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Canadian North to launch first-ever international flight to Greenland in partnership with Air Greenland

Canadian North Boeing 737-7CT WL C-FHNN (msn 35078) YYZ (TMK Photography). Image: 958722.

Canadian North, the Arctic’s leading airline, today unveiled its strategic plans to expand to the awe-inspiring landscapes of Greenland.

This move marks a momentous milestone as its first-ever international flight, embarking on a new chapter of Arctic connectivity. Launching in 2024, the new seasonal route will operate from Ottawa to Nuuk, Greenland, with a connection in Iqaluit, from June to October.

New seasonal route details launching in 2024 to Greenland:

Flights from Ottawa and Nuuk have a connection in Iqaluit. Explore alternative routes within our network for your journey to Greenland, such as Kuujjuaq to Nuuk, Greenland with a connection in Iqaluit. 

Born from a shared vision to enhance Arctic connectivity, Canadian North and Air Greenland have forged a significant partnership through an interline agreement. This alliance facilitates seamless travel between Canada, Nunavut, and Greenland, allowing passengers to book a single ticket, embodying the cooperative spirit of the 2020 agreement between our regions. It aims to bolster regional cooperation, promote cultural understanding, and stimulate economic engagement. The synergy between Canadian North and Air Greenland unlocks new possibilities for continued collaboration and growth in the Arctic region.

Route Map:

Top Copyright Photo: Canadian North Boeing 737-7CT WL C-FHNN (msn 35078) YYZ (TMK Photography). Image: 958722.

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Air Greenland becomes the latest Airbus A330neo operator

Air Greenland has taken delivery of an A330-800 widebody aircraft, becoming the latest operator of the type.

The A330neo will replace previous generation aircraft in the company’s fleet, reducing operating cost, improving environmental efficiency while offering an unrivalled passenger experience.

Air Greenland’s A330neo will comfortably accommodate 305 passengers, featuring 42 Premium class seats and 263 Economy class seats.

Above Copyright Photo: Eurospot.

Air Greenland has also firmed up an agreement with Airbus on Flight Hour Services (FHS) covering component supply and maintenance services. Based on a circular economy model and carbon footprint reduction the Airbus FHS offers more sustainability throughout the aircraft’s life cycle. More than 1,200 aircraft worldwide are currently being contracted under  Airbus FHS.

Top Copyright Photo: Eurospot. Airbus A330-841 OY-GKN departs from Toulouse.

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Air Greenland is the first to take off from Nuuk Airport’s new runway

Air Greenland made this announcement:

Air Greenland’s aircraft were the first to take off and land on the first stage of Nuuk Airport’s new runway, which went into service on Thursday, November 3. We were there for the take off and landing in Nuuk.

Passengers departing on GL 502 at 08:05 had quite a welcome as they were called out to gate number 2 at Nuuk Airport. A number of gentlemen from KAIR in yellow safety jackets welcomed them and handed out a bag of morning bread with the message that they were the first passengers to take off from the new runway.

It marked a new era in the country’s aviation history and a final farewell to the old runway, which was put into use in September 1979. Most of those working in the airport area, Mittarfeqarfiit, KAIR and Air Greenland were excited about the first takeoff and landing of the day, but very few of those present can say they were there to send and receive the first planes in September 1979.

One of them is Jørgen Erik Andersen, who was working as an AFIS operator in September 1979. He remembers clearly that he “sent” the first aircraft as Greenland Air’s Dash-7 OY-CBT. Today, he helped “send” our Dash-8 aircraft OY-GRG as a consultant in Operations. The memories stirred the emotions of Jørgen, just as the experience of being the first to take off and land on the new runway will also become a fond memory one day for the two Air Greenland crews.



Today’s crew of GL 502 from Nuuk to Ilulissat via Kangerlussuaq was Captain Mikael Jakobsen, First Officer Peter Sarkov and Cabin attendant Sara Hansen and they were excited about today’s flight. Luckily the weather was stable with clear frost and thus a beautiful morning. After going through all the procedures, welcoming the passengers, “Suloraq” drove out to the new runway. A new sensation that will soon become routine for the pilots so the moment had to be perpetuated with a picture of the runway before getting ready for take-off.

