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Lufthansa Group sets new fuel efficiency record

  • Specific fuel consumption drops by 4.5 percent to 3.68 liters per 100 passenger kilometers
  • 24th Sustainability Report “Balance” published
  • Cover story “Creating value sustainably” provides insights into responsible and sustainable management all along the value chain

The Lufthansa Group has set a new fuel efficiency record. In 2017, the aircraft of the passenger fleets required an average of just 3.68 liters of kerosene to transport a passenger 100 kilometers (2016: 3.85 l/100 pkm). This represents an improvement of 4.5 percent compared to the previous year. The Lufthansa Group has thus more than satisfied the airline industry target of annual efficiency gains of 1.5 percent. All airlines belonging to the Group contributed to this achievement.

“This is the welcome result of our continuous fleet modernization and efficiency programs. To make our operations as environmentally friendly as possible, we will continue to invest in economic, fuel-efficient and quiet aircraft. We also want to take a leading role within our industry in the important area of sustainability,” says Carsten Spohr, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, in his foreword to the Sustainability Report “Balance” published today.

The Lufthansa Group works continuously and systematically to improve the environmental compatibility of the services it offers internationally. In 2017, the aviation group commissioned 29 new aircraft, including the highly efficient A350-900, A320neo and Bombardier C Series models. In total, the Lufthansa Group currently has on order around 190 aircraft that are expected to be delivered by 2025.

Moreover, Lufthansa Group’s fuel efficiency experts implemented a total of 34 fuel-saving projects in 2017, which sustainably reduced CO2 emissions by around 64,400 tons. The amount of kerosene saved was 25.5 million liters, equivalent to the amount consumed by about 250 return flights on the Munich-New York route with the Airbus A350-900. The positive financial effect of these measures amounted to EUR 7.7 million.

Extensive information, key figures and interviews on these and other topics of corporate responsibility can be found in the 24th Sustainability Report “Balance” published today by the Lufthansa Group. Reporting is in accordance with the internationally recognized GRI standards of the Global Reporting Initiative.

The report’s cover story entitled “Creating value sustainably” provides Lufthansa Group stakeholders and the interested public with insight into how the Group operates sustainably and responsibly along its value chain, thereby generating added value for the company, its customers, employees, shareholders, partners and society at large.

With more than 130,000 employees worldwide, the Lufthansa Group is one of Germany’s largest employers and most attractive companies. Workforce diversity is a key aspect of the company’s success: 147 nationalities are represented in the company around the world. The Lufthansa Group supports its employees and executives with an attractive work environment and flexible working-time models, models which take into account their different needs in different phases of their lives, e.g. part-time and home-office arrangements. The Group places particular emphasis on the promotion and qualification of its employees, because they stand for the corporate success of the Lufthansa Group.

Photo: Lufthansa.


Lufthansa announces six new winter destinations from Frankfurt and Munich

Lufthansa Airbus A319-112 D-AIBD (msn 4455) TLS (Paul Bannwarth). Image: 942868.

Lufthansa is expanding its schedule from Frankfurt and Munich to include six new to destinations.

Lufthansa now flies from Frankfurt and Munich to Eilat (Ovda) (above), the attractive holiday resort on the Red Sea in the south of Israel. If you’ve had enough of winter and snow, Lufthansa will take you to this sunshine paradise four times a week (Thursdays and Sundays from Frankfurt and Tuesdays and Saturdays from Munich).

Starting this winter, Lufthansa will fly to Agadir (Morocco) (above) every Monday and Saturday from Frankfurt and every Sunday from Munich. Agadir is located on the southern Atlantic coast of Morocco, in the foothills of the Anti-Atlas mountains. The capital of the province of Agadir Ida-Ou Tanane is a popular holiday destination featuring golf courses and endless beaches.

Trieste (Italy), the capital of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia in the north-east of Italy, is considered one of the literary capitals of Europe, and its many ethnic  and religious groups have earned it the moniker of ‘early New York’. From the start of the winter, you can fly there with Lufthansa twelve times a week departing from Frankfurt.

From winter 2018, Lufthansa once again offers flights to Thessaloniki (Greece) from Frankfurt. The town is the ideal starting point for hikes and explorations of the north of Greece, and it is the transit airport for onward travel to Chalkidiki in the south east.

Edinburgh (United Kingdom) is the new European destination from Munich. From December 2018, Lufthansa will fly to the Scottish capital on Tuesdays and Saturdays, in addition to the existing Frankfurt route. Edinburgh not only has an interesting old town, it is also the perfect starting point for visiting the Highlands.

