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Binter orders four additional ATR 72-600s, will replace its last ATR 72-500s

ATR and Binter Canarias have written another chapter in their long shared history, as the Canary Islands airline signs a firm order for four ATR 72-600 aircraft, with an option for a further one.

The deal marks the final step in Binter’s plan to replace its remaining ATR 72-500 aircraft with the latest-generation ATR. The airline will use the aircraft to ensure the continuation of the vital air links that the ATR fleet has provided. Regional air connectivity has been shown to support economic growth in the communities it serves, with a study showing that a 10% increase in regional flights leads to a 6% increase in local GDP. Thanks to its efficiency and versatility, serving locations other aircraft simply cannot go, the ATR -600 has become the leading turboprop on the market with a share of 75% of orders over the last 10 years.


Binter Canarias cancels all flights to La Palma, airport closed


Binter Canarias has cancelled all flights to the island of La Palma due to the spreading Cumbre Vieja volcano. Three more towns on the island have been evacuated. The volcano has already destroyed hundreds of homes and forced the evacuation of nearly 6,000 people.

La Palma Airport, operated by Aena, stated air traffic was suspended “due to the accumulation of ash” in the air.

Top Copyright Photo: Binter Canarias ATR 72-212A (ATR 72-500) EC-KGJ (msn 753) TFN (Paul Bannwarth). Image: 955229.

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Despite the active volcano, Binter Canarias maintains operations at La Palma

Binter Canarias is maintaining operations at La Palma Airport despite the active nearby Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands, Spain.

The airline announced on social media it was monitoring the current wind conditions and would continue to maintain operations on the island if safety permits.

Binter receives its fifth Embraer E195-E2, will expand in France and Italy

Binter has received the fifth E195-E2 model (EC-NPU) ordered from Embraer.

The airline is using the new jets with new routes to Toulouse, Marseille and Lille, in France, and Turin and Venice in Italy.

Binter to add new routes to France and Italy

"Islas Canarias", first E195-E2, delivered on December 3, 2019

Binter has announced it will open new routes to Europe starting in July.

The company will open new routes to Lille, Marseille and Toulouse in France as well as Turin and Venice in Italy.

The airline is also starting a new domestic route to Reus (Tarragona).

The new routes will be operated with its new Embraer E195-E2 aircraft.

18 direct weekly flights between the Canary Islands and new European destinations 

Binter has scheduled 18 flights per week with new European destinations, so most will have connections two days a week. 

In the case of France, connections to Lille will be on Mondays and Thursdays departing at 10.45 am from Gran Canaria and return at 16:40, with arrival time in the Canary Islands at 20.00 hours. Toulouse will be linked on Tuesdays and Saturdays with a very similar schedule, departing at 10.30 hours on Tuesdays and at 11.00 on Saturdays from the Canary Islands and return at 15.45 hours, 16.15 in the case of Saturdays. With regard to the route with Marseille, there will be a frequency on Fridays with departure from the Islands at 10.30 hours and return at 16.10 hours, to make landfall in the Canary Islands at 19.00 hours. 

The two Italian destinations will have two weekly links. On Mondays and Wednesdays there will be flights to Venice departing from the Canary Islands at 10.20 am and return at 16.35 hours, to reach the Archipelago at 20.15 hours. Turin will be connected on Tuesdays and Saturdays departing at 11.00 hours from Gran Canaria Airport on Tuesdays and 10.30 on Saturdays and return at 16.45 or 16.20 hours, with arrival time on the island at 20.05 or 19.40 hours. 

Binter began operating in the Canary Archipelago in 1989 to offer connections between all islands with a clear approach to public service. 

In 2005, it also began operating outside the Canary Islands with the aim of offering direct connections to other markets, a program that has been growing over the years. 

In Portugal, arriving in Lisbon and Madeira; in Africa, joining the Canary Islands with destinations such as Casablanca, Marrakech, Agadir, Dakhla, El Aaiún, Nuakchot, Dakar, Banjul and the island of Sal.  

In 2018, in addition, the airline began its regular operations with national destinations, first to Mallorca and Vigo and, subsequently, to Pamplona, Zaragoza, Murcia, Santander, Vitoria, Asturias and Cádiz (Jerez de la Frontera). In 2021, direct flights with Tarragona were incorporated. 

All these routes are added this summer by the Italian cities of Turin and Venice, and the French cities of Marseille, Toulouse and Lille, with which Binter connects the Canary Islands with a total of 26 destinations outside the Islands.

Top Copyright Photo: Binter – Lineas Aereas de Canarias Embraer E195-E2 (ERJ 190-400STD) EC-NEZ (msn 19020023) LPA (Robbie Shaw). Image: 949258.

