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Air France takes delivery of its seventh Boeing 787

Air France took delivery of its fleet’s latest addition – the company’s seventh Boeing 787 to arrive at its Paris-Charles de Gaulle hub.

This new aircraft, which is also the Air France-KLM group’s 20th Boeing 787, marks an ambition to pursue Air France’s fleet modernization. The aircraft will spend a few days in the hands of professionals from the Air France Industrial Division before operating its first commercial flights.

In spring 2019, the company will take delivery of two additional aircraft, bringing the Boeing 787 fleet to a total of nine aircraft.

10 destinations served by Dreamliner

In the 2018-2019 winter season, Air France’s Boeing 787s are crisscrossing the skies and transporting customers to Boston, Detroit, Bogota, Guangzhou, Osaka, Bamako, Abidjan, Nairobi and Malé. The arrival of this seventh aircraft will allow the company to also serve Panama City, previously served by Boeing 777.

Watch the video illustrating the comfort and assets provided by this new-generation aircraft.

The best of Air France on board the Boeing 787

For Air France customers, the Boeing 787 provides a number of assets –

  • The latest Air France travel cabins – a real cocoon in the sky in the Business cabin (30 seats) and comfort for all in the new Premium Economy (21 seats) and Economy cabins (225 seats);
  • On-board WiFi adapted to customers’ needs and expectations;
  • More comfort and space with the new Premium Economy seats;
  • Windows that are approximately 30% larger than on similar aircraft;
  • Improved air pressure and humidity levels for greater travel comfort.

A reduction in fuel consumption and noise levels

This new-generation aircraft provides a great number of operational assets including –

  • 20% less fuel consumption than previous generation aircraft;
  • A significant reduction in CO2 emissions ( about 20%) as well as noise emissions.



Will Air France end the Joon experiment?

Joon (Air France) Airbus A320-214 F-GKXT (msn 3859) LIS (Ton Jochems). Image: 940724.

The new CEO of Air France-KLM (Ben Smith) wants to end Joon, the lower-cost subsidiary project of Air France designed to appeal to millennials according to Reuters.

Joon was the project of previous CEO Jean-Marc Janaillac.

The employees of Joon are expected to be placed with parent Air France if the final decision is made.

Look now, Joon painted aircraft could become a rarity in 2019.

Previously Joon was planning to add six new destinations for the summer of 2019:

Starting in summer 2019, Joon will serve 6 new destinations:

In Europe:

  • Madrid;
  • Stockholm;
  • Prague;
  • Manchester.

In the Caribbean:

  • Saint Martin.

In South America:

  • Quito.

Starting next summer Joon will serve 6 new destinations from Paris-CDG: Madrid* (Spain), Stockholm* (Sweden), Prague* (Czech Republic), Manchester* (UK), Saint-Martin* (France) and Quito (Ecuador).

  • Madrid, Stockholm, Prague and Manchester by Airbus A320 and A321!

From Paris-CDG, Joon will fly to Madrid, Stockholm, Prague and Manchester by Airbus A320 (174 seats) and A321 (212 seats).

Here is the full report by Reuters:

Air France-KLM is mulling the closure of Joon, its newest airline brand, company sources told Reuters, in an about-face that could help new boss Ben Smith address the chronic underperformance of the main Air France business.

The discussion about scrapping Joon, which has not been decided, may be a sign of the Canadian chief executive’s determination to tackle weak Air France profitability head-on rather than mitigate it with lower-cost secondary offerings, as many of his predecessors have tried and failed to do.

The new CEO “has made clear he doesn’t understand the positioning or identity of Joon,” one Air France source said. “It’s a question he’s raised internally, several times.”

An Air France-KLM spokesman declined to comment.

Smith, hired in August to restore peace and prosperity to the Franco-Dutch group after devastating strikes that led to his predecessor’s resignation, has said Air France must narrow the profitability gap with its more efficient KLM stablemate. The Dutch carrier recorded an 8.8 percent profit margin last year, more than double Air France’s 3.7 percent margin.

The former Air Canada second-in-command is now urging Air France pilots to relinquish some perks if they want more pay rises, two people familiar with the matter said. That may include giving up downtown hotels and sleeping at the airport on long-haul layovers, as their KLM colleagues already do.

Layover accommodation is just one aspect of the complex accords now up for renegotiation with pilots’ unions – who are pressing for a 4.7 percent pay increase in addition to the 4 percent company-wide raise negotiated last month to offset real-income erosion during earlier pay freezes.