At 08.08 the runway was officially put into use as the aircraft took off out of Nuuk and over the “edge” towards the Road Borgemster Anniitap Aqqutaa.

The pilots had to get through the routine after takeoff before they could give themselves time to put the experience into words. There was a lot of agreement in the cockpit, they had not thought that this take off would give a rush in the stomach and goose bumps when the plane was up a few meters from the runway. It was special and something to pass on to family and friends.

The passengers on the other hand couldn’t quite see or feel a difference, however there was a slightly different view of the future airport building. One expressed that he could sense that the runway was completely level. After about 45 minutes of beautiful flight, GL 502 landed in a cold and clear Kangerlussuaq. The passengers were the first of many to go through the airport today.


A little later, GL 540 lands from Nuuk with passengers who are going on to other destinations. After a short stop, the flight continues back to Nuuk with flight number GL 541.

The crew on this flight is Captain Edd Arne Lund, First Officer Benjamin Krarup Hammeken and Cabin attendant Lisbeth Vængtoft Noahsen. They will be the first to have the honour of landing on the new runway in Nuuk, which creates some excitement but also some sadness. The seasoned captain, who has landed thousands of times in Nuuk, explains that learning a new runway is something that will become routine over time, while the first officer, who took off and landed on the old runway, is a little more wistful at the thought of the now old runway. About 25 minutes before landing, the pilots review the procedures to make sure they are calibrated.

The plan was to land from the Sermitsiaq field, but a car on the runway before the approach causes the pilots to take a nice approach along the capital to land on the runway’s south side toward Mayor Anniitap Aqqutaa.

Pilots on the first takeoff and landing on the new runway, which by the way is only 930 meters long, were pleased with the runway. A new chapter in the country’s aviation history has begun and when the construction of the runway to the 2200 meters is completed in 2024, the opening of the international airport will be marked with the landing of larger aircraft and who knows if it will be our future Atlantic aircraft “Tuukkaq” that will have the honor to land that day.

Here are some pictures from today and video from the takeoff and landing.


Top Copyright Photo: Air Greenland de Havilland Canada DHC-8-202 Dash 8 (Q202) OY-GRJ (msn 496) JAV (Robbie Shaw). Image: 939450.

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Air Greenland and Icelandair to increase cooperation

Air Greenland and Icelandair representatives after the signing of the LOI. From left: Tomas Leth Jørgensen, Manager Network & Revenue Management, Tómas Ingason Icelandair Chief Revenue Officer, Jacob Nitter Sørensen, CEO, Helgi Már Björgvinsson, Icelandair Director Partnerships and Corporate affairs and CFO, Mogens E. Jensen.

The companies see common opportunities for cooperation that will link the two companies’ networks, Air Greenland’s extensive network in Greenland and Icelandair’s network from Keflavik International Airport. The cooperation will benefit both companies’ customers and increase connectivity in their markets to, from, via and within Greenland and Iceland.

Icelandair has integrated its regional operations with the international network by moving services to destinations in Greenland from Reykjavik Airport to Keflavik International Airport. This change provides even more convenient connections to and from Air Greenland’s extensive network in Greenland to Iceland and Icelandair’s extensive route network in Europe and North America.

The airlines’ CEOs look forward to the increased cooperation.

Icelandair’s CEO, Bogi Nils Bogason, states:

“We are very pleased to increase the cooperation with Air Greenland. We focus on partnering with like-minded airlines that share our passion and commitment towards excellent customer experience and sustainability. With better connectivity to Air Greenland’s comprehensive route network in Greenland and to Icelandair’s hub at Keflavik International Airport we will be able to offer seamless connections between Greenland and our extensive network in Europe and North America. We will benefit from Air Greenland’s local knowledge and investment in infrastructure in Greenland and Air Greenland will benefit from our comprehensive sales and distribution network in Europe and North America.”