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Binter Canarias receives its first Embraer E195-E2

Binter of Spain celebrates the incorporation of the first Embraer E195-E2 jet into its fleet at a ceremony held on November 21 at Embraer’s main facility in São José dos Campos.

The airline is the first European customer to receive the biggest of the three members of the E-Jets E2 family of commercial aircraft. Binter has placed firm orders for five E195-E2s.

The acquisition of the E195-E2s is part of Binter’s overall fleet modernization initiative.

Each aircraft is configured with 132 seats in single class. The new aircraft will be deployed across a route network that includes eight cities in the Canary Islands, nine cities in Africa and two in Portugal.

Last year, Binter carried 3.6 million passengers.

In April, the E195-E2 received its Type Certificate from three regulatory authorities: ANAC, the Brazilian Civil Aviation Agency (Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil); the FAA (U.S. Federal Aviation Administration) and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).

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Embraer and Binter sign an order for two additional E195-E2s

Embraer announced today, at the 53rd International Paris Air Show, that it has signed a contract with Binter, of Spain, for two additional E195-E2s, confirming purchase rights from the original contract, signed in 2018. The two new E195-E2s will be included in Embraer’s 2019 second-quarter backlog and have a value of USD 141.8 million, based on Embraer’s current list prices. The airline is celebrating 30 years of operations in 2019.

Binter will receive its first E195-E2 jet in the second half of 2019, becoming the first European customer of the E-Jets E2’s largest model. The airline is configuring the aircraft with 132 seats in a very comfortable single-class layout.

All images by Binter.

Binter Canarias of Spain will receive it’s first Embraer E195-E2 in 2019

Embraer announced that Binter Canarias, of Spain, will receive its first E195-E2 jet in the second half of 2019, becoming the first European customer of the E-Jets E2’s largest model. The airline signed a firm order with Embraer for three E195-E2s. The contract also includes purchase rights for two additional aircraft of the same model.

This agreement was previously announced as a Letter of Intent (LOI) with an “undisclosed customer” at the Farnborough Air Show 2018, in July. With all options being exercised, the contract has a list price of $342 million. The order was included in Embraer’s third quarter backlog of 2018. The airline will configure the aircraft with 132 seats in a very comfortable single-class layout.

Embraer is the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial jets up to 150 seats. The Company has 100 customers from all over the world operating the ERJ and E-Jet families of aircraft. For the E-Jets program alone, Embraer has logged more than 1,800 orders and 1,400 deliveries, redefining the traditional concept of regional aircraft.

Image: Embraer.

Binter Canarias launches the Tenerife (Norte) – Lisbon route

Leased from Air Nostrum on May 27, 2017

Binter Canarias started a twice-weekly route linking Tenerife (Norte) and Lisbon on Thursdays and Sundays with a two-hour flight.

The departure flight took off on October 29, 2017 from Tenerife Norte at 12:15 hours and landed in the Portuguese capital at 2:20 pm, from where it returned at 3:00 pm and arrived at 5:15 pm in Tenerife.

Flights between Lisbon and Tenerife will take place on Thursdays and Sundays on board the new Binter CRJ1000 aircraft.

Copyright Photo: Binter Canarias Bombardier CRJ1000 (CL-600-2E25) EC-MPA (msn 19054) LIS (Eurospot). Image: 938968.

Binter Canarias to establish Binter CV in the Cape Verde Islands

Binter Canarias ATR 72-212A (ATR 72-500) EC-LFA (msn 902) LPA (Paul Bannwarth). Image: 927665.

Binter Canarias has announced it will establish a new subsidiary in the Cape Verde Islands with the name of Binter CV.

The new subsidiary will initially operate with two ATR 72-500s that the company is phasing out for newer ATR 72-600s.

The fleet is expected to grow to four or five aircraft.

According to Binter, “It is expected that in the coming weeks Binter CV will obtain from the Cape Verdean authorities an operator’s certificate in order to begin offering inter-island flights in the African archipelago, where it plans to replicate the existing system of air transport in the Canary Islands, in order to contribute to its development bringing the experience of more than 27 years of connecting islands. It is anticipated that its workforce will made up of more than 80 people, mostly professionals in Cape Verde, many of whom have already passed through the Canary Islands Binter facilities for training.”

Binter’s relationship with Cape Verde began in 2012, when it started operating direct flights between the two archipelagos.

Copyright Photo: Binter Canarias ATR 72-212A (ATR 72-500) EC-LFA (msn 902) LPA (Paul Bannwarth). Image: 927665.