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SAS upgrades Boston to daily departures

Scandinavian Airlines-SAS Airbus A330-343 LN-RKU (msn 1715) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 937556.

Starting with the 2019 summer program, SAS will offer departures every day to Boston from Copenhagen. From four departures a week, SAS will fly daily.

More SAS flights to Boston. To meet growing demand from both business travelers and holidaymakers, SAS will operate daily flights starting with the 2019 summer program.

SAS will have daily departures from May 6 to September 27, 2019.

Following a short break in the winter program, the route will re-open in the summer program when demand is particularly strong.

The route re-opens on March 31, 2019 with four weekly departures. From May 6 to September 27, 2019 SAS will have daily departures from Copenhagen and Boston.

Top Copyright Photo (all others by SAS): Scandinavian Airlines-SAS Airbus A330-343 LN-RKU (msn 1715) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 937556.

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SAS opens a new route from Copenhagen to Hong Kong

Scandinavian Airlines-SAS Airbus A330-343 LN-RKU (msn 1715) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 939958.

In October, SAS will open a new route from Copenhagen to Hong Kong. This means that the route that currently flies from Stockholm, Arlanda, to Hong Kong, will be moved to Copenhagen, Kastrup, starting from the 2018 winter program.

Since launching the route three years ago, SAS has faced challenges when it comes to profitability on the Stockholm-Hong Kong route. However, thanks to a new airport slot, SAS will now be able to offer a more attractive timetable with in demand night flights to and from Hong Kong.

In order to be able to exploit the new airport slot and offer a night flight to Scandinavia from Hong Kong, the route needs to be flown from Copenhagen for operational reasons.

SAS will fly from Copenhagen to Hong Kong five days a week with good connections from Stockholm, the rest of Scandinavia and the whole of northern Europe. The opportunity to fly from Copenhagen offers good long-term market prospects with a large catchment area and operational advantages.

Schedule information:

Schedule W18/19 (local time)
Flight From/To First flight DOOP STD STA
SK 965 CPH-HKG 28-okt-18 ..34567 20:55 14:45+1
SK 966 HKG-CPH 28-okt-18 .2..567 01:20 06:20
SK 966 HKG-CPH 29-okt-18 1…… 01:35 06:35
Current S18 schedule (local time)
Flight From/To Last flight DOOP STD STA
SK 963 ARN-HKG 27-okt-18 1..4567 15:00 07:20+1
SK 964 HKG-ARN 27-okt-18 12..567 09:20 14:40

Copyright Photo: Scandinavian Airlines-SAS Airbus A330-343 LN-RKU (msn 1715) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 939958.

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SAS becomes the first Nordic airline to launch high speed WiFi

Scandinavian Airlines-SAS Boeing 737-683 LN-RRO (msn 28288) ARN (Stefan Sjogren). Image: 941879.

Scandinavian Airlines-SAS made this announcement:

Passengers on SAS short and medium haul routes will now have access to a stable, fast and strong WiFi signal, enabling them to stream and work inflight problem-free.

Today, May 16, 2018, SAS is launching new high speed WiFi on its short and medium haul routes between Scandinavia and Europe. The new WiFi system from SAS is the best product on the market. It is more stable, stronger and faster than many other solutions found in the industry today. This means that passengers can now stream their favorite movies, use social media, send images from their seat or answer their emails.

“We have made a big investment that will ensure that our customers enjoy the best inflight experience. Together with our recent fleet order, this will strengthen SAS’ competitiveness even further and maintain our strong position in the Scandinavian market,” says Rickard Gustafson, President and CEO of SAS.

Passengers will be able to start streaming and go online as soon as the aircraft is airborne.

The new WiFi system also makes for more efficient operations.

SAS WiFi has already been installed in 28 aircraft, and by September, around 40 aircraft will have the new high speed WiFi installed. SAS expects the vast majority of its fleet to be WiFi enabled by the first quarter of 2020.

“Fast and stable WiFi connection is a service passengers ask for today. Regardless if you want to watch a movie, stay connected with friends and family or work onboard, you require a reliable highspeed connection. By this investment we continue to deliver on our promise to make life easier for our customers” says Rickard Gustafson.

10 times faster than traditional WiFi onboard

SAS WiFi is based on a satellite communication system supplied by Viasat Inc.; a global company from California, USA, that supplies internet services to private and public organizations, the military and airlines, including US government aircraft, Qantas and Jetblue.

“Viasat’s satellite-based inflight internet service taps the power of the world’s most powerful satellites. This enables the service to be 10x faster than traditional in-flight WiFi services,” says Don Buchman, General Manager & Vice President, Viasat Inc. Commercial Aviation.

The Viasat Ka-Sat satellite is behind SAS WiFi. Ka-Sat orbits Earth at around 28,000 kmph and has 82 signal points around Europe. Every time a passenger accesses a website inflight, a signal is sent to and from a point on Earth.

More facts about SAS Wifi:

Payment model
Travelers in SAS Plus, EuroBonus Diamond and Gold members enjoy free WiFi all the way. Passengers in Go pay €4.90 (or the equivalent in other currencies). Silver members will be offered free WiFi in the launch campaign period from May to 19 August.

Naturally, the SAS App is available free of charge in the air. At our onboard portal, passengers have free access to SAS websites and scandinaviantraveler.com.

SAS WiFi is optimized for use on all major operating systems (e.g. Windows, macOS, iOS and Android) and for use with all major browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari). Using other systems or browsers may not provide the same full WiFi experience.

Copyright Photo: The Boeing 737-600 fleet is being replaced with new Airbus A320neo aircraft. Scandinavian Airlines-SAS Boeing 737-683 LN-RRO (msn 28288) ARN (Stefan Sjogren). Image: 941879.

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SAS highlights its winter schedule

Scandinavian Airlines-SAS Airbus A330-343 LN-RKU (msn 1715) ARN (Stefan Sjogren). Image: 941253.

SAS has made this announcement:

The new SAS winter program features new routes and more frequent departures for all of Scandinavia, domestic, intra-Scandinavian, European and intercontinental.

On the intercontinental routes, there will be an increase in the number of flights from Copenhagen to both Washington and Miami, whilst there will be a doubling of the weekly flights between Stockholm and Miami.

The Scandinavian capitals – Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen – will see an increase in the number of flights to a number of European destinations. In addition, several completely new routes will be introduced, including Gothenburg – Berlin, Stockholm – Oulu, Tampere – Malaga and Bergen – Aberdeen.

This initiative is in response to good market growth plus higher passenger numbers in winter, a period that usually sees lower demand than the summer season. SAS will fly 200 routes in its winter program for the first time and 18 new routes for the whole of 2018.

SAS made a substantial investment in Aarhus, Denmark, in April and this will be continued this winter with routes to destinations such as Malaga, Munich, Stockholm and Oslo. From Copenhagen Kastrup, the timetable will continue to include flights to Gazipasa and Beirut this winter plus more departures to Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Brussels and Munich.

SAS will also expand capacity on routes to Bergen and Tromsø, Norway, to meet increased demand. The Tromsø route was originally planned for the winter program only, but its popularity has persuaded SAS to offer departures throughout the summer and winter. SAS will also operate the Stockholm – Tromsø route up to five times a week during the winter.

Although Copenhagen – Boston will take a winter break, the number of intercontinental flights to Miami and Washington DC will be increased, with three and seven weekly departures from Kastrup, respectively. The frequency of flghts to Miami from Stockholm will double.

In Norway, Oslo will have more frequent departures to Warsaw, Billund, Dusseldorf and Gazipasa, plus flights to a number of other cities: A new route between Bergen – Aberdeen is being established, whilst the Bodø – Alicante route is proving very popular with customers and will continue in the winter program.

There will also be new direct routes from Stockholm to Oulu, Finland, plus additional departures between Gothenburg and Berlin. Berlin is currently also serviced from Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. There will also be more frequent departures from Stockholm to more European destinations, such as Alicante, Lisbon, Turku and Örnsköldsvik.

Tampere in Finland will gain a new route to Malaga in the SAS winter program.

Copyright Photo: Scandinavian Airlines-SAS Airbus A330-343 LN-RKU (msn 1715) ARN (Stefan Sjogren). Image: 941253.

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SAS orders one Airbus A330-300 to replace an Airbus A340-300

Scandinavian Airlines-SAS Airbus A330-343 LN-RKM (msn 496) MIA (Bruce Drum). Image: 104641.

Scandinavian Airlines-SAS has signed an order for one additional Airbus A330-300 with delivery during the spring of 2019. The aircraft will replace one Airbus A340-300.

SAS’s long haul fleet consists of 16 Airbus A330/A340, of which one Airbus A340-300 mostly has functioned as a reserve aircraft. With the investment in one new Airbus A330, SAS improves its customer offering as SAS’s entire long haul fleet will have an identical cabin interior. In addition, the Airbus A330-300 has approximately 15-20% lower jet fuel consumption per seat kilometer compared to the Airbus A340 that will be replaced.

The list price of one A330-300 aircraft, including engines, ordered from Airbus amounts to $264 million, before discounts agreed between SAS and Airbus. The new Airbus A330-300 will be financed through a sale/leaseback.

In accordance with the other A330-300, SAS has chosen RR Trent 772B as engine.

SAS will eventually replace its remaining Airbus A340-300s with new Airbus A350-900s.

Copyright Photo: Scandinavian Airlines-SAS Airbus A330-343 LN-RKM (msn 496) MIA (Bruce Drum). Image: 104641.

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SAS places an order for an additional 50 Airbus A320neo aircraft, will phase-out the Boeing 737s

Scandinavian Airlines-SAS Airbus A320-251N WL LN-RGL (msn 7290) ARN (Stefan Sjogren). Image: 937988.

Scandinavian Airlines-SAS has decided to order 50 additional Airbus A320neo aircraft with delivery from spring 2019 through 2023. This order means SAS for the first time will have a single-type fleet by 2023 that consists of the market’s most efficient short- and medium-haul aircraft in terms of cost and environment.