Air Greenland’s CEO, Jacob Nitter Sørensen, states:

“We see increased cooperation as strategically beneficial for Greenland, as the connection to Icelandair’s many international routes will create better accessibility for Greenland and provide better opportunities for business and leisure travelers to easily reach Greenland. We will thus ensure that residents will find it easier to get out into the world, and the world will find it easier to get to Greenland. In addition, tourists coming to Iceland will have better opportunities to visit Greenland. Finally, increased cooperation will mean that our customers will be able to buy a trip via our website, which will also feature Icelandair’s extensive route network. Icelandair’s customers will be able to do the same, making it easier to get a coherent itinerary to and from Greenland.”

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Air Greenland orders a new Airbus A330-800

Air Greenland, the flag-carrier for Greenland, is the latest airline to order Airbus’ next generation A330neo wide body aircraft.

The new A330-800 will replace the airline’s aging Airbus A330-200 to secure operations linking the Arctic island with Denmark from end of 2022 onwards and beyond.


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Air Greenland selects Airbus H225 to replace its Sikorsky S-61s

Air Greenland has ordered two Airbus H225 heavy helicopters to support its bid to win its home country’s search and rescue (SAR) contract.

Under the terms of a firm contract assisted by Airbus Helicopters, two H225s repurposed from the oil and gas industry will be delivered over the coming months to replace the ageing S-61 helicopter currently used for the service.

Airbus will provide a comprehensive maintenance and support package as well as pilot and crew training.

Airbus Helicopters Head of Europe Region Olivier Michalon said: “At Airbus, we are proud that the deployment of the H225 will help ensure the safety of global maritime traffic transiting the Greenland-Iceland gap to and from the Arctic region”.

The 11-ton category, twin-engine H225 is the latest member of Airbus Helicopters’ Super Puma family with more powerful engines providing a smoother ride and enhanced performance compared to earlier models.

It is the largest model in Airbus Helicopters’ portfolio and has accumulated more than 600,000 flight hours out of more than 5.5 million flight hours recorded by the Super Puma family.

Equipped with state-of-the-art electronic instruments and a 4-axis autopilot system, the H225 offers outstanding endurance and fast cruise speed, and can be fitted with a wide range of SAR equipment. Operated by two pilots, it can be configured with up to 18 seats or six stretchers and has all-weather capability including full anti-icing.

The H225 and military H225M are benchmarks in SAR and combat SAR and are operated by 20 nations worldwide.

Air Greenland CEO Jacob Nitter Sørensen said: “These two specific aircraft have low numbers of flight hours and their remarkable capability on SAR operations ensures that they will be able to provide a highly effective service in that role for many years to come.”

Photo: Airbus.

SAS divests its shareholding in Air Greenland to the Government of Greenland

Scandinavian Airlines-SAS has made this announcement:

SAS has divested its 37.5% ownership in Air Greenland A/S to the Government of Greenland. The transaction is a result of several years of discussions and negotiations, ending an era of ownership which dates back over 50 years.

Under the agreement, which was closed today, the Government of Greenland will pay DKK277 million in cash for SAS’ 37.5% shareholding in the Greenland based airline group.

The transaction price is slightly above the book value, resulting in a marginal capital gain for SAS.

SAS would like to thank Air Greenland and its other shareholders – the Government of Greenland and the Danish State – for the good cooperation over the years and wish the airline all the best for the future.

Greenland’s national airline Grønlandsfly was founded in 1960. The company changed its name to Air Greenland in 2002 and has undergone rapid development during the last 50 years: From seaplanes to jet planes; and from helicopter services to scheduled services with fixed-wing aircraft. Then, as now, Air Greenland operates in Arctic airspace, which presents a unique range of challenges.

All above photos by Air Greenland.

Air Greenland Airbus A330-223 OY-GRN (msn 230) HAM (Gerd Beilfuss). Image: 928525.

Above Copyright Photo: Air Greenland Airbus A330-223 OY-GRN (msn 230) HAM (Gerd Beilfuss). Image: 928525.

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