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Air India is handed over to the Tata Group

Air India and Air India Express are entering a new chapter today and will travel full circle in its history.

The airline is reverting back to the Tata Group ownership again today (January 27).

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Air India Express cabin crew call for indefinite strike from January 15

From The New Indian Express:

“The Air India Express cabin crew have decided to launch an indefinite strike from January 15 if the management does not address their concerns. Over 500 cabin crew under the Air India Express Employees Union (AIXEU) are likely to strike work. They allege that the management has shown discrimination while issuing contracts.”

The future of Air India Express remains questionable due to the takeover of parent Air India by the Tata Group.

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Tata Group and Air India are reunited again

Tata Group has become the winning bidder for Air India. The airline was originally founded by the group as Tata Airways until 1953 when it was renamed.

Tata and Air India are being reunited after almost 70 years.

The group bid $2.4 billion for the flag carrier along with its Air India Express subsidiary. The Indian Government will turn over the assets of both airlines once the deal is finalized.

Once completed, Air India and Air India Express will operate under an investment group, formally named Talace Pvt Ltd, which is also the wholly-owned subsidiary of the Tata Sons Group.

The group currently has two Indian joint ventures with Singapore Airlines and AirAsia as Vistara Air and AirAsia India. The future of these two carriers is uncertain with this purchase.

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Air India Express Boeing 737-800 VT-AXH overruns the runway at Calicut, India

Air India Express Boeing 737-800 registered as VT-AXH (below), operating flight IX1344 from Dubai to Kozhikode, India with 191 crew and passengers on board, overran the runway on landing at Calicut International Airport also known as Karipur Airport, Kozhikikode, in Kerala today (August 7). The aircraft skidded off the end of the runway and went into a 30′ ditch and and broke up and is destroyed. Rescue operations are continuing.

Previously it was raining hard in Kerala.

Flight IX1344 from Dubai to Kozhikode, India with 191 on board, overran the runway on landing at Calicut International Airport (Karipur Airport, Kozhikikode, Kerala) on August 7, 2020 (WO)


Above Copyright Photo: Air India Express Boeing 737-8HG WL VT-AXH (msn 36323) (India Gate-New Delhi) DXB (Jay Selman). Image: 404054.

At least 18 people have died in the crash.

Right side of crashed VT-AXH (Gateway of India)

Above Copyright Photo: Air India Express Boeing 737-8HG WL VT-AXH (msn 36323) (Gateway of India-Mumbai) BFI (Joe G. Walker). Image: 950869.

Air India Express operates a fleet of 25 Boeing 737- 800 Next Generation (NG) aircraft.

More from the Hindustan Times.

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Air India Regional retires its last Bombardier CRJ700

Type Retired: January 2017

Air India Express (formerly Alliance Air) retired its last Bombardier CRJ700 in January 2017. The pictured VT-RJE passed through Southend on January 14, 2017 bound for Keflavik and beyond.

Copyright Photo: Air India Regional Bombardier CRJ700 (CL-600-2C10) VT-RJE (msn 10029) SEN (Keith Burton). Image: 936628.


Air India Express to be one of the first airlines to open the new Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar

Air India Express (Kochi) will be one of 10 airlines that will open the new Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar on April 1 according to The Times of India. The opening will be a soft opening to gradually open the new airport. Qatar Airways (Doha) will not move to the adjacent new airport until the end of the year. Therefore for approximately nine months there will be two airports in Doha.

According to the report, the other airlines opening the new airport will include Air Arabia, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Flydubai, Iran Air, Nepal Airlines, PIA-Pakistan International Airlines, RAK Airways, Syrian Air and Yemen Airways.

Read the full Times of India report: CLICK HERE

Read more about the new airport from HOK: CLICK HERE

Courtesy of HOK:

Hamad International Airport Terminal (HOK)(LR)

Top Copyright Photo: Paul Denton. Boeing 737-8HG WL VT-AYA (msn 36337) in the Ellora elephant statue tail motif arrives at nearby Dubai.

Air India Express (see all of the tails): AG Slide Show

Map: Google Maps. The new airport is adjacent to the old airport and was built on reclaimed land.

Hamad International Airport Map (Google Maps)


Air India is considering rebranding Air India Express

Air India (Mumbai) is considering a new name for its low-fare Air India Express subsidiary. The base will also be moved from Mumbai to Thiruvananthapuram according to the WSJ. Read the full report:


Copyright Photo: Bernhard Ross. Please click on photo for additional details.

Did the smaller width of the Mangalore runway contribute to the Air India Express accident?

Copyright Photo: Rainer Bexten. Please click on photo for full view, information and other photos.

Air India Express (Mumbai) flight IX 812 on May 22, 2010 operated with Boeing 737-8HG VT-AXV (msn 36333) from Dubai to Manglalore in southern India, overran the 8,033 feet (2,448 m) runway number 06/24 while landing. The airliner skidded down the hill at the end of the runway and was destroyed by fire.

This WSJ article raises the question of whether the width of this runway contributed to the aircraft exiting the runway. ICAO Annex 14 requires runways to be 300 meters (100 feet) wide. This runway was only 200 meters wide.

Read the full article:


158 bodies recovered in Air India Express crash, investigation continues

Copyright Photo: Joe G. Walker. Boeing 737-8HG VT-AXV (msn 36333) departs from Seattle (Boeing Field-King County). This is the worst disaster involving a Boeing 737-800.

The investigation concerning the crash of Air India Express’ flight IX 812 that happened yesterday in Mangalore continues. The cockpit voice recorder (CVR) has been located and recovered. The Flight Data Recorder (FDR) has not yet been located. Boeing 737-8HG VT-AXV (msn 36333) ran off the rain-soaked runway on landing and plowed into a telephone pole and burst into flames. 158 bodies have been recovered. Eight people survived the crash.

Read the full report from Reuters:

Air India Express’ Boeing 737-8HG VT-AXV crashes today in India

Air India Express’ (subsidiary of Air India) (Mumbai) Boeing 737-8HG VT-AXV (msn 36333) crashed today (May 22) while trying to land in the rain at Mangalore in southern India. The airliner, operating flight IX 812 from Dubai, overshot the runway, crashed and burst into flames at dawn, killing nearly 160 people, officials said. At least eight survived.

Read the full report from the Associated Press:

Copyright Photo: Wim Callaert. Boeing 737-8HG VT-AXV (msn 36333) is pictured departing from Bangkok prior to the accident.