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Arizona Cardinals NFL team adds an ex-Delta Boeing 777-200 ER as a team charter aircraft

The Arizona Cardinals Football Team of the NFL have raised their profile off the field.

Today in Phoenix, ex-Delta Boeing 777-232 ER N867DA (msn 29743), conducted its first test flight after being repainted. N867DA is now out of the Alliance paint shop in PHX.

More from the Cards Wire:

Terry Nash was there to capture the first image of the new logo jet.

Unveiled on December 17, 2021

Above Copyright Photo: Arizona Cardinals Football Boeing 777-232 ER N867DA (msn 29743) PHX (Terry Nash). Image: 956178.

In the past, both US Airways and America West Airlines operated a Cardinals logo jet for the team.

US Airways Airbus A319-132 N837AW (msn 2595) (Arizona Cardinals) BWI (Brian McDonough). Image: 904408.

Above Copyright Photo: US Airways Airbus A319-132 N837AW (msn 2595) (Arizona Cardinals) BWI (Brian McDonough). Image: 904408.

US Airways aircraft slide show:

US Airways aircraft photo gallery:

Delivered on August 25, 1989

Above Copyright Photo: America West Airlines Boeing 757-2G7 N908AW (msn 24233) (Arizona Cardinals) JFK (Fred Freketic). Image: 949686.

America West Airlines aircraft slide show:

America West Airlines aircraft photo gallery:

Business Insider: American Airlines CEO reveals why he engineered 2 of the biggest airline mergers in the last 20 years

From Business Insider:

American Airlines’ current CEO, Doug Parker, originally was the CEO of America West Airlines when he saw an opportunity to grow the company when he saw weakness in a struggling fellow carrier. He acquired and merged bankrupt US Airways with America West. The more appropriate US Airways name and brand was adopted.

Next, another opportunity came when American Airlines went into bankruptcy. Parker orchestrated a buyout and strategic merger of US Airways with American Airlines when it came out of bankruptcy. Once again the larger company’s name was adopted. As a result of the merger, the current day American Airlines is the largest airline in the world.

Peal the paint away of some AA Airbus A320s and you will find the America West roots.

This is really the story of how upstart America West Airlines (a new airline of the deregulation era) under CEO Doug Parker became the largest airline in the world through two acquisitions and two name adoptions.

Read the full story.

America West Airlines Airbus A320-232 N657AW (msn 1083) LAX (Bruce Drum). Image: 101107.

Above Copyright Photo: America West Airlines Airbus A320-232 N657AW (msn 1083) LAX (Bruce Drum). Image: 101107.

America West Airlines aircraft slide show:

America West September 7, 2005 Route Map:

The end of US Airways, today American Airlines is operating under a single FAA operating certificate

American Airlines and US Airways (American Airlines Group) (Dallas/Fort Worth) today (April 8) are operating under a single operating certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) (Part 121 FAA Air Operators Certificate-AOC).

Before midnight last night, all originating US Airways (formerly USAir) US/USA (AWE) flights were using its codes and after midnight all originating flights were using the American Airlines (AA/AAL) codes. Some US Airways flights technically landed today after midnight using the old codes.

Therefore as an airline, in the eyes of the FAA, US Airways technically was fully merged into American Airlines today (April 8) although brand remnants of US Airways (especially on the aircraft) will take longer to erase.

All flights now use the “American” call sign.

For the record, the last Cactus call sign US Airways flight was flight US 696 from Los Angeles (LAX) to Charlotte (CLT) arriving a little after 6 am (0613) with Airbus A321-231 N971UY (msn 6249) painted in full American colors.

USAirways logo

American Airlines issued this statement:

American Airlines 2013 logo

American Airlines today (April 8) received a single operating certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for American and US Airways, marking a major milestone in the integration of the two airlines.

The FAA’s approval for American and US Airways to operate under one certificate is the culmination of more than 18 months of work aligning the carriers’ operating policies and procedures. Beginning today, most flight operations, maintenance and dispatch procedures will be identical for all flights. Air traffic control communications will refer to all American and US Airways flights with the call sign “American.”

“Achieving a single operating certificate is an important step toward becoming a fully integrated airline and the effort to reach today’s milestone touched nearly every area of our company,” said Robert Isom, American’s Chief Operating Officer. “For a project of this scope, many entities and people must come together and see it through to completion, but one person must ultimately oversee it in its entirety. With that, our appreciation for the leadership of Captain and Senior Vice President, Integration Operations Ed Bular, who oversaw this massive project, along with the CAVOK Group under the leadership of Vice President Jim Ballough, cannot be overstated. Likewise, our frontline employees and the union leaders who represent them are to be enthusiastically applauded for their role in learning and implementing new policies and procedures and adhering to those as we move forward under one certificate.

