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All photo images on World Airline News and in the Airliners Gallery photo library are copyrighted photos with all rights retained and reserved by the individual photographers.  Prints and posters purchased from the Airliners Gallery are for the private use of collectors and cannot be used for commercial purposes without prior written approval.

However if you have an industry, advertising or commercial photographic need, we also license the commercial use of our images for a specified, one-time usage. Purchasers are required to agree to a commercial agreement that specifies the exact usage and time requirements.  The image is a one-time use and cannot be used for subsequent uses.  All of our Airliners Gallery images are available for this commercial agreement.  Prices are subject to usage, type of medium and the amount of distributed copies.  If you have a commercial requirement, please contact us at for a timely quote.  Thank you for your support of World Airline News and the Airliners Gallery.

Bruce Drum


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10 thoughts on “Photo Use

  1. Gary Akins

    Do you find it ironic that you are using a modified copyrighted image of MINE without my permission on you web site?

    Here is the link to the image:

    It is certainly a commercial use of the image and I ask that you promptly remove it.

    Here is a link to the original image on flickr.
    American Airlines Flagship Detroit

    I realize you copied the modified image from the Miami Airport; they are apparently the ones who stole the original image.

    Gary Akins

    1. brucedrum Post author

      Thank you Gary. Yes I added this hot link button image from the MIA press release, not knowing it was your shot (I have my own shots to use). Now knowing this, I have removed your copyright photo. I always respect copyright laws and had no idea it was your shot.


  2. P . Dias

    great website for those who love to be really updated (like myself) about airline industry. Well done guys

    1. brucedrum Post author

      Thank you very much Paulo. Besides the worldwide airline news coverage, we are adding more in-depth articles for past and present airlines from Guest Editors. Thanks again for your support.



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