Munich is also the starting point for another new destination, Tromsø (Norway) (above). The city is an important cultural centre north of the Arctic Circle and is regarded as an ideal starting point for experiencing the Northern Lights.  An Airbus A319 flies to this Norwegian city every Thursday and Saturday. These flights also depart from Frankfurt.

The new connection at a glance

Frankfurt (FRA) – Eilat (VDA)

  • Twice a week (Thursdays and Sundays from 28 October 2018)
  • LH670: FRA 10:15 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. VDA (Thu)
  • LH670: FRA 10:45 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. VDA (Sun)
  • LH671:VDA 4:30 p.m. – 8:25 p.m. FRA (Thu)
  • LH671:VDA 5:00 p.m. – 8:55 p.m. FRA (Sun)
  • Price: from 359 euros including taxes and fees
  • Distance: 3,161 km (1,707 nautical miles)
  • Airbus A320

Munich (MUC) – Eilat (VDA)

  • Twice a week (Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10 November 2018)
  • LH684: MUC 10:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. VDA
  • LH685: VDA 4:35 p.m. – 8:10 p.m. MUC
  • Price: from 349 euros including taxes and fees
  • Distance: 2,861 km (1,545 nautical miles)
  • Airbus A319/A320

Frankfurt (FRA) – Agadir (AGA)

  • Twice a week (Mondays and Saturdays from 29 October 2018)
  • LH1328: FRA 11:25 a.m. – 2:20 p.m. AGA
  • LH1329: AGA 3:15 p.m. – 8:10 p.m. FRA
  • Price: from 219 euros including taxes and fees
  • Distance: 2,656 km (1,434 nautical miles)
  • Airbus A320

Munich (MUC) – Agadir (AGA)

  • Once a week (Sundays from 4 November 2018)
  • LH2698: MUC 8:05 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. AGA
  • LH2699: AGA 12:00 p.m. – 4:50 p.m. MUC
  • Price: from 199 euros including taxes and fees
  • Distance: 2,692 km (1,454 nautical miles)
  • Airbus A319

Frankfurt (FRA) – Trieste (TRS)

  • Twelve times a week (from 28 October 2018)
  • LH228: FRA 9:05 a.m. – 10:25 a.m. TRS (Mon-Thu)
  • LH228: FRA 9:00 a.m. – 10:20 a.m. TRS (Fri/Sat)
  • LH229: TRS 11:00 a.m. – 12:25 p.m. FRA (Mon-Wed)
  • LH229: TRS 11:05 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. FRA (Thu)
  • LH229: TRS 11:15 a.m. – 12:40 p.m. FRA (Fri/Sat)
  • LH244: FRA 4:00 p.m. – 5:20 p.m. TRS (Mon/Wed-Fri/Sun)
  • LH244: FRA 4:15 p.m. – 5:35 p.m. TRS (Tue)
  • LH245: TRS 6:20 p.m. – 7:45 p.m. FRA (Mon-Fri/Sun)
  • Price: from 99 euros including taxes and fees
  • Distance: 594 km (321 nautical miles)
  • Canadair CRJ 900

Frankfurt (FRA) – Thessaloniki (SKG)

  • Twice a week (Friday and Sunday from 28  October 2018)
  • LH1288: Friday FRA 7:10 a.m. –  10:35 a.m. SKG
  • LH1289: Friday SKG 11:30 a.m. – 1:10 p.m. FRA
  • LH1288: Sunday FRA 11:05 a.m. –  2:30 p.m. SKG
  • LH1289: Sunday SKG 3:25 p.m. – 5:05 p.m. FRA
  • Price: from 149 euros including taxes and fees
  • Distance: 1,542 km (833 nautical miles)
  • Airbus A320

Munich (MUC) – Edinburgh (EDI)

  • Twice a week (Tuesdays and Saturdays from 01 December 2018)
  • LH2580: Tuesday/Saturday MUC 10:20 a.m. –  11:40 a.m. EDI
  • LH2581: Tuesday/Saturday EDI 12:25 p.m. –  3:30 p.m. MUC
  • Price: from 89 euros including taxes and fees
  • Distance: 1333 km (720 nautical miles)
  • Airbus A319 / CRJ 900

Munich (MUC) – Tromsø (TOS)

  • Twice a week (Thursdays and Saturdays from 1 December 2018)
  • LH2458: Thursday MUC 7:20 a.m. –  10:50 a.m. TOS
  • LH2459: Thursday TOS  11:45 a.m. –  3:20 p.m. MUC
  • LH2458: Saturday MUC 9:00 a.m. –  12:30 p.m. TOS
  • LH2459: Saturday TOS  1:25 p.m. –  5:00 p.m. MUC
  • Price: from 179 euros including taxes and fees
  • Distance: 2407 km (1300 nautical miles)
  • Airbus A319

Top Copyright Photo (all others by Lufthansa): Lufthansa Airbus A319-112 D-AIBD (msn 4455) TLS (Paul Bannwarth). Image: 942868.

