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Ryanair March traffic falls 48% to 5.7 million passengers, expects little flying in April and May

Ryanair has made this announcement:

COVID-19 Airspace Closures Impact March Traffic

Ryanair Holdings plc on April 3 released March traffic statistics as follows:

   2019  2020  (LF)  Growth
Ryanair Group  10.9m  5.7m (91%) -48%
Ryanair  10.5m  5.5m (91%) -48%
Lauda  0.4m  0.2m (91%)  -50%


Rolling Annual  143.1m  148.6m (96%) +4%


  • Ryanair operated over 33,000 scheduled flights (64,000 budgeted) in March including a number of rescue and medical flights on behalf of various EU governments.
  • Due to widespread EU government flight bans and restrictions, Ryanair expects to carry minimal if any traffic during the months of April and May.

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Ryanair announces a limited schedule for coming days to keep skies open

Ryanair has made this announcement:

Dear Customers,

All of the team at Ryanair are working hard to provide repatriation and rescue flights for many EU Governments. We are also offering our aircraft for emergency medical flights, including to/from China. Our pilots, engineers, and other airline professionals will keep trying to assist EU Governments where we can through this Covid-19 crisis.

As most EU countries have imposed flight bans or other restrictions, over 90% of Ryanair’s aircraft will be grounded for the coming weeks. We will comply with these restrictions at all times. We are all working with EU Governments to try to keep some minimum flight links open for emergency reasons, even though the passenger loads on these flights will be very low.

For the next week (Friday,  March 27 to Thursday April 2), Ryanair will operate daily or weekly flights on the following routes;

To/From Ireland To/From the UK
Dublin – London (STN) London (STN)  – Dublin
Dublin – London (GAT) London (GAT)  – Dublin
Dublin – Birmingham Birmingham      – Dublin
Dublin – Bristol Edinburgh         – Dublin
Dublin – Edinburgh Bristol               – Dublin
Dublin – Glasgow Glasgow           – Dublin
Dublin – Manchester Manchester      – Dublin
Dublin – Amsterdam London (STN)  – Eindhoven
Dublin – Brussels London (STN)  – Lisbon
Dublin – Berlin London (STN)  – Cork
Dublin – Lisbon London (STN)  – Berlin
Dublin – Cologne London (STN)  – Budapest
Cork    – London (STN)

All these aircraft are disinfected daily. With low loads and no trolley service, social distancing will be optimised on-board, and we ask all passengers to cooperate fully with our crews who are doing their best in difficult times to maintain vital links to/from Ireland and to/from the UK to facilitate our passengers and their families to deal with emergencies that may require urgent travel over the coming days and weeks.

Ryanair apologizes sincerely for the unprecedented grounding of our aircraft fleet, and any schedule disruptions this may have caused, but we must all work together with EU Governments to minimise the impact of Covid-19 on our citizens and our health services

As we all work to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic, let’s take care of ourselves, each other, our families, and our communities.

Yours sincerely,

Michael O’Leary
Group CEO 

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Reuters: Ryanair could survive without revenue for ‘maybe even 12 months’, CEO tells FT

From Reuters:

“Ryanair has the cash to survive for “maybe even 12 months” with no flights or revenue as the coronavirus shuts the air travel industry down, CEO Michael O’Leary said in an interview with the Financial Times on Friday.

O’Leary said that he and the rest of the airline’s employees will take a 50% pay cut for the months of April and May, the newspaper reported.

He said he was working on a best-case scenario of two-three months in which flights would be grounded and revenues would vanish, but said “honestly none of us have any idea.”

“The priority here for us as a company is how do we preserve as much cash so that if we have to operate for three, six, nine, maybe even 12 months, with no flights and no revenues how do we survive that, do we have the cash to survive that and we believe we do,” O’Leary was quoted as saying.”

Read the full article.

Ryanair also released this statement:

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Ryanair cuts more flights to Italy

Ryanair has announced further cuts to its flight schedules to/from Italy, and within Italy, in response to the Italian Government weekend “lock down” of travel to/from the Orange Zone in Northern Italy, in addition to a number of other EU countries (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, Romania) restricting flights to/from Northern Italy with immediate effect.

These further schedules cuts can be summarized as follows:

  1. From 24:00hrs Tues March 10 until 24:00hrs Wed April 8, Ryanair will suspend all Italian domestic flights to/from Bergamo, Malpensa, Parma, and Treviso.
  2. From 24:00hrs Thurs March 12 until 24:00hrs Wed April 8, Ryanair will run a severely reduced schedule of international flights to/from Bergamo, Malpensa, Venice, Parma, Rimini and Treviso, which will only operate on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. Any routes with multi daily frequencies (for example Stansted to Malpensa) will be restricted to 1 flight (per day) during each of these 4 days of Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon. While inbound traffic to Northern Italy has suffered large numbers of “no shows” over the past week, there are many thousands of non-Italian visitors currently in the Lombardy and other affected regions who are scheduled to return home, and Ryanair must continue to run this restricted 4 day week schedule to/from Northern Italy to repatriate these non-Italian citizens.

Ryanair continues to comply fully with WHO and national Government guidance and travel bans. The situation is changing on a daily basis, and all passengers on flights affected by travel bans or cancellations, are receiving emails and are being offered flight transfers, full refunds or travel credits.

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Ryanair launches £19.99 rescue fares for Flybe customers

Ryanair has launched rescue fares starting from £19.99 on five UK routes to accommodate customers affected by Flybe’s collapse.

Route Frequency (per week)March                                April
Liverpool – Knock 6 6
Bournemouth – Dublin 4 4
Belfast –  London Stansted 2 2
Bristol – Dublin 19 20
Belfast –  Manchester 2