“The FAA’s Joint Transition Team, led by Skip Whitrock, helped guide us through a rigorous process designed to ensure that our airline is built on a solid foundation of regulatory compliance. We are extremely appreciative of the valuable direction that Skip, Division Managers Nick Reyes and Larry Fields and all at the FAA have provided us over the past year.

“Lastly, as a global airline, this work spanned many regions. We thank the Department of Transportation and regulatory authorities in more than 50 countries who worked alongside us to ensure this critical project remained on track.”

Isom concluded, “While today marks a significant milestone for our integration, there is still much that remains ahead and we will intensify our focus on moving to a single reservations system and website and combining our frontline employee workgroups.”

A team of more than 700 employees reviewed 465 manuals along with policies, procedures and programs from both carriers and selected best practices to implement for the merged airline. More than 110,000 employees completed hundreds of thousands of hours of training in multiple phases and more than 115,000 pages on policies and procedures were published.

The FAA’s recognition of American as a single operator does not mean change for customers, who will continue to check in for their flights on,, or at American or US Airways ticket counters until later this year when American moves to a single reservations system.

Since American and US Airways merged in December 2013, the airline has been making steady integration progress, including inducting US Airways into the oneworld alliance, merging separate frequent flyer programs into the single AAdvantage program and reaching five-year joint collective bargaining agreements with its pilots and flight attendants.

Copyright Photo: Michael B. Ing/ The real story here is how upstart America West Airlines (AWE) (and the Doug Parker-led management team) (Phoenix) became the largest airline in the world by taking over two struggling and larger airlines and adopting their names. US Airways’ legacy 1983 America West retro scheme is pictured on Airbus A319-132 N828AW (msn 1552). You did it Doug Parker. Congratulations. Well done.

American Airlines aircraft slide show (current livery only): AG Airline Slide Show

US Airways aircraft slide show: AG Airline Slide Show

USAir aircraft slide show: AG Airline Slide Show

America West aircraft slide show: AG Airline Slide Show


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The battle of amenity kits; American Airlines introduces heritage airline amenity kits

American Airlines Heritage Amenity Kits

American Airlines (Dallas/Fort Worth) has unveiled its new 2015 version of its premium amenity kits for international flights. The airline issued this statement:

Starting this month, American Airlines will be upgrading the premium experience for its customers and paying tribute to the proud history of its employees around the world with all-new amenity kits for most international and transcontinental flights, featuring special, limited edition kits that honor nine airlines that laid the foundation for the new American. Every First Class and Business Class kit contains an improved collection of personal care products selected specifically for the modern traveler.

“We have more than 100,000 employees, each with their own unique story, and these retro amenity kits are a small tribute to the heritage of their careers and their legacy carriers,” said Fernand Fernandez, American’s vice president – Global Marketing. “Customers will also identify with the historic logos and colors of the companies that now form the fabric of the modern-day American Airlines. The all-natural, boutique toiletry products from red flower, a New York-based, eco-friendly beauty and lifestyle brand complete the experience.”

The new amenity kits represent the latest in $2 billion in investments as American continues “going for great” with fully lie-flat seats; international Wi-Fi; more in-flight entertainment options and power outlets; a new, modern design for Admirals Club lounges worldwide; and an upgraded assortment of complimentary healthy food, cocktails and more.

The heritage kits serve as a reminder of American’s beginnings and the many men and women who forged together to form the world’s largest airline. Each individual carrier brought with it thousands of employees and a proud history. The collectors’ items will revive the colors and logos of the following airlines, past and present:

American Airlines (historic logo)

PSA-Pacific Southwest Airlines

AirCal (Air California)

Reno Air

Allegheny Airlines

Trans World Airways (TWA)

America West Airlines

US Airways (USAir)

Piedmont Airlines

Customers can experience the retro-themed heritage amenity kits through January 2016 when they travel in international Business Class or transcontinental First Class. They are contained in a stylish, felt case inspired by designer bags, sized specifically to be re-used as a mini-tablet computer case. The legacy themes will debut in batches of three every four months.

American Airlines Heritage TWA Amenity Kit

Above: The TWA amenity kit.

While these kits play up American’s retro branding, the airline took a forward-looking approach to selecting the personal travel products contained inside. The heritage amenity kits in international Business Class contain fabric lining, a pair of socks and an eye mask styled with the colors of a specific airline, a toothbrush and toothpaste, Scope® mouthwash, covers for Bose® QuietComfort® Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headsets provided with each seat, earplugs, a pen, tissues and hand lotion, lip balm and wipes by red flower.