The Airbus A320neo has 15–20 percent lower jet-fuel consumption per seat kilometer compared to the aircraft being phased out of traffic. In addition, the climate-impacting emissions can be further reduced through the use of biofuel. Today, SAS already invests in biofuel and has also been working for several years on stimulating increased production of biofuels

The investments in the customer offering and efficiency enhancements over the past few years have contributed to SAS’s improved profitability, which in turn has enabled this aircraft order. SAS is in the process of implementing SEK 3 billion in efficiency gains by 2020. SAS will have to continue to improve efficiency even after 2020. The renewal of the aircraft fleet together with the implementation of the single type fleet means SAS can take efficiency enhancements of its operations to the next level.

A modern and efficient single-type fleet

SAS has already 17 Airbus A320neos in service from a previous order for 30 Airbus A320neos.

This order means that SAS will have at least 80 Airbus A320neos in service during 2023. The order for 50 Airbus A320neos is split into two parts. The first 15 new Airbus A320neos, with deliveries from the spring of 2019 through 2021, have been secured through declarations of intent with lessors. The remaining 35 Airbus A320neos are planned to be delivered directly by Airbus up to 2023.

The aircraft order also includes options for an additional five A320neos. Moreover, SAS has the possibility to increase the number of aircraft that can be leased from lessors. Alongside existing aircraft, this also creates flexibility for growth under the right circumstances.

The aircraft will be financed through a combination of finance leases, sale and leaseback, and cash flow generated by our own operations. All of the aircraft will be equipped with SAS’s high-speed WiFi and have SAS’s appreciated new cabin interiors.

During the 2010s, SAS worked on harmonizing and simplifying its aircraft fleet.

Today, SAS has two aircraft types in service within Europe, compared with six different types in 2012.

In line with the deliveries of the new Airbus A320neos, SAS will begin phasing out its Boeing 737 and the existing Airbus A320 aircraft.

To be replaced with new Airbus A320neos, gone in 2023

Above Copyright Photo: The Boeing 737-800s are likely to be the last 737 type to be retired in 2023. Scandinavian Airlines-SAS Boeing 737-883 WL LN-RRT (msn 28326) ZRH (Rolf Wallner). Image: 936360.

At the same time, SAS will further simplify its aircraft fleet into a single-type fleet consisting of Airbus aircraft on both short-, medium- and long-haul routes. This will lead to increased flexibility, and enable further standardizations and enhancements to efficiency in the production.

As a whole, this aircraft order will provide SAS with an extremely competitive aircraft fleet in terms of environmental impact, customer comfort and cost efficiency.

The list price of the 35 A320neo aircraft, including engines, directly purchased from Airbus amounts to just below $4 billion (US), before discounts agreed between SAS and Airbus. The other 15 A320neo aircraft will be leased from lessor companies. The order to Airbus is made by SAS and its wholly owned subsidiary Gorm Asset Management Ltd.

SAS has not yet selected the engines that will be used on these aircraft.

Top Copyright Photo: Scandinavian Airlines-SAS Airbus A320-251N WL LN-RGL (msn 7290) ARN (Stefan Sjogren). Image: 937988.

SAS aircraft slide show:

Where SAS passengers most want to fly to

"Frithiof Viking", delivered on September 25, 2015

SAS customers were recently invited to influence which destinations our Now or Never campaign should include and a whopping 11.000 people cast their votes over the December 1-3 weekend. We have again listened to our customers and are happy to present their favorite destinations in today’s Now or Never campaign.

So where do we want to fly away to? Swedes, Norwegians and Danes alike put the US high on the list. Top of the list of destinations voted by SAS passengers however was Tokyo.

At the same time, old favorites like New York and Miami – which SAS recently started flying to from Stockholm as well – came high on the list along with London, Alicante and Malaga.

Top Ten – Sweden

  1. Tokyo
  2. New York
  3. Miami
  4. Malaga
  5. London
  6. Alicante
  7. Palma de Mallorca
  8. Paris
  9. Barcelona
  10. Athens
Top Ten – Norway

  1. Alanya
  2. Tokyo
  3. New York
  4. Miami
  5. Alicante
  6. London
  7. Malaga
  8. Copenhagen
  9. Gran Canaria
  10. Barcelona
Top ten – Denmark

  1. New York
  2. Tokyo
  3. Miami
  4. Boston
  5. Malaga
  6. Rome
  7. Athens
  8. Barcelona
  9. London
  10. Paris

About the Now or Never campaign

Under its Now & Never concept, SAS passengers are offered flights to selected destinations at a special campaign price every Thursday from 6 pm to midnight (December 7 it is extended to last from 12 noon to midnight). The travel period is from January 1 to April 30, 2018 for all destinations.

Copyright Photo: Scandinavian Airlines-SAS Airbus A330-343 LN-RKS (msn 1665) ARN (Stefan Sjogren). Image: 929854.