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LATAM commits to eliminating all single-use plastics by 2023

LATAM AIrlines Group made this announcement:

  Among the initiatives to be implemented is a change in the materials of all onboard service elements in the Economy cabin, which will eliminate more than 1,000 tons of single-use plastics.

Travel kits with more sustainable elements have also been incorporated in Premium Business cabins, and bags for blankets and rest items are gradually being replaced.

LATAM has announced that it will eliminate 100% of single-use plastics used in its operations by 2023. This commitment will be achieved through initiatives such as changing onboard materials, incorporating more sustainable elements, and with the group’s recycling and reuse programs.

To date, gradual changes have been implemented inside the aircraft. From June 1, all international flights have reusable bags to cover the rest items in the Premium Business cabin. New travel kits were also recently launched for passengers in Premium Business, which have more sustainable elements such as bamboo toothbrushes and kraft paper wrappers.

In the Economy cabin, important changes will be announced in the coming weeks in the materials used for all elements of service (glasses, cutlery, tableware), which will be replaced with reusable and/or recyclable materials. In the short term, this initiative will eliminate more than 1,000 tons of single-use plastics, equivalent to 36,000 500ml plastic bottles.

LATAM Cargo is implementing five pilot projects, expected to reduce the use of plastic in cargo operations by more than 60%. One of the most important projects is an initiative that aims to replace the plastic used for wrapping loads with reusable blankets or waterproof covers.

In addition, LATAM is focusing on recycling and reusing. On domestic flights in Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador, LATAM is operating the “Recycle Your Trip” program, through which cabin crews separate plastic and aluminum onboard. In Colombia, this separation takes place on the ground. The group, together with women entrepreneurs and partner organizations, continues to operate its uniform reuse program in Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Brazil, giving a second life to employee uniforms.

These initiatives are part of LATAM’s sustainability strategy, goals of which include achieving zero waste to landfill by 2027, offsetting 50% of domestic emissions by 2030, and reaching carbon neutrality by 2050.

LATAM projects operation of 74% for June, and resumes domestic routes in Peru and Brazil

LATAM group projects a passenger operation of up to 74% for June (measured in available seat kilometers – ASK) compared to the same month in 2019 (pre-pandemic scenario). The group will also begin operations between Puerto Maldonado and Cusco, in Peru, and will resume three routes from Belém (Brazil) to Macapá, Fortaleza, and Manaus.

LATAM plans to operate approximately 1,123 daily domestic and international flights during June, connecting 133 destinations in 21 countries.

The group’s cargo business has scheduled more than 1,220 flights on cargo freighters. These projections are subject to the evolution of the pandemic in the countries where the group operates.

In May 2022, passenger traffic (measured in revenue passenger kilometers – RPK) was 69.6% in relation to the same period in 2019, based on an operation of 73.1% compared to May 2019 (measured in ASK).  As a result, the load factor decreased 4.0 percentage points, reaching 79.6%.

The load factor of cargo operations was 58.0%, which corresponds to an increase of 1.6 percentage points in relation to May 2019.

LATAM Group Operational Estimate – June 2022

(Passenger operations measured in ASK / Cargo operations measured in ATK)


80% projected operation (versus June 2019). May 2022 projection reference: 78% 102% domestic and 60% international Total June destinations: 50 domestic (equivalent to 540 daily flights on average) and 19 international Updates: Domestic: Resumption of routes between Belém-Macapá (2 flights/week), Belém-Fortaleza (7 flights/week) y Belém-Manaus (3 flights/week).


59% projected operation (versus June 2019). May 2022 projection reference: 62% 74% domestic and 46% international Total June destinations: 15 domestic (equivalent to 111 daily flights on average) and 22 international


104% projected operation (versus June 2019). May 2022 projection reference: 114% 148% domestic and 58% international Total June destinations: 17 domestic (equivalent to 191 daily flights on average) and 5 international


44% projected operation (versus June 2019). May 2022 projection reference: 41% 122% domestic and 21% international Total June destinations: 8 domestic (equivalent to 39 daily flights on average) and 3 international


70% projected operation (versus June 2019). May 2022 projection reference: 68% 92% domestic and 62% international Total June destinations: 19 domestic (equivalent to 161 daily flights on average) and 22 international Updates: Domestic: New route – Puerto Maldonado-Cusco (4 flights/week).