The heritage amenity kits in transcontinental First Class contain the fabric lining, socks and eye mask with airline branding, a toothbrush and toothpaste, earplugs, and the trio of red flower products.

International First Class customers will receive new, larger kits, containing a pair of plush socks and an eye mask, Scope® mouthwash as well as covers for Bose® QuietComfort® Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headsets, a toothbrush and toothpaste, earplugs, pen, tissues and the three red flower products in addition to red flower’s face lotion. Customers will also receive upgraded pajamas in a color-block pattern and non-skid, 100 percent cotton terry slippers.

In addition, for the first time, American is rolling out amenity kits in Business Class on its transcontinental service between New York and Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as Miami and Los Angeles. These kits contain a pair of socks and eye mask, a toothbrush and toothpaste, earplugs, and the trio of red flower products.

Photos: American Airlines.

AA Heritage timeline poster - FINAL - 24x36.pdf

Above: The American Airlines heritage family tree (American Airlines – photos supplied by

American Airlines aircraft slide show (current livery):

AG Slide Shows

American-US Airways pilots agree on a protocol for pilot seniority integration, will it lead to a final list?

U.S. Airline Pilots Association (USAPA), representing the pilots of US Airways (Phoenix and Dallas/Fort Worth) (and the pilots of the former America West Airlines) (Phoenix), stated it has reached a tentative agreement on a protocol with the Allied Pilots Association (APA), the union representing the pilots of American Airlines (Dallas/Fort Worth). The tentative agreement lays out a process for the seniority integration of the two pilot groups according to The Street.

However according to article by Forbes, the previous bitter split between US Airways (East) pilots and America West (West) pilots at US Airways, could reemerge as work continues on a final seniority list. Will the new American Airlines inherit the seven-year old US Airways-America West pilot dispute? Forbes explores this question.

Read the full interesting article: CLICK HERE

Copyright Photo: Jay Selman/ Freshly repainted with new American titles, US Airways’ Airbus A319-132 N838AW (msn 2615) painted in America West’s 2005 heritage livery, taxies to the gate at the Charlotte hub. N838AW symbolizes this hot button issue better than any other AA-US aircraft.

American Airlines (current): AG Slide Show

American Airlines-US Airways: AG Slide Show

US Airways: AG Slide Show

America West Airlines: AG Slide Show

American Airlines and US Airways approve their merger

American Airlines 2013 logo

American Airlines (AMR Corporation) (Dallas/Fort Worth) and US Airways (Phoenix) have approved a stock merger between the two companies. The boards of both airlines met last night to approve the merger according to this report by Reuters. This came after AMR Corporation’s unsecured creditors also approved the merger. An announcement is expected today with all of the details.

US Airways management will be taking control of the new American Airlines. The American Airlines name will be retained for the new company and the US Airways name and brand will be retired.

USAirways logo


This is what happened when deregulation upstart America West Airlines (Phoenix) acquired US Airways (Washington) (formerly USAir and Allegheny Airlines) and kept the US Airways name. CEO Doug Parker of US Airways (formerly the CEO of America West Airlines) is expected to become the new CEO of the new American Airlines which is expected to be based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area (Doug will be moving).

America West logo

In reality, this is the story of how America West Airlines in essence acquired two large financially troubled airlines, kept their names and in the process became the largest airline in the world. America West was a product of deregulation. Although the name does not survive today (the people do), America West was founded in 1981 by Ed Beauvais (who later founded Western Pacific Airlines). Operations began on August 1, 1983 as a new airline under deregulation. W. Douglas Parker joined America West in June 1995 and became the CEO in September 2001.

Read the full story from Reuters: CLICK HERE

How US Airways (the airline no one wanted) acquired American Airlines to become the largest airline in the world (from Reuters): CLICK HERE

Watch here for the formal announcement later today.

American Airlines: AG Slide Show

US Airways: AG Slide Show

America West Airlines: AG Slide Show

Bottom Copyright Photo: Bruce Drum. Peal away the new American name and you will find the America West name in the past. This is really the story of how deregulation upstart America West Airlines became the largest airline in the world named American Airlines. America West had humble beginnings with used Boeing 737-200s. The pictured 737-275 N127AW (msn 20922) taxies to the runway at Oakland in the original 1983 color scheme.

Interview with US Airways’ CEO Doug Parker: How 9/11 changed his airline

US Airways’ (Phoenix) was interviewed by The Street on how the tragic events of September 11, 2001 changed America West Airlines and later US Airways.

Copyright Photo: David Neal.

Read the full interview: CLICK HERE

America West Slide Show: CLICK HERE

US Airways Slide Show: CLICK HERE