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Eurowings expands at Graz and Berlin

Eurowings is significantly expanding its presence at Graz Airport and will be expanding its range of attractive direct flight destinations in the summer of 2023.

With the new destinations Chania (Crete) and Larnaca, as well as Hurghada, Karpathos, Corfu, Kos and Rhodes, seven destinations in the popular holiday destinations Greece, Egypt and Cyprus are on the schedule. An expansion of capacity to Mallorca is in the planning stage.

In addition to the expansion towards the south, Eurowings is increasing its range of city connections to Germany: the Lufthansa subsidiary will connect Graz, the capital of Styria in Austria, with Berlin and Hamburg in the 2023 summer flight schedule. Together with the connections to Düsseldorf and Stuttgart, travellers from Graz will then be able to choose from up to 25 weekly flights to the German city destinations. Business travellers in particular will benefit from greater flexibility on their trip.

In the course of this expansion, Eurowings will also station an aircraft at Graz Airport, making Graz  the eleventh Eurowings base and part of the growth course of the leading value carrier.

Eurowings destinations in the coming summer flight schedule:

Destination Weekly freqencies Day of operation
Berlin                         new 5x MO, WED, THU, FR, SUN
Düsseldorf                 more frequently 8x MO – FR
Hamburg                   new 4x MO, THU, FR, SO
Stuttgart                    more frequently 8x MO – FR
Chania                      new 1x TUE
Hurghada                  new 2x WED + SUN
Karpathos                 new 1x TUE
Corfu                         new 1x FR
Kos                            new 2x MO + FR
Larnaca                     new 1x SAT
Palma de Mallorca    more frequently 2x (3x) THU + SUN
Rhodes                     neu 2x THU+ SA

In other news, Eurowings is completing its program for the coming summer with five more destionations from Berlin (BER).

From March 2023, the Lufthansa subsidiary will also connect Nice (France), Zakynthos (Greece), Ibiza (Spain), Porto (Portugal) and Graz (Austria) directly with the German capital. At the same time, Eurowings is increasing its connections to existing destinations: for example, the Germans’ most popular island – Majorca – will be served up to three times a day in future, for a total of around 20 times a week. There will also be more flights to Sweden: Eurowings will be flying to the capital Stockholm up to eleven times a week from the start of the summer flight schedule. Flights in the basic fare start from 39.99 euros. Only a few weeks ago, Eurowings announced significant growth at its base in the German capital. Six stationed aircraft will take travellers from BER to around 30 destinations throughout Europe – whether on holiday or to a business meeting. A fourth aircraft will strengthen Eurowings’ growth path at the capital’s airport as early as the current winter flight schedule 2022/23.

The complete Eurowings program in summer 2023 from BER:

Destinations in Northern Europe

  • Denmark: Copenhagen
  • Finland: Helsinki
  • Sweden: Gothenburg, Stockholm

Destinations in Central Europe

  • Germany: Düsseldorf, Cologne/Bonn, Stuttgart
  • Austria: Salzburg, Graz (NEW)

Destinations in Southern Europe

  • Greece: Heraklion, Rhodes, Kos, Zakynthos (NEW)
  • Croatia: Dubrovnik, Rjieka, Split, Zadar
  • Spain: Alicante, Malaga, Majorca, Ibiza (NEW)
  • France: Bastia, Nice (NEW)
  • Portugal: Porto (NEW)
  • Turkey: Antalya
  • Cyprus: Larnaca

Destinations in the Family and Home Visits Portfolio

  • Lebanon: Beirut

Top Copyright Photo: Eurowings Airbus A320-214 WL D-AIZS (msn 5557) (Fuelled by the World’s Greatest Team) MUC (Gunter Mayer). Image: 959664.

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Eurowings Europe Limited receives its AOC, aircraft and crews to be transferred to Malta by April 2023

Eurowings made this announcement:

Eurowings Europe Limited is picking up speed:

Following the establishment of the new company in Malta in May 2022, Eurowings Europe Ltd. has now received its Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) and Air Operator License (AOL) from the Malta Civil Aviation Directorate.

During a press conference, the Managing Director of Eurowings Europe Limited, Stefan Beveridge, received the official confirmation from Captain Charles Pace, Director of the Malta Civil Aviation Directorate. The airline is represented at its headquarters in St. Julian’s by Eurowings Europe’s local management team.

In a transfer phase, crews and aircraft will be successively transferred from Eurowings Europe GmbH (EWE) to Eurowings Europe Limited (EWL) in Malta by April 2023.

The crew members transferring to Eurowings Europe Ltd. will continue to be employed at their previous bases and operate from there.

The granting of the Air Operator’s Certificate is an important milestone for Eurowings Europe Limited in its pan-European expansion.

The first flight of Eurowings Europe Limited is scheduled for November 3, 2022.

Capt. Charles Pace, Director General of the Civil Aviation Directorate Malta, said: “It is of great satisfaction to see Eurowings establishing this new airline in Malta. It was an honor to be selected for this project and we are very happy with the relationship that has grown strong during the months of review. Today Eurowings Europe will join a long list of companies that decided that Malta is the ideal place for their principal place of business and we look forward with enthusiasm for the future. I would like to thank the team from CAD led by Ing Connie Di Cesare, Stefan Beveridge and the project team. The professional approach of both teams has resulted in a smooth and seamless process, and we now look forward for the transfer of additional aircraft in the coming weeks.”