“We’ve always had downtown hotels as part of our package,” one pilot union official said. “It’s not really our job to hang around at airports for two days, as nice as they are.”

By winding down Joon, created a year ago, Smith could actually foster staff goodwill and help reach cost-saving agreements for Air France and its other two brands – low-cost operator Transavia and domestic short-haul Hop. Strikes earlier this year wiped 335 million euros ($381 million) off earnings.

Created by his predecessor Jean-Marc Janaillac to replace Air France on the least profitable routes, Joon combines standard company pilot contracts with 540 cabin staff on lower-cost terms. But it has proven unpopular with clients, employees and investors alike.

“The intention to get rid of Joon would be understandable,” said HSBC analyst Andrew Lobbenberg. “You’ve got a whole new business created with all the complexity and cost, just to get a handful of cheap cabin crew – that’s not rational.”

Smith “should be negotiating what he can get in terms of productivity and efficiency across the whole Air France group, against which he trades the closure of Joon,” Lobbenberg added.

The decision may be swayed by growing discontent among Joon cabin crew, who recently threatened fresh strike action unless pay and conditions are improved.

“When Ben Smith got here, he said to us, ‘What is this Joon thing?’,” another Air France union official said. “That’s more or less what we’ve been saying all along.”

Top Copyright Photo: Joon (Air France) Airbus A320-214 F-GKXT (msn 3859) LIS (Ton Jochems). Image: 940724.

Joon aircraft slide show:


Video: Air France spotlights its Boeing 787 in 8K

Air France spotlights the most modern aircraft in its fleet in flight with 8K images, a high-flying technical feat.

In partnership with Daher and Airborne Films, Air France has created a video of the latest flagship in its fleet, the Boeing 787 in flight, using state-of-the-art technology to produce unprecedented 8K Ultra High Definition images.

Discover the Air France Dreamliner as you’ve never seen it before:

And to understand the extent of this technological challenge, click here for the video’s Making Of:

The best of Air France on board the Boeing 787

For Air France customers, the Boeing 787 has many assets, including:

  • the latest Air France cabins: a cocoon in the sky in the Business cabin (30 seats) and enhanced comfort for all in the new Premium Economy cabin (21 seats) and Economy (225 seats);
  • on-board WiFi adapted to the needs of customers;
  • more comfort and space with the new Premium Economy seats;
  • windows that are approximately 30% larger than on similar aircraft; and
  • improved air pressure and humidity levels for greater travel comfort.

Air France to add new service to Belgrade

Air France Airbus A320-214 F-GKXR (msn 3795) LHR (SPA). Image: 944564.

For the 2019 summer season (March 31 to October 26, 2019), Air France will offer its customers Belgrade (Serbia) on departure from Paris-Charles de Gaulle. This route will be operated with one daily flight from 31 March 2019.

Flight schedules (in local time):

AF1660: leaves Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 12:20, arrives in Belgrade at 14:35;
AF1661: leaves Belgrade at 15:25, arrives at Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 17:55.
Daily flight by Airbus A319 or A320.

In addition, with its partner Air Serbia, Air France customers will benefit from a total of 21 weekly flights between Paris and Belgrade (7 flights operated by Air France and 14 code-share flights operated by Air Serbia).

Top Copyright Photo (all others by Air France): Air France Airbus A320-214 F-GKXR (msn 3795) LHR (SPA). Image: 944564.

Air France aircraft slide show:


Air France to refurbish and reduce the Airbus A380 fleet to 5

Air France Airbus A380-861 F-HPJA (msn 033) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 928537.

According to the French financial daily Les Échosthe new CEO of Air France, Benjamin Smith, has confirmed the decision of his predecessor, Jean-Marc Janaillac, on the future of the Airbus A380 fleet.

The carrier currently operates 10 Airbus A380s. Five of the 10 are leased.

The refurbishment of the A380 cabins will not begin until the fall of 2020. At that time, the A380 fleet will start to be reduced.

Air France  now intends to retain only five Airbus A380s after the leases expire.

The airline introduced the A380 on November 23, 2009 between Paris-Charles de Gaulle and New York (JFK).

Air France’s classes on the A380:


The A380 La Première/First cabin is the most spacious of the entire Air France fleet. With its 9 seats, it is fully equipped with every attention to detail.

  • A private area for you to change, complete with dressing table, locker and high-quality beauty products by Biologique Recherche for well-being and privacy throughout your entire flight.
  • A seat featuring the latest technology, including an easy-to-use remote control to help you find the position that suits you best for your trip.
  • A bar exclusively for La Première/First passengers with a buffet, providing the perfect place to have a bite to eat and converse without disturbing the tranquility of the cabin.


Situated on the A380’s upper deck, the Business cabin is a serene setting, conducive to both relaxation and work.

  • The specially equipped seat measuring 2 m / 6.6 ft provides unequaled comfort, even at takeoff and landing. Also at your disposal is a storage container, an outlet to recharge your laptop and a 15-inch video screen, the largest in the entire Air France fleet.
  • Exclusive access to “the gallery,” the first-ever art gallery built into an aircraft. The gallery lets you discover exhibitions designed specially for Air France in partnership with the world’s most famous museums.


Located between the Business and Economy cabins and separated from each by a divider, the Premium Economy cabin offers a tranquil ambiance conducive to work or relaxation.
  • A fixed-shell seat maintains your privacy throughout the entire trip. The seat contains storage spaces and includes multiple functionalities to help you work or relax: a large interactive video screen, a noise-reducing headset and a power outlet to plug in your laptop computer.
  • Added accessories provide even more comfort: a toiletries kit (including Clarins moisturizer), a pure virgin wool blanket, a feather pillow and more.

Please note: the Premium Economy cabin is only available in our aircraft containing 516 seats.



Equipped with new Air France exclusives, the spacious A380 Economy cabin lets you benefit from exceptional comfort on board.

  • A bigger seat with more functionality: with 30% larger armrests, it offers more space and greater intimacy. Each seat has an individual video screen.
  • Spacious bars provide the perfect place to relax and socialize amid modern decoration, offering refreshments throughout your flight.
  • To recharge your computer, outlets are available on the main deck.

Top Copyright Photo (all others by Air France): Air France Airbus A380-861 F-HPJA (msn 033) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 928537.

Air France aircraft slide show:


Air France signs an agreement with representative unions on compensation


Air France and its representative unions CFDT, CFE-CGC/UNAC, FO/SNPNC, SPAF and UNSA aérien Air France (both ground staff and cabin crew components) signed an agreement regarding employee compensation. These unions represent 76.4% of the employees who voted in the last union elections. This agreement is therefore considered valid and will be implemented.

“I would like to thank everyone involved at Air France for the quality of our discussions over the past few weeks, and for the trust that has prevailed throughout,” said Benjamin Smith, CEO of Air France-KLM and Air France. “This way of working between all parties provides Air France and the Air France-KLM Group with a new perspective going forward, and it is my hope that it will ensure the future success of our airlines.”

The key provisions of the agreement include a general pay increase of 2%, retroactive to January 1, 2018, and a general pay increase of 2% on January 1, 2019.

The next round of annual salary negotiations (NAO) will begin with all representative unions in October 2019. These discussions will be based on the global economic environment, the present situation of the Air France-KLM Group, as well as the company’s economic performance.

Air France to establish a museum fund, asks for contributions

Air France has made this announcement:

The company is strengthening the protection and promotion of its historical heritage by setting up the Air France Museum Heritage Endowment Fund.

An innovative legal entity launched under the 2008 Law on the Modernisation of the Economy, the Air France Museum Heritage Endowment Fund is intended to house the most precious and representative objects of the company’s  and the Air France group’s history, from the Air France Museum and Heritage collections. Once inventoried, these objects will become inalienable, thus securing their future. The first meeting of the Heritage Endowment Fund was held on October 2, 2018.

With more than 500 works of art, 2,000 posters, 600 uniforms, 400 aircraft models, 600 antique aviation toys, a unique collection of 14,000 commemorative stamped envelopes, several hundred thousand photos, films and more, Air France’s historical heritage is exceptionally rich. The creation of the Air France Museum Heritage Endowment Fund thus marks an important step in the protection and promotion of this heritage.

In addition, by guaranteeing the preservation and therefore the durability of the objects in its possession, the Air France Museum Heritage Endowment Fund will make it possible to receive more donations*. Donors will be able to claim tax deductions.

Air France celebrates its 85th anniversary

In October 2018, Air France is celebrating its 85th anniversary. The company’s heritage and its modernity through the ages are in the spotlight during this period of festivities that will last several months. With special flights, entertainment on board and at the airport, sporting events, special fares and more, all these events will highlight the history of an airline at the forefront of modern technology and innovation for the benefit of its customers.

* Anyone wishing to make a donation of items connected with the airline’s heritage are invited to contact the Air France Museum at the following address: airfrance.musee@orange.fr. The Air France Museum will then forward them to the Heritage Endowment Fund after analysis and valuation.