The Airliners Gallery photo library and World Airline News could not be brought to you without the outstanding help of our worldwide team of photographers and editors.

Thank you to all who make it happen.

Bruce Drum, Editor and Manager, World Airline News and

Jay Selman, Travelling Editor


John Adlard


Lucio Alfieri

Derin Allard

Corentin Altherr

Bernardo Andrade

David Apps

Keith Armes

Steve Bailey

Angelo Ballachino

John Ballantyne

Paul Bannwarth

Gerd Beilfuss

Frikkie Bekker

Westley Bencon

Guillaume Besnard

Antony J. Best

Rainer Bexten

Erik Boers

Michael Bolden

Ian Bowley

Phil Brooks

Keith Burton

Wim Callaert

Dave Campbell

Ola Carlsson

Michael Carter

Mike Cassidy

Giorgio Ciarini

Luimer Cordero

Karl Cornil

Rodrigo Cozzato

Andy Cripps

Tomas Cubero Maingot

Stirling Day

Marcelo F. De Biasi

Nick Dean

Yannick Delamarre

Wade DeNero

Paul Denton

Jeffrey S. DeVore

Paul Doyle

Greg Drawbaugh

Jonathan Druion

Bruce Drum

Sean D’Silva

Matt Dueck

Eric Dunetz

Andre Du-Pont

Mark Durbin

Rurik Enriquez

Brandon Farris

Sebastian Fernandez

Fernandez Imaging

Paul Ferry

Preston Fiedler

Rob Finlayson

Marco Finelli

Jacek Fiszer

Nik French

Bob Garrard

Peter Gates

Reiner Geerdts

Dave Glendinning

Daniel Gorun

Felix Gottwald


Olivier Gregoire

Juan Carlos Guerra

Jacques Guillem

Gabor Hajdufi

Jason Hamm

Gilbert Hechema

Joe Henney

Jesse Heiskanen

James Helbock

Andi Hiltl

Perry Hoppe

Nobuhiro Horimoto

Xiangrui Huang

Colin Hunter

Michael B. Ing

Ton Jochems

Andy Jung

Micheil Keegan

Evert Keijzer Ironbird Photography

Michael Kelly

Peter B. Kesternich

Royal S. King

John Klos

Ron Kluk

Steffen Koschlig


Michael Kubatz

Pierre Langlois

Christian Laugier

Bernie Leighton

Tom Livesey

Roy Lock

Tomas Asensio Lopez

Patrick Lundgren

Eddie Maloney

Gunter Mayer

Gerry McCready

Brian McDonough

Andres Meneses

Hannes Meyer

Ron Monroe

Ricardo Tomas Morales Centeno

Trevor Mulkerrins

Malcolm Nason

David Neal

Raymon Ngu

Ivan K. Nishimura


Edward Pascuzzi

Pedro Pics

Brian Peters

Ken Petersen

Jan Petzold

Jens Polster

Blendi Qatipi

Norbert G. Raith

Glen Reid

Moritz Riemer

Rob Rindt

Javier Rodriguez

Alvaro Romero

Bernhard Ross

Sandro Rota

Stefano Rota

Adrián Rúčka

Shigeyoshi Sakaki

Chris Sands

Rick Schlamp

Bjoern Schmitt

Hans Schulze

Fred Seggie

Jay Selman

Raul Sepulveda

Shahram (Shary) Sharifi

Robbie Shaw

Ariel Shocron

Kok Chwee (K. C.) Sim

Ole Simon

Pascal Simon

Stefan Sjogren

Rob Skinkis

Robert N. Smith

Keith Sommer


Michael Stappen

Nigel Steele

Tony Storck

Orlando Jose Suarez Garcia

Junichi Suzuki

Tom Tanner

TMK Photography

Stephen Tornblom

Susumu Tokunaga

Akira Uekawa

Alberto Urizio

Bjorn van der Velpen

Richard Vandervord

Matt Varley

Gary Vincent

Christian Volpati

Konstantin von Wedelstaedt

Terry Wade

Joe G. Walker

Rolf Wallner

Yuji Wang

Gary Watt

Christopher Weyer

Jarrod Wilkening


Milan Witham

Arnd Wolf

Kenneth Wong

Brian Worthington

Jeremy Worthington

Andrew Yarwood

Reinhard Zinabold

9 thoughts on “Photographers

  1. Malcolm Nason

    Hi Bruce

    You are welcome to link the Azerbaijan pic and anything else that appears on my Flikr page in the future.

    All the best for 2010

  2. okeimo

    i only wish i could be apart of your crew but still Im only 16 (shoot) i really would love to help 100% although Ive never been on a plane but still i would even work for you if I can, thanks you all for bringing back the sprite of Jamaica once again 100%

  3. Bob Dennin

    Photo and story about California Pacific Airlines. Where did you get your info? FAA has issued Air Carrier Certificate to them already. Last update said FAA gave them until 02/25/13 and you are now saying March. Lots of rumors that they have shut down and some high level managers have left since they do not have funds to begin service. It would be nice to know where you got your information about a March startup.

    1. Bruce Drum

      Thank you Bob. I saw the same rumors. March was based on our correspondent’s report when he visited California Pacific in December but that now seems to be in flux. I am trying to find out more information. So far no launch date has been issued by the new airline. They could be a non-starter.


  4. Oliver

    Hey guys. I am a massive fan and have been using your website to expand my airline knowledge for ages. As a young aviation enthusiast it’s great to see a website like this to expand everyone’s knowledge. I have a small assignment for you. I’m going to Florida soon and flying with Virgin Atlantic and will h r the pleasure of flying on one of their new a330 fleet too. Mega excited however I noticed on the website, when planning where to sit, that the website said that I would be flying on the A330-200(?) I thought the airline only had the -300 series in their fleet and I’m not aware of any current orders by them either. Hidden secret or website error? You decide. Looking forward to future news :)

    1. Bruce Drum

      Hello Oliver from Florida. Thank you for your readership and support. Yes, Virgin Atlantic only operates the larger Airbus A330-300 (no -200 models).

      All the best.


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