has been forced to cancel 700 flights and three Lisbon routes (to Tours, Oujda and Bari) this Winter due to TAP’s continued hoarding of take-off and landing slots (which TAP does not use) at Lisbon Portela Airport. This anti-competitive “slot blocking” has prevented Ryanair from obtaining sufficient slots (despite the assistance of the slot coordinator and the airport operator), for planned new route growth. TAP’s plan to cut its fleet by 20% means it simply cannot use all the slots it holds.

The airline continued;

These cancelled flights will damage Lisbon’s connectivity and post-Covid recovery. The Portuguese Government and the European Commission must now intervene to end TAP’s anti-competitive “slot blocking”, free up this UNUSED capacity at Lisbon Portela and open Lisbon Montijo Airport to allow airlines to grow. It is essential that Portugal’s critical national infrastructure is used to support the local economy and not abused to protect an inefficient zombie airline, which the Portuguese Government has already wasted €3 billion of taxpayers’ money on.

Ryanair will keep all seven aircraft (a $700 m investment) and crew in place in Lisbon this Winter to ensure it is ready and able to reinstate all flights if sufficient slots are freed up.