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KLM cancels 100 European flights today due to a storm

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 737-7K2 WL PH-BGD (msn 30366) ZRH (Rolf Wallner). Image: 941827.

KLM made this announcement:

Due to the extreme wind conditions at Schiphol on Friday, September 21, 2018, there will be very limited runway capacity at Schiphol.

That is why KLM decided to cancel 100 European return flights. The passengers concerned will be informed and rebooked.

Top Copyright Photo: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 737-7K2 WL PH-BGD (msn 30366) ZRH (Rolf Wallner). Image: 941827.

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KLM is coming to Las Vegas

Named "Tulip", delivered on August 16, 2018

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will soon be expanding its global network to include Las Vegas (LAS), Nevada.

Beginning in summer 2019, Las Vegas will be accessible up to three times a week with a nonstop KLM flight from Amsterdam.

The flights will be operated using Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner equipment and will seat 294 passengers.

“Las Vegas will become KLM’s 18th North Atlantic destination to be served directly. Including Las Vegas as KLM’s latest destination will offer our customers even more flight connections to and from the west coast of America,” says Pieter Elbers, KLM President and CEO.

KLM will operate flights between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Las Vegas on Fridays and Sundays from June 6, 2019.

The Boeing 787-9 flights will offer 30 seats in World Business Class seats, 45 in Economy Comfort Class and 219 in Economy Class. A third weekly flight will be launched on Tuesdays beginning July 2, 2019. The new KLM flights will extend Air France-KLM’s transatlantic network and strengthen its joint venture portfolio with Delta Air Lines.

The flight schedule will be as follows:

  • KL0635 will depart from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol at 12:30 and arrive at 14:15 local time in Las Vegas at McCarran International.
  • KL0636 will depart Las Vegas at 16:05 local time and arrive the next day at 11:05 in Amsterdam at Schiphol.

Top Copyright Photo (all others by KLM/Andres Bolkenbaas): KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner PH-BHP (msn 42506) YYZ (TMK Photography). Image: 943429.

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KLM launches Augmented Reality for hand baggage check

As of today, it will be very easy for passengers with a telephone camera to see whether their hand baggage is of the correct size. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is using Augmented Reality (AR) for this new service.

KLM’s AR hand baggage check uses a transparent, virtual KLM suitcase, which indicates the permitted dimensions for hand baggage on board. AR technology makes it possible for a virtual image to be placed in reality and to be used interactively. This makes it easy for a passenger to check at home whether their hand baggage is of the correct size. The hand baggage check is available in the KLM App for iOS users.

KLM at the forefront of AR

The KLM App uses Apple’s AR technology. KLM is also one of a group of leading companies that use Apple’s Augmented Reality-technology to provide customer services in the KLM App. KLM will continue to develop and improve the service in the future, so that it grows in line with the latest AR technology available.

By harnessing the potential of AR, KLM is taking the next step in terms of digital service provision. With the AR hand baggage check, passengers can now see at a glance whether their hand baggage is the correct size. By offering this service, we are placing the needs of our customers first. We also continue to be pioneers of innovation in our passengers’ best interests.”
Pieter Groeneveld, Senior Vice President Digital Air France – KLM

KLM Houses App with AR

This handy new service follows on from other successful KLM AR initiatives, such as the 360-degree display of a Dreamliner aircraft in the KLM App. The KLM Houses App has also gone live with a new AR application. Using iOS11, it is now possible to experience the story of Anthony Fokker’s House 98 through Augmented Reality! Click on the blue aircraft icon and fly along “in reality” with different Fokker model aircraft.


KLM: New agreement in principle between KLM and VNV

KLM issued this statement:

Following an intensive round of negotiations and with the assistance of an arbitrator, KLM and the Dutch Airline Pilots Association, the VNV, today reached accord on a collective labour agreement for KLM’s pilots. This CLA retains the terms set down in the agreement in principle that was reached on 1 May, but also includes a newly developed requests arrangement. This has significant social importance for pilots. A second change is the bringing forward of the introduction of measures to reduce work pressure, which were previously agreed, and the introduction of increased flexibility that KLM needs.

KLM is delighted that it has reached an agreement with the VNV and hopes that a line can now be drawn under a difficult period. KLM wishes now to join with the VNV to concentrate on the challenges ahead.

KLM to delay the retirement of its Boeing 747-400 fleet

Named "Vancouver"

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines currently operates a dozen Boeing 747-400 Jumbos.



The carrier is due to receive seven new Airbus A350-900 aircraft from the Air France-KLM order for 25 of the type. The A350s and new Boeing 787-10 Dreamliners will replace the final 747s in the fleet.

However, according to Air Journal, KLM has delayed the delivery of the new A350s by a year. KLM will now introduce the A350 in 2021 with deliveries through 2023.

Therefore the majestic KLM 747s are not likely to be gone until the new A350s are entirely delivered and in service.

Top Copyright Photo (all others by KLM and individual photographers): KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 747-406 PH-BFV (msn 28460) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 941271.

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ReulingSchutte to mediate between KLM and VNV

KLM and VNV have agreed to appoint ReulingSchutte, an agency specialised in business mediation, to act as mediator in the process of arriving at a future-proof collective labour agreement for KLM’s pilots. The current collective labour agreement specifies that engaging a mediator should be given preference as the next step in the event of the parties failing to reach agreement. KLM therefore considers this a logical and desirable subsequent step and as the ultimate opportunity to nonetheless reach agreement.

Photo: KLM.

KLM: “Disbelief and disappointment regarding VNV’s attitude”

KLM issued this statement:

KLM yesterday presented the Dutch Airline Pilots Association VNV with an improved proposal for a new collective labour agreement (CLA) that better complies with the pilots’ wishes to reduce work pressure and improve work-life balance. We are not fully complying with the last bid presented by the VNV, but are prepared to lay down an adjusted KLM proposal. This proposal is a revised version of KLM’s earlier proposal, using ingredients from the VNV’s last bid. In so doing, we are prepared to surmount a great number of objections. This is a final bid to ensure that a new CLA is laid down as swiftly as possible. This is in everyone’s interests. The fact that the VNV has rejected this proposal so swiftly, without assessment of the contents and without further discussion with KLM and its members, is incomprehensible and neither in the interest of the pilots, nor KLM. KLM remains open to further discussion on the contents of the proposal.