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Ryanair to open a new Beauvais base in Winter 2020

Ryanair has announced it will open a new base at Beauvais (near Paris), from December 3, 2020, with 2 based aircraft and 32 routes (2 new to/from Paphos and Manchester) connecting Paris to 13 countries across Europe.

Ryanair aircraft photo gallery:

Ryanair cuts capacity in October by another 20%

Ryanair has announced that it would cut its October capacity by a further 20% (in addition to the 20% cut already announced in mid-August). Ryanair now expects its October capacity to fall from 50% to approximately 40% of its October 2019 levels, but expects to maintain a 70%+ load factor at this reduced schedule.

Ryanair confirmed that these capacity reductions were necessary due to damage caused to forward bookings by continuous changes in EU Government travel restrictions and policies, many of which are introduced at short notice, which undermine consumers’ willingness to make forward bookings. In some countries (most notably Ireland), where the Government have maintained excessive and defective travel restrictions since July 1, 2020, COVID-19 rates have risen in recent weeks to 50 per 100,000 pop. – more than double those of Germany and Italy – where intra-EU air travel was freely permitted since 1 July.

Ryanair welcomes the EU Commission’s plan to remove intra-EU travel restrictions, subject only to the ECDC weekly update on COVID case / positive test trend rates by EU country and region, and calls for this coordinated approach to be immediately implemented by all EU States, especially Ireland, so that EU citizens can make essential bookings for business and family travel, free from the worry of flight cancellations and/or defective quarantine restrictions.

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Ryanair August traffic falls 53% to 7.0 million guests as COVID-19 restrictions impact traffic

Ryanair Holdings plc has released its August traffic statistics as follows:

   2019 2020      Growth
Ryanair Group  14.9m 7.0m -53%
Rolling Annual 149.2m   88.9m  (91% LF) -40%


Ryanair operated approximately 60% of our normal August schedule with a 73% load factor.

Ryanair announces additional flights to Faro, Portugal

Ryanair has announced it would be strengthening its connection between the UK and Portugal over the coming weeks (September 11– October 24) with 14 additional flights to Faro every week from 12 UK airports:

Increased Flights to Faro Flights Per Week
Bournemouth 4 (+1)
Bristol 6 (+1)
Cardiff  3 (+1)
Edinburgh 4 (+1)
East Midlands Airport 8 (+1)
Glasgow Prestwick 4 (+1)
Liverpool 6 (+1)
London  Southend 3 (+1)
Luton 5 (+1)
Manchester 13 (+2)
Newcastle 4 (+2)
Stansted 15 (+1)


Ryanair and Spanish pilot union SEPLA agree on pay cuts to save Spanish jobs

Ryanair made this announcement:

Ryanair welcomed SEPLA’s acceptance for Spanish Pilots of a 4-year agreement, which includes a 20% pay reduction restored over 4 years, along with productivity improvements on rosters, flexible working patterns and annual leave to minimize Spanish Pilot job losses. This agreement gives Ryanair a framework to flex its operation during the COVID-19 crisis and a pathway to recovery when the business returns to normal in the years ahead.

The SEPLA agreement was overwhelmingly accepted by more than 80% of Ryanair’s Spanish Pilots, demonstrating that Ryanair Pilots and their Union are willing to work with the company during the COVID-19 crisis where Ryanair will carry significantly less traffic, at much lower fares for the foreseeable future. Just this week Ryanair announced further 20% reductions to its September and October flight capacity as forward bookings have notably weakened.

Ryanair has demonstrated its ability to work with unions and conclude these agreements across its European operation, including now with our Spanish pilots. Regrettably in Spain it has been impossible to reach an agreement with the cabin crew unions USO and SITCPLA who – uniquely in Europe – continue to obstruct necessary cost savings putting jobs and tourism links at risk. In every other EU market where Ryanair operates, we have been able to negotiate agreements to save jobs, improve productivity and reduce costs in response to the Covid-19 crisis both with Pilot and Cabin Crew Unions. Sadly USO’s and SITCPLA’s failure to negotiate or meaningfully engage will now mean that Spanish Cabin Crew job losses are now more likely as we have no agreement with Spanish cabin crew unions.


Ryanair cuts capacity through October by almost 20% due to weaker than expected bookings

Ryanair has announced that it would reduce its flight capacity by 20% during the months of September and October as forward bookings have notably weakened over the last 10 days, given continuing uncertainty over recent COVID-19 case rates in some EU countries.

Ryanair confirmed that most of these cuts would be frequency reductions rather than route closures, and they will be heavily focused on those countries such as Spain, France and Sweden, where rising recent COVID-19 case rates have led to increased travel restrictions, and Ireland which continues to impose a uniquely restrictive Green List, which imposes 14 day quarantines on visitors from most other EU countries such as Germany (16.3) and the UK (18.6), which have lower COVID-19 case rates over the last 14 days than Ireland (22.1).

A Spokesperson for Ryanair said:

These capacity cuts and frequency reductions for the months of September and October are necessary given the recent weakness in forward bookings due to COVID restrictions in a number of EU countries. Any effected passengers in September received email notification earlier advising them of their options. Similar communications will be issued to the small number of affected passengers in October later. Over the past 2 weeks as a number of EU countries have raised travel restrictions, forward bookings especially for business travel into September and October have been negatively affected, and it makes sense to reduce frequencies so that we tailor our capacity to demand over the next 2 months.

Proper testing at airports, and effective tracing (as is being conducted in Germany and Italy) is the only realistic and proportionate method of supervising safe intra-EU air travel while effectively limiting the spread of the COVID-19 virus.”

Ryanair restores 60% of scheduled flights in August

Ryanair has announced it has restored over 60% of normal flight schedules from August 1, 2020, following the successful resumption of its services at the end of June.

Throughout July, Ryanair have flown 4.4 million customers to destinations across Europe, reuniting friends and family, allowing commuters to get back to work, as well as jetting tourists off for post-lockdown breaks to some of the continent’s most popular holiday hotspots.

As Europe’s skies get busier and traveller confidence returns, Ryanair will continue to increase its flight frequencies throughout August with more than 1,600 routes and over 11,000 weekly flights across its network.

Ryanair encourages all passengers to observe the healthy flying measures it has had in place since mid-May, including the mandatory use of facemasks and a reduced in-flight cashless service.