Stefan Beveridge, Managing Director of Eurowings Europe Limited, said: “We are delighted to have been granted an AOC and an AOL for our new airline, Eurowings Europe Ltd. This gives us a tailwind as we continue our pan-European growth. Our move to Malta will help us reduce complexity for our staff based at the various bases in Europe. In addition, Malta’s economic and regulatory framework will enable us to enter new markets as an attractive value airline and to compete successfully in our highly competitive environment. Above all, this means new perspectives for the entire Eurowings Europe team. We would like to expressly thank TM CAD and the Maltese authorities for their trust and support and look forward to working closely together in the future.”

Top Copyright Photo: Eurowings Europe aircraft will lose their OE- Austrian registrations for new 9H- Maltese registrations. Eurowings (Europe) Airbus A320-214 WL OE-IEW (msn 7148) BSL (Paul Bannwarth). Image: 959128.

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Eurowings is facing a strike by its VC pilots tomorrow, October 6

Eurowings made this announcement:

The pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) has called on its members at Eurowings Germany to strike on Thursday, 6 October 2022, between 00:01 and 23:59.

Eurowings consists of two flight operations.

Only flights operated by Eurowings Germany are affected by the strike call, not those operated by Eurowings Europe.

Eurowings is doing everything possible to minimize the impact of the strike action on passengers.

The airline expects to be able to operate around half of its normal flights.

In addition to Eurowings Europe, the airline can also rely on partners of the Lufthansa Group.

Passengers are asked to keep themselves informed about the status of their flight. Passengers whose flight will not take place due to the strike should be informed about alternative transportation by early afternoon, Wednesday, October 5, at the latest.

Top Copyright Photo: Eurowings Airbus A320-214 D-AEUE (msn 4161) SZG (Gunter Mayer). Image: 959027.

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Eurowings cooperates with Smartwings as it opens its new Prague base

Eurowings (Europe) Airbus A320-214 WL OE-IQB (msn 7012) PMI (Ton Jochems). Image: 955731.

Eurowings has made this announcement:

Eurowings is cooperating with Smartwings, the leading Czech airline. Both airlines have made a codeshare agreement to market flights. In the future, selected Eurowings connections operating from its new base in Prague will also be offered under Smartwings flight numbers and sold on and its other sales channels. Smartwings customers will thus benefit from the growing number of direct connections offered by the Lufthansa Group airline from the Czech capital. During the Covid crisis, Prague lost numerous direct connections to attractive destinations in Europe that are now being successfully re-established.

The first Eurowings codeshare flights with Smartwings will take off from Prague just a few weeks after Eurowings starts operations in the “Golden City”. By opening a new base in the Czech capital, Eurowings is expanding its services in Central Europe.

As of October 31, 2021, Eurowings in now connecting Prague with 14 new European destinations.

By summer 2022, the Lufthansa Group airline will station three Airbus A320 aircraft, including local crews, in the Czech capital. Flights will be operated by Eurowings Europe, Eurowings’ pan-European flight operation.

Top Copyright Photo: Eurowings (Europe) Airbus A320-214 WL OE-IQB (msn 7012) PMI (Ton Jochems). Image: 955731.

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Eurowings Europe reaches a new collective agreement with its Austrian pilots and cabin crews

Eurowings (Europe) Airbus A319-132 OE-LYY (msn 4256) PMI (Ton Jochems). Image: 943733.

Eurowings Europe, the chamber of commerce and the union Vida have finalized a collective agreement for the on-board employees of Eurowings Europe in Austria. The collective agreement will apply retroactively as of March 1, 2018.

In addition to a comprehensive package of additional benefits, the collective agreement has provisions for an increase in basic salary of up to 20 percent. Additional variable earnings of up to 25 percent of the basic salary are possible depending on output. Furthermore, pay-scale adjustments to the basic salary of two percent each have already been agreed upon for 2020 and 2021. For new hires in cockpit and cabin, professional experience that captains, first officers and pursers have gained with other airlines will be recognized.

“With these new compensation and employment conditions for pilots and flight attendants, we are one of the most attractive employers at the Vienna location,” says Frank Bauer, Managing Director and Head of Human Resources at Eurowings Group. The collective agreement is also a clear signal to those who are looking for a new employer within the aviation sector. “We look forward to every application we receive for a cockpit or cabin position at Eurowings,” says Bauer. “We were already an attractive employer in Austria and have become even more so with this collective agreement. I would like to thank our team for this: Eurowings Europe’s Managing Directors Robert Jahn and Dieter Watzak-Helmer and Eurowings’ chief negotiator Benedikt Schneider.”

Robert Jahn and Benedikt Schneider emphasize that the provisions in the collective agreement reflect the high sense of social responsibility that Eurowings Europe has towards its employees. “Hammering out a future-oriented contract was our most important task over the past months – all negotiating parties have every reason to be proud of the result.”

Eurowings Europe also offers additional benefits in the context of the collective agreement:
“This includes, among other things, a mobility package and comprehensive coverage for employees in case they become unfit to fly – this will secure a better quality of life for our crews,” says Dieter Watzak-Helmer.

The newly negotiated collective agreement also contains parameters for promotion within the company and creates transparent regulations for the various career options. Robert Jahn: “Comprehensive provisions for part-time work are also included in the contract.”

Counting the collective agreement for Austria, Eurowings Group has finalized 13 collective agreements with four unions in just one year. Eurowings Group Managing Director Frank Bauer: “This demonstrates the intention of management to ensure attractive and reliable working conditions for the company’s employees in cooperation with the relevant social partners.”

Top Copyright Photo: Eurowings (Europe) Airbus A319-132 OE-LYY (msn 4256) PMI (Ton Jochems). Image: 943733.

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