Lufthansa aircraft slide show:

Ryanair responds to Lufthansa’s claims about Laudamotion

Laudamotion Airbus A320-214 OE-LOE (msn 4269) FRA (Marcelo F. De Biasi). Image: 941409.

Ryanair on July 13 confirmed that Lufthansa Group is making false claims about Laudamotion.

Lufthansa’s claim that it has “fully complied with all requirements of the European Commission regarding the required transfer of aircraft to Laudamotion” is simply untrue. Lufthansa agreed to transfer 11 aircraft to Laudamotion, yet as of July 13, Lufthansa has only delivered 9 aircraft.

1. One of the aircraft, which was supposed to be delivered “at the beginning” of June, has now been delayed until at least the end of August, which means Laudamotion has lost the benefit of this aircraft (and its slots) during the peak summer months.

2. Not alone has Lufthansa failed to honor its obligations to lease the 11 aircraft, but the lease costs of the aircraft it has leased to Laudamotion are substantially higher than market rates for Airbus A320’s of this age.

3. Laudamotion has repeatedly honored both its aircraft lease payments and maintenance reserves to Lufthansa. Lufthansa’s claims of “repeated failure” to pay is false.

4. Lufthansa has used every tactic in the book to harm and damage Laudamotion including withdrawing flying business from Laudamotion (which Lufthansa had originally agreed) then refusing to pay over €1.5m of lease payments properly due to Laudamotion for flying carried out on behalf of Lufthansa in March, April and May.

Despite Lufthansa owing Laudamotion over €1.5m in overdue lease payments for the months of March, April and May, Lufthansa has attempted to terminate all 9 aircraft leases on unfounded legal grounds, even though lease rentals for the full month of July had already been paid at the end of June.

Ryanair’s Juliusz Komorek said:

“Lufthansa is abusing its dominant position in the German and Austrian markets in a blatant attempt to eliminate a much smaller, Austrian competitor, Laudamotion. Lufthansa’s attempt to terminate Laudamotion’s 9 aircraft leases during the peak of the summer period, at a time which would cause maximum damage to Laudamotion and its customers, is in breach of its obligations to the EU.

Lufthansa dominates the German, Austrian, and Swiss markets and the fact that it is now abusing this position to try to remove Laudamotion’s aircraft fleet, while refusing to pay Laudamotion lease payments that are months overdue, is in flagrant breach of fair procedure and competition rules. It is Lufthansa who has repeatedly failed to pay Laudamotion over €1.5m of lease payments for March, April and May.”

Top Copyright Photo: Laudamotion Airbus A320-214 OE-LOE (msn 4269) FRA (Marcelo F. De Biasi). Image: 941409.

Laudamotion aircraft slide show:

Laudamotion’s routes from Dusseldorf and Berlin this coming winter:


German team takes off for the World Cup in Russia with the Fanhansa “Mannschaftsflieger”

Lufthansa has made this announcement:

The German National team took off for the World Cup aboard Lufthansa special flight LH2018 on June 12.The “Mannschaftsflieger”, which is christened with the city name “Lindau”, took off from Frankfurt Airport at 1 p.m. heading for the World Cup in Russia. On board were 122 passengers and nine crew members, including the national players, trainers and team coaches. The flight time from Frankfurt (FRA) to Vnukovo Airport (VKO), some 2,000 kilometres away, is three hours and five minutes.

Lufthansa Technik was responsible for attaching the “Mannschatsflieger” livery on the Airbus A321 with the identification D-AISQ (above and below) for this special occasion. In addition, the, well-known Fanhansa logo from the World Cup in 2014 is also on the fuselage of the aircraft. The welcome panels next to the first two doors on the left side are signed by the players of the German National team. Spiriant, a LSG subsidiary has embroidered the headrest of the seats with the names of the players, which will remain on board during the duration of the World Cup. So those who fly with the “Sierra Quebec” in the coming weeks will have the chance to sit in the seats of players like Neuer, Hummels, Kroos, Müller und Co.

"Fanhansa - Mannschaftsflieger" for World Cup 2018 Russia

Above Copyright Photo: Lufthansa – Fanhansa Airbus A321-231 D-AISQ (msn 3936) FRA (Bernhard Ross). Image: 942398.