94% projected operation (versus June 2019). May 2021 projection reference: 94% 77% domestic belly and 65% international belly* 163% dedicated freighter

Domestic Spanish-speaking countries


Domestic Brazil




Consolidated Total


LATAM Airlines (Chile) aircraft photo gallery:

LATAM Group expects to operate 74% of its pre-pandemic schedule in June

LATAM Group projects a passenger operation of up to 74% for June (measured in available seat kilometers – ASK) compared to the same month in 2019 (pre-pandemic scenario).
The group will also begin operations between Puerto Maldonado and Cusco, in Peru, and will resume three routes from Belém (Brazil) to Macapá, Fortaleza, and Manaus.
LATAM plans to operate approximately 1,123 daily domestic and international flights during June, connecting 133 destinations in 21 countries.
LATAM Airlines (Chile) aircraft photo gallery:

LATAM resumes operations between Punta Arenas and Mount Pleasant

LATAM Airlines Group announces the resumption of operations between Punta Arenas and Mount Pleasant, with a monthly stopover in Río Gallegos (Argentina), starting on July 2, 2022.

LATAM Airlines Group has operated this route since 1999, in compliance with the agreement signed that year by the governments of Argentina and the United Kingdom. These routes were suspended in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 global health crisis.

The route is operated on Airbus A320 aircraft, which has a capacity of 174 passengers —162  in Economy, and 12 passengers in Premium Economy. Flights will operate weekly on Saturdays, under the following schedule (all in local time). Flights in August will be scheduled the same as those in July. 

Date Flight Route Time

July 2 LA895 Punta Arenas – Mount Pleasant 11:20h – 12:55h 

July 2 LA894 Mount Pleasant – Punta Arenas 13:57h – 15:38h 

July 9 LA897 Punta Arenas – Río Gallegos 11:20h – 12:04h

July 9 LA897 Río Gallegos – Mount Pleasant 13:35h – 15:04h

July 9 LA894 Mount Pleasant – Punta Arenas 16:50h – 18:31h

July 16 LA895 Punta Arenas – Mount Pleasant 11:20h – 12:55h

July 16 LA896 Mount Pleasant – Río Gallegos 14:57h – 16:28h

July 16   LA896            Río Gallegos – Punta Arenas         18:12h – 18:54h 

July 23 LA895 Punta Arenas -Mount Pleasant 11:20h – 12:55h

July 23 LA894 Mount Pleasant – Punta Arenas 13:57h – 15:38h

July 30 LA895 Punta Arenas -Mount Pleasant 11:20h – 12:55h

July 30 LA894 Mount Pleasant – Punta Arenas 13:57h – 15:38h

LATAM Airlines (Chile) aircraft photo gallery:


Agreement between LATAM and UNHCR to help refugees around the world

In order to support humanitarian crises worldwide, LATAM group will make free passenger and cargo transport available to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). This aid is intended to support people who have had to leave their homes in search of safety.

This arrangement allows for the transfer of cargo at no cost, and contribution towards in tickets to destinations within the LATAM network. The initiative is part of the LATAM group’s “Solidarity Plane” program which seeks to generate value in society by providing free transportation to cover different needs in South America.

According to the UNHCR Global Trends report, 1% of humanity was forced to flee their homes in 2020. A major humanitarian crisis is currently unfolding in Ukraine and neighboring countries, which has displaced more than 10 million people. Latin America and the Caribbean is no exception, with more than 18 million displaced people in need of aid. In addition, “we cannot forget places like Afghanistan, Syria, Ethiopia, Venezuela, Myanmar and many others that continue to need the support of UNHCR and other humanitarian organizations,” said Filippo Grandi, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

LATAM’s “Solidarity Plane” program is part of the group’s sustainability strategy, and seeks to generate value in society through free passenger and cargo transportation. During the pandemic, “Solidarity Plane” has played an active role in the transportation of vaccines within the countries where it operates, mobilizing more than 232 million doses, in addition to transporting more than 3,400 health professionals to attend to urgent needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recently, the program announced alliances with solidarity and civil society organizations in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, making available to them the expertise, infrastructure and connectivity through tickets and cargo transportation at no cost to organizations.

LATAM renews its travel kits with a focus on sustainability and local design

LATAM recently presented its Travel Eco Kits, a new amenity kit concept for passengers traveling in Premium Business cabins. These kits are based on local design and gradually incorporate sustainable elements. The collectable bags are designed to be reusable and versatile with a very long lifespan, and new and exciting designs. 

Following LATAM’s commitment to eliminate single-use plastics, the bag is delivered unwrapped, and its amenities are made more environmentally friendly through the incorporation of reusable materials such as a bamboo toothbrush with a sugar cane cap.  The earplugs are wrapped in kraft paper to reduce the use of plastic materials as much as possible, and the socks and eye covers are made from recycled plastic.

The bag includes cosmetic products (hand cream, lip balm and a refreshing towel) produced by Feito Brasil, a brand certified as B Corp™ (certification that recognizes performance in financial, social and environmental sustainability). Feito Brasil prides itself on making products with a focus on sustainability. These products are cruelty-free and vegan, use natural ingredients and raw materials, and are locally produced by Brazilian artisans. 

The design of the new Travel Eco-Kits is to display the work of South American artists chosen by LATAM for their emerging trajectory and/or for being transformers of their communities. The first two artists to join this initiative are Tomás Olivos (Chile) and Hamilton Aguiar (Brazil). The following designs will be by artists from Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Argentina.

Passengers on the Santiago de Chile – Madrid – Santiago de Chile and São Paulo/Guarulhos – Miami – São Paulo/Guarulhos routes will be the first to receive the new Travel Eco Kits during on-board service, which will be progressively implemented on remaining routes during 2022.

With this initiative, LATAM intends to take another step forward in its sustainability strategy, focused on generating environmental and social value in the community, and promoting social, environmental and economic development in the countries where it operates. 

 About the artists:


● Visual artist born in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) in 1965.

● His work is clearly inspired by natural beauty, with a transcendent quality that cannot be imitated.

● He has participated in individual and collective exhibitions throughout his thirty-year career, with notable exhibitions in galleries in Germany, Korea, Sweden, Canada, and Singapore, among others.

● His work is displayed by important galleries and exhibition spaces of contemporary art in Latin America and the United States. It has been exhibited at international fairs and is part of important collections of contemporary art, both public and private.



● Chilean illustrator born in Santiago in 1987. He currently resides in Barcelona.

● Author of the books “Abecedario Ilustrado” (2018) and “El gran Espíritu” (2019), in addition to participating in publishing projects in Spain, Argentina, Chile, among others.

● He has a special obsession with nature and loves to draw characters with long arms and very small faces. His source of inspiration is strongly related to his own anatomy: “I have short legs and arms, it may be a reflection of the complex I have with my body.”

LATAM resumes passenger flights to Australia and New Zealand

LATAM Airlines Group reinforces its international connectivity by announcing that it will resume its passenger operations between Santiago, Auckland, and Sydney beginning March 29. Tickets are already available for sale on, with a frequency of three flights per week.

According to the respective authorities, individuals who hold a COVID-19 vaccination certificate proving that they were fully vaccinated at least 14 days prior to the departure of their flight will be able to enter Australia on Feb. 21. In addition, they must complete a sworn statement and present a negative PCR test result carried out a maximum of 72 hours before their departure. 

In order to enter New Zealand, passengers must meet specific entry requirements, which will be made more flexible in phases with the complete reopening of its borders scheduled for October 2022. To learn more about entry requirements and restrictions, we recommend visiting the following link:








Tuesday, Thursday Saturday

Santiago (00:40)

Auckland (05:15)

Sydney (09:35)


Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

Sydney (11:35)

Auckland (16:40)

Santiago (13:40)

*Itineraries in local time, valid for the months of April, May and June.

LATAM Airlines Group projects operation of 69% for December

LATAM Airlines Group’s operational passenger projection for December 2021 is estimated to reach 69% (measured in available seat kilometers – ASK) of 2019 levels, and a pre-pandemic context.

The increases in the operational projection for Colombia (+14 pp) and Brazil (+10 pp) stand out, compared to the November projection for this year. In Brazil, the increase is accompanied by new domestic routes to Jericoacoara and Vitória da Conquista, in addition to the reactivation of flights to Milan and London from São Paulo / Guarulhos. The seasonal routes Santiago-Florianópolis, São Paulo/Guarulhos-Punta del Este and Santiago-Punta del Este have also returned. With these announcements, the group maintains its expectation of closing the year with operations of over 65% of 2019 capacity levels.

LATAM plans to operate approximately 1,212 daily domestic and international flights during December, connecting 129 destinations in 18 countries. The cargo business has 1,150 flights scheduled on cargo freighters with an average utilization level that is 20% higher than the same period in 2019. These projections are subject to the evolution of the pandemic and the travel restrictions in the countries where LATAM Airlines Group operates.

In November 2021, passenger traffic (measured in revenue passenger-kilometers – RPK) was 62.3% in relation to the same period in 2019, based on an operation measured in ASK (available seat-kilometers) of 62.8% compared to November 2019. The load factor decreased 0.6 percentage points, reaching 82.0%. With regard to cargo operations, the load factor was 59.4%, which corresponds to an increase of 2.1 percentage points compared to November 2019.


LATAM Airlines Group files plan of reorganization

LATAM Airlines Group S.A. and its affiliates in BrazilChileColombiaEcuadorPeru, and the United States today announced the filing of a Plan of Reorganization, which reflects the path forward for the group to exit Chapter 11 in compliance with both U.S. and Chilean law.

The Plan is accompanied by a Restructuring Support Agreement (the “RSA”) with the Parent Ad Hoc Group, which is the largest unsecured creditor group in these Chapter 11 cases, and certain of LATAM’s shareholders. The RSA documents the agreement between LATAM, the aforementioned holders of more than 70% of parent unsecured claims and holders of approximately 48% of 2024 and 2026 U.S. Notes, and certain shareholders holding more than 50% of common equity, subject to the execution of definitive documentation by the parties and the obtaining of corporate approvals by those shareholders. As they have throughout the process, all of the companies in the group are continuing to operate as travel conditions and demand permit.

Plan Overview

The Plan proposes the infusion of $8.19 billion into the group through a mix of new equity, convertible notes, and debt, which will enable the group to exit Chapter 11 with appropriate capitalization to effectuate its business plan. Upon emergence, LATAM is expected to have total debt of approximately $7.26 billion1 and liquidity of approximately $2.67 billion. The group has determined that this is a conservative debt load and appropriate liquidity in a period of continued uncertainty for global aviation and will better position the group going forward.

Specifically, the Plan outlines that:

  • Upon confirmation of the Plan, the group intends to launch an $800 million common equity rights offering, open to all shareholders of LATAM in accordance with their preemptive rights under applicable Chilean law, and fully backstopped by the parties participating in the RSA, subject to the execution of definitive documentation and, with respect to the backstopping shareholders, receipt of corporate approvals;
  • Three distinct classes of convertible notes will be issued by LATAM, all of which will be preemptively offered to shareholders of LATAM. To the extent not subscribed by LATAM’s shareholders during the respective preemptive rights period:
    • Convertible Notes Class A will be provided to certain general unsecured creditors of LATAM parent in settlement (dación en pago) of their allowed claims under the Plan;
    • Convertible Notes Class B will be subscribed and purchased by the above referenced shareholders; and
    • Convertible Notes Class C will be provided to certain general unsecured creditors in exchange for a combination of new money to LATAM and the settlement of their claims, subject to certain limitations and holdbacks by backstopping parties.
  • The convertible notes belonging to the Convertible Classes B and C will therefore be provided, totally or partially, in consideration of a new money contribution for the aggregate amount of approximately $4.64 billion fully backstopped by the parties to the RSA, subject to receipt by the backstopping shareholders of corporate approvals;
  • LATAM will raise a $500 million new revolving credit facility and approximately $2.25 billion in total new money debt financing, consisting of either a new term loan or new bonds; and
  • The group also used and intends to use the Chapter 11 process to refinance or amend the group’s pre-petition leases, revolving credit facility, and spare engine facility.

LATAM Airlines Group and Delta Air Lines expand codeshare agreement

LATAM Airlines Group and Delta Air Lines announced the expansion of their codeshare agreements today, which will allow their customers to access more than 20 international routes between the United States and South America, along with connections to domestic and intra-continental destinations. It will also allow LATAM Airlines Group to add eight new international routes operated by Delta between South America and the U.S., and 11 domestic destinations in the U.S. from Atlanta. Delta will add 12 international routes operated by LATAM Airlines Group between South America and the U.S., connecting from Miami, Orlando, New York (JFK) and Los Angeles (LAX); as well as seven interregional routes in South America, and four new domestic destinations in Chile.

This announcement will benefit customers with more connections between both regions: more than 40 destinations in South America, including domestic routes in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru; routes within South America, between South America and the U.S.; and more than 70 domestic routes within the U.S. Additionally, Delta Air Lines and LATAM will complement their existing codeshare network in the coming months with new routes to Delta destinations in the U.S., and between the U.S. and Canada.

The agreement between LATAM and Delta currently allows LATAM Pass® and SkyMiles® members to accumulate miles/points in their respective frequent flyer programs, including priority boarding, extra baggage check-in, and VIP lounge access for select categories. Customers will be able to easily connect between Delta and LATAM flights at airports where the airlines have relocated to the same terminal. This includes Terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York), Terminal 3 at Guarulhos Airport in São Paulo and soon Terminal 2 at Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport in Santiago, Chile.

New Codeshare Routes Between LATAM Airlines Group and Delta*

Between the U.S. and South America


Operated by

Atlanta – São Paulo/Guarulhos


New York/JFK – São Paulo/Guarulhos

Delta / LATAM

Miami – São Paulo/Guarulhos 


Orlando – São Paulo/Guarulhos


Atlanta – Rio de Janeiro/Galeão**


Atlanta – Bogotá


Miami – Bogotá – Santiago


New York/JFK – Bogotá


Atlanta – Lima


Los Angeles – Lima


Miami – Lima


New York /JFK– Lima


Orlando – Lima


Atlanta – Santiago


Los Ángeles – Santiago


Miami – Santiago


New York /JFK – Santiago


Atlanta – Quito


Connecting U.S. Domestic Routes

Atlanta- Austin


Atlanta – Boston


Atlanta – Baltimore


Atlanta – Charlotte


Atlanta – Washington


Atlanta – Denver


Atlanta – Dallas


Atlanta – New York /JFK


Atlanta – Fort Lauderdale


Atlanta – Honolulu


Atlanta – Houston


Connecting Regional Routes in South America Operated by LATAM Airlines Group

Santiago – Bogotá

Santiago – Lima

Santiago – Montevideo 

Santiago – Rio de Janeiro

Santiago – São Paulo/Guarulhos

São Paulo/Guarulhos – Montevideo

Connecting Chile Domestic Routes Operated by LATAM Airlines Group

Santiago – Antofagasta

Santiago – Concepción 

Santiago – Puerto Montt 

Santiago – Punta Arenas 


*Codeshare flights are available for booking travel beginning Nov. 18.

*The Atlanta – Rio de Janeiro route will resume on Feb. 22, 2022.