Culinary delights include meals and snacks specially prepared to meet the athletes’ dietary preferences. For this flight, LSG Sky Chefs, the catering specialist of the Lufthansa Group, created a four-course menu especially for the German Team: Spiced salmon topped with Frankfurt’s “7 herb pesto”, celery salad and Oyster mushrooms awaits the team as an appetizer. For the main course, they can choose between a Poulard breast with grilled vegetables, a cod fillet with curry-mustard crust or an Asian, vegetarian vegetable curry with basmati rice. Finally, a selection of cheese and white chocolate mousse with mango puree will be served. As healthy snack alternatives, cranberry almond, cocoa or vanilla bars will be available on this flight.

Lufthansa Group offers additional flights to Russia for the World Cup
The Lufthansa Group is offering 85 additional flights to and from Russia for the World Cup. This means that football fans have 18,000 more seats than usual to travel to the tournament and support their team. Lufthansa is increasing its range of flights from Frankfurt from four to up to six, in Munich from two to up to four daily connections to Moscow (Domodedovo). Between Frankfurt and Moscow, an Airbus A330 will also operate once a day except Fridays from  June 1 to July 31.

Follow the World Cup on board of Lufthansa
During the tournament, passengers on Lufthansa long-haul flights will be able to watch World Cup matches via the live TV channels on the screen in their seats as well as on their personal device (via FlyNet connection).

Photo: Lufthansa.

Lufthansa’s Airbus A340-313 D-AIFA is damaged at FRA

Lufthansa Airbus A340-313 D-AIFA was being repositioned at the Frankfort hub on June 11 by a tug when a fire broke out in the tug. The airliner is probably damaged beyond economic repair and will probably be an insurance write off. It is not expected to fly again.

Twitter report and photo:


Lufthansa receives 10th Airbus A350-900: The eye catcher at the Family & Music Days at Munich Airport

Lufthansa is expecting the arrival of its tenth Airbus A350-900 today, June 4, 2018. The aircraft bearing the registration D-AIXJ is named after the town of Erfurt, and is expected to land at its future home base in Munich around noon. A few days later, the A350-900 featuring the new Lufthansa livery will be one of the main attractions at the Family & Music Days at Munich Airport: On the 9th and 10th of June, the world’s most modern long-haul aircraft can be experienced close up. Aircraft fans should not miss the opportunity on Saturday, the 9th of June, when all visitors – young and old – can view the multi-award-winning cabin. The aircraft is open for viewing between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. on that day only.

The Lufthansa A350-900 is the world’s first passenger aircraft to model its cabin light on the course of daylight.  The extraordinarily lighting concept, which makes travel even more relaxed and comfortable, recently received the award of the German Lighting Design Prize 2018. This is the second time the Lufthansa A350-900 has won an outstanding award:  Prior to that, the Lufthansa A350 Economy Class received the German Design Award 2018 in the category “Excellent product design”.

The A350-900 is the most modern and environmentally friendly long-haul aircraft in the world. It consumes 25 percent less jet fuel, generates 25 percent less emissions and is significantly quieter on take-off and landing than comparable aircraft types. The first of 15 aircraft entered service from its Munich base in February last year. The A350-900 can seat 293 passengers: 48 in Business Class, 21 in Premium Economy Class and 224 in Economy Class.

Photo: Lufthansa.

Lufthansa Group airlines introduce new economy “Light” fare on North American routes

"Team D" Olympic logo

As of summer 2018, Lufthansa Group passengers will be able to book a so-called Economy “Light” fare on routes to North America served by Lufthansa, Swiss, Brussels Airlines and Austrian Airlines.

As the basic rate, the new fare is the least expensive option for price-conscious passengers only travelling with carry-on luggage and who do not require any ticket flexibility. For an additional fee, passengers will be allowed to add one piece of luggage or request a seat reservation on an individual basis. Meals and drinks will continue to be served to passengers on board free of charge.

Lufthansa has been testing a Light fare since October 2017 on selected routes between Scandinavia and North America. Passengers can buy a basic rate with carry-on luggage on flights between Sweden, Denmark, Norway and selected North American destinations.

In 2015, the Lufthansa Group Airlines introduced a Light fare on their European routes. The various air fare options mainly differ with respect to the free baggage allowance, seat reservations as well as the possibilities to cancel or rebook flights. Standard features of all fares include the flight, carry-on luggage weighing up to 8 kg, a snack and drinks on board, a fixed seat assignment at check-in as well as bonus and status miles.

Copyright Photo: Lufthansa Boeing 747-830 D-ABYA (msn 37827) (Team D) IAD (Brian McDonough). Image: 941203.

Lufthansa aircraft slide show: