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Caribbean Airlines places its new Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 into service

Delivered as 9Y-CAL on November 17, 2021, in service on January 15, 2022 POS - KIN

Caribbean Airlines put its first Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 into service on January 15, 2022.

The inaugural flight was operated between Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Kingston, Jamaica.

The aircraft, 9Y-CAL, was delivered on November 17, 2021.

Caribbean Airlines’ CEO, Garvin Medera, said this on the special flight:

“The introduction of this new aircraft into service, represents Caribbean Airlines’ initiative to ‘REset Expectations’ for 2022. The 737-8 is the most technologically advanced aircraft in the world and it brings a range of benefits for Caribbean Airlines, our customers, and the environment. Fuel and maintenance costs are lower, each plane has 10 more seats than its predecessor with a total of 160 seats and the aircraft offers state-of-the-art technology and an upgraded level of comfort in both the business class and economy cabin, including in seat power for mobile devices, a new sky interior, sleek modern seats and much more.”

“We’re really excited about the plans and improvements for the coming year, all done with you in mind. Be sure to stay informed via our social media channels and follow us on #REcalibrate as we REset Expectations in 2022.”

Top Copyright Photo: Caribbean Airlines Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 N60668 (9Y-CAL) (msn 43385) BFI (Nick Dean). Image: 954501.

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SunExpress takes delivery of four Boeing 737-8 MAX 8s this month

Delivered on December 18, 2021

SunExpress Airlines (Turkey) took delivery of its first four new 189-seat Boeing 737-8 MAX 8s this month.

TC-SMA, TC-SMD, TC-SOI and the pictured TC-SOL were handed over this month.

TC-SOI was the first, leaving Seattle on December 8, 2021.

The airline has 42 total copies on order with deliveries through 2029.

Above Copyright Photo: SunExpress Airlines Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 TC-SOL (msn 61203) ZRH (Rolf Wallner). Image: 956332.

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Flair Airlines is coming to New York City and Chicago from Toronto, expands its MAX fleet

Flair Airlines Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 C-FLKC (msn 61807) YYZ (TMK Photography). Image:  956051.

Flair Airlines continues to expand as its fleet grows.

The low-cost carrier is adding two key routes from Toronto (Pearson) in the spring:

Toronto – New York (JFK) route will be added on April 7, 2022.

Toronto – Chicago (O’Hare) route will be added on May 17, 2022.

In other news, the carrier added the Halifax – Orlando route on December 17.

Finally the airline is growing its fleet with this announcement:

Flair Airlines continues its rapid growth with the announcement it intends to lease 14 additional Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft. The ultra low-cost carrier’s fleet will grow to 30 aircraft by mid-2023.

Canada’s everyday low-fare airline has 12 aircraft in service and will have 20 aircraft in service by summer 2022. Additional aircraft will arrive in 2023 as Flair more than doubles its current fleet size as part of the airline’s vision to have a fleet of 50 aircraft by 2025.

The new aircraft will support Flair Airlines’ ambitious growth plans. The airline operates service to 32 destinations within Canada and the U.S., with service to Mexico beginning in February 2022. These additional aircraft will allow Flair to provide sustainably low fares to even more destinations. Each aircraft has a passenger capacity of 189 seats in a single class and boasts 14% less fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions than predecessor Boeing 737 models.

Top Copyright Photo: Flair Airlines Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 C-FLKC (msn 61807) YYZ (TMK Photography). Image: 956051.

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United becomes largest airline to invest in zero-emission engines for regional aircraft

United today became the largest airline to invest in zero-emission, hydrogen-electric engines for regional aircraft, the latest move toward achieving its goal to be 100% green by reducing its GHG emissions 100% by 2050, without relying on traditional carbon offsets.

United Airlines logo. (PRNewsFoto/United Airlines)

Through a new equity stake in ZeroAvia, a leading company focused on hydrogen-electric aviation solutions, United expects to buy up to 100 of the company’s new zero-emission, 100% hydrogen-electric engines (ZA2000-RJ). The engine could be retrofit to existing United Express aircraft as early as 2028. One potential use is on United’s unique CRJ-550, the only 50-seat aircraft which offers first class and other premium amenities, making this leading aircraft even better and marking another first for United.

“Hydrogen-electric engines are one of the most promising paths to zero-emission air travel for smaller aircraft, and this investment will keep United out in front on this important emerging technology,” said Scott Kirby, CEO of United. “United continues to look for opportunities to not only advance our own sustainability initiatives but also identify and help technologies and solutions that the entire industry can adopt.”

Hydrogen-electric engines use electricity created by a chemical reaction in a fuel cell to power an electric motor instead of burning fossil fuel. Because no fuel is burned, there are no climate-harming emissions or carbon released into the atmosphere when the engines are operated.

The ZA2000-RJ is expected to be used in pairs as a new power source for existing regional aircraft. Under the agreement with United Airlines Ventures, United will pursue a conditional purchase agreement for 50 ZeroAvia ZA2000-RJ engines, with an option for 50 more, enough for up to 50 twin-engine aircraft which would be operated by United Express partners once they are fully developed and certified by regulators as soon as 2028.

ZeroAvia is accelerating development of its ZA2000 engine and will soon begin ground tests of its ZA600 in a 19-seat aircraft, with the aim of entering commercial service with this smaller engine by 2024. ZeroAvia’s roadmap calls for it to develop hydrogen-electric propulsion for progressively larger aircraft. In September 2020, ZeroAvia completed the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell powered flight of a commercial-grade aircraft. ZeroAvia has already secured experimental certificates for two prototype aircraft from the FAA in the United States and the Civil Aviation Authority in the U.K. and has passed significant flight test milestones.

On December 1, United made aviation history by operating the first passenger flight using 100% sustainable aviation fuel, from Chicago to Washington, D.C. The flight showcased the safety of sustainable aviation fuel and the potential for a dramatically reduced carbon footprint for aviation.

2021 "SAF - Sustainable Aviation Fuel" special livery

Above Copyright Photo: United Airlines Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 N77259 (msn 43462) (Connecting the world. Ensuring a better future) IAD (Brian McDonough). Image: 956112.

Earlier this year, United announced a record-setting agreement to purchase sustainable aviation fuel from Alder Fuels and has now committed to purchase more than twice as much of this fuel as the rest of the world’s airlines combined.

These investments and the accomplishments below make United the global aviation leader in supporting technology used to sustainably power commercial aircraft:

  • United recently agreed to purchase 1.5 billion gallons of SAF from Alder Fuels – enough to fly more than 57 million passengers and is also an investor in Fulcrum BioEnergy, where United has an option to purchase up to 900 million gallons of additional SAF.
  • In July 2021, United Airlines Ventures (UAV) announced that along with Breakthrough Energy Ventures and Mesa Airlines, it has invested in electric aircraft startup Heart Aerospace. Heart Aerospace is developing the ES-19, a 19-seat electric aircraft that has the potential to fly customers with zero emissions when powered by renewable electricity.
  • In July 2021, Air Transport World magazine named United its Eco-Airline of the Year for the third time.
  • In June 2021, as part of its agreement with Boom Supersonic, United announced plans to purchase 15 of Boom’s “Overture” airliners (with an option for 35 more). Slated to carry passengers in 2029, the net-zero aircraft plans to fly on 100% SAF.
  • In February 2021, United announced an agreement to work with Archer Aviation to accelerate the development and production of their electric aircraft – an urban mobility solution that has the potential to serve as an ‘air taxi,’ giving United customers another opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint before they even board a United flight.
  • In 2020, United became the first airline to announce a commitment to invest in direct air capture, a carbon capture and sequestration technology. United remains committed to investing in carbon capture and sequestration as a key pathway to achieving its climate goals.
  • In 2019, United operated the Flight for the Planet, which represented the most-eco-friendly commercial flight of its kind in the history of commercial aviation.
  • In 2018, United became the first U.S. airline to commit to reducing its GHG emissions, by 50% by 2050. This goal has since been superseded by the airline’s 100% green commitment.
  • In 2016, United became the first airline globally to use SAF in regular operations on a continuous basis with SAF from World Energy.

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Norwegian to lease two Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft

Norwegian continues to selectively grow its aircraft fleet, and the company is pleased to announce that it has entered into agreement to lease two Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft.

Delivery will begin shortly to enable Norwegian to fulfill the announced Summer 2022 flying program with approximately 270 routes.

The lease term for each aircraft is for nine years. The agreement includes ‘power-by-the-hour’ (PBH) arrangements for both the IATA Winter Seasons 2021/22 and 2022/23, giving Norwegian necessary flexibility to manage capacity through the low season.

Finally, Norwegian has the option, under the agreement, to substitute the subject 737 MAX 8 aircraft for new technology narrow-body aircraft from Airbus. The lessor is well reputed and has a longstanding relationship with Norwegian.

Blue Air to add the Bucharest – Dusseldorf route

Delivered on September 1, 2021

Blue Air has announced it will add the Bucharest – Dusseldorf next April for the summer season 2022.

The new route will operate five days a week.

Route Map:

Top Copyright Photo: Blue Air Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 YR-MXC (msn 43326) BFI (Nick Dean). Image: 954868.

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Cayman Airways to relaunch the New York route in December, retires its last Boeing 737-300

"1st 737 MAX in the Caribbean", delivered on November 28, 2018

Cayman Airways Limited (CAL), in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism & Transport, and the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism (DOT), is pleased to announce the resumption of its nonstop Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 jet service between Grand Cayman and New York (JFK) on Thursday, December 16, 2021.

The resumption of the National Airline’s New York/Grand Cayman route will see four flights per week between Owen Roberts International Airport and New York’s JFK International Airport, operated by the airline’s brand-new state-of-the-art Boeing 737-8 aircraft.

In other news, the last remaining two jet aircraft from Cayman Airways’ Boeing 737-300 fleet have officially been retired from service to the Cayman Islands, marking another milestone in the National Airline’s current Fleet Modernization Plan – a plan that positioned Cayman Airways as having the newest jet fleet in the Caribbean after achieving the historic accolade in 2018 of being the first Caribbean-based airline to operate brand new state-of-the-art Boeing 737-8 aircraft.

Cayman Airways had operated 737-300 aircraft for three decades, with the last remaining aircraft, VP-CKW and VP-CKZ, being retired on October 18, 2021 and October 25, 2021 respectively.

A special farewell send-off was held in the Cayman Airways hangar on October 25, 2021 (above) in honor of both aircraft’s service to the Cayman Islands. It was attended by Cayman Airways board members, executives, employees, and government officials, including: the Cayman Islands Premier, the Hon. Wayne Panton; Minister for Tourism and Transport, the Hon. Kenneth Bryan; Ministry of Tourism and Transport’s Chief Officer, Mr. Stran Bodden; Member of Parlaiment, Mr. Isaac Rankine; Member of Parlaiment Mrs. Heather Bodden; Cayman Airways Board Members, Dr. John-Paul Clarke, Mr. Kris Bergstrom, Mr. Tyrone Welds, and Ms. Stefanie Ebanks; and Cayman Airways Executives, President and CEO Mr. Fabian Whorms, VP of Finance and Commercial Affairs Mr. Paul Tibbetts, and VP Flight Operations Capt. Dave Scott.

Everyone in attendance got the unique opportunity to write farewell messages and sign their names on the nose of VP-CKZ. Both farewell flights were flown by Captain Perry Panton and First Officer Geoffery Connolly to the Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville, California, where they will be stored pending sale. After take-off, Captain Panton circled the aircraft back around for an approved fly-over and final salute to the Cayman Islands.

VP-CKZ operated its last passenger flight for Cayman Airways on June 26, 2021 from Cayman Brac to Grand Cayman, and VP-CKW’s last passenger flight was on May 17, 2021 from Cayman Brac to Grand Cayman.


Interesting facts about each aircraft include:


  • It was delivered from Boeing on January 26, 1996 and is 25 years of age
  • It is the 26, 322nd aircraft manufactured by Boeing overall
  • It is the 2,769th 737 aircraft type manufactured by Boeing
  • Its first operator was Viva Air (Spain), which operated it for three years until it was leased to Air One (Italy) which operated it from March 1999 to early 2008
  • It was delivered to Cayman Airways via a lease from ILFC on June 1, 2008 as the airline transitioned from 737-200 aircraft to 737-300’s.
  • The aircraft has accomplished 38,568 flights since new, of which 15,308 were accomplished at Cayman Airways
  • It has flown 44,302 hours since new, of which 18,313 were flown at Cayman Airways
  • The aircraft has transported approximately 1.6 million passengers with Cayman Airways


  • It was delivered from Boeing on January 5, 1996 and is 25 years of age
  • It is the 27, 626th aircraft manufactured by Boeing overall
  • It is the 2,792nd 737 aircraft type manufactured by Boeing
  • Its first operator was Viva Air (Spain), which operated it for three years until it was leased to Air One (Italy) which operated it from March 1999 to early 2008
  • It was delivered to Cayman Airways via a lease from ILFC on November 3, 2008 as the airline transitioned from 737-200 aircraft to 737-300’s.
  • The aircraft has accomplished 37,778 flights since new, of which 14,414 were accomplished at Cayman Airways
  • It has flown 43,177 hours since new, of which 17,617 were flown at Cayman Airways
  • The aircraft has transported approximately 988,569 passengers with Cayman Airways

The Cayman Airways fleet now consists of three Boeing 737-8’s (VP-CIX, VP-CIY, and VP-CIW); along with two Saab 340B+ aircraft (VP-CKI and VP-CBR), and two Twin Otter aircraft (VP-CXA and VP-CXB) for Cayman Airways Express.

Top Copyright Photo: Cayman Airways Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 VP-CIW (msn 68309) MIA (Bruce Drum). Image: 104917.

Cayman Airways aircraft slide show:

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Smartwings resumes scheduled daily flights to Dubai

First Boeing 737-8 MAX 8, delivered on January 30, 2018

Smartwings has added a new destination to its autumn offering. Smartwings on October 20 resumed direct flights from Prague to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The route will be operated by a Boeing 737 MAX aircraft every day under the winter flight schedule. The United Arab Emirates has been categorized as a country with a low risk of infection as of October 18, 2021.

Scheduled services between Prague and Dubai will be operated every day during the winter flight schedule with departure from Prague at 9:15 and arrival in Dubai (Terminal 1) at 18:25 local time. Flights from Dubai to Prague will depart at 19:30 local time and arrive to Prague – Václav Havel airport at 23:20.

Under the winter flight schedule, Smartwings will offer services from Prague to London (Heathrow); Dubai; four Canary Islands (Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura); Málaga; Tel Aviv; Mallorca; Madeira (Funchal); Hurghada and Marsa Alam, Egypt; Antalya, Turkey; and St. Petersburg, Russia. Charter flights will be dispatched to Cape Verde (Boa Vista, Sal); Oman (Salalah); and Tunisia.

Smartwings is the largest Czech airline company. Besides the Czech Republic, Smartwings operates flights also from airports in Poland, France, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Canary Islands. As of October 1, 2021, Smartwings newly provides air transport services for German travel agencies from airports in Germany and Switzerland, and from mid-October, the company will provide new services from the Canary Islands to six European destination (Helsinki, Finland; Belgrade, Serbia; Tallinn, Estonia; Sofia, Bulgaria; and Bodø and Tromsø, Norway).

Besides scheduled and charter flights, Smartwings provides a wide range of special flights for international sports clubs and major humanitarian and athletic organizations worldwide.

Smartwings Group operates a fleet of 44 airplanes.

Top Copyright Photo: SmartWings (smartwings.com) Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 OK-SWA (msn 43555) CFU (Stefan Sjogren). Image: 955621.

Smartwings aircraft slide show:

Flair Airlines grows schedule 33% in Canada and the U.S. with four new aircraft

New livery introduced with new MAX 8s

Flair Airlines, Canada’s only independent ultra low-cost carrier (ULCC), continues its unprecedented growth with the deployment of four brand new 737 MAX aircraft in April and May 2022. Two additional aircraft will be added to Flair’s Toronto base, bringing the total there to five. A second aircraft will be added to Flair’s Edmonton base and a third aircraft to its Vancouver base. Flair’s Spring 2022 schedule will expand from twelve aircraft to sixteen, delivering 33% schedule growth.

A whopping 14 new routes will be added, including service to four fantastic new destinations. Three new cities will be added to Flair’s network in the US, allowing Canadians to finally travel affordably to San Francisco, Nashville and Denver. Flair will also launch Comox as a second gateway to Vancouver Island, complementing existing service to Victoria and allowing visitors to explore even more of the island.

With the addition of these four aircraft, Flair will create 150 new jobs for flight attendants, pilots and operational support staff. Flair is currently recruiting for 100 pilot positions to meet the needs of its growing fleet.

Flair is adding new 737 MAX aircraft as it strives to achieve the lowest cost per seat mile of any Canadian airline. The aircraft deliver fuel savings and reduce the airline’s CO2 emissions by 14%. Lower per passenger emissions are a vital step in lowering Flair’s carbon footprint as it works to become Canada’s greenest and most sustainable airline.

Flair is also starting service to 6 US destinations this Fall and currently serves 18 destinations in Canada. Flair is growing to serve 28 destinations by spring 2022. Toronto Pearson Base Grows to 5 Aircraft The addition of two aircraft based in Toronto will grow Flair’s footprint to five aircraft.

Toronto Pearson Base Grows to 5 Aircraft

The addition of two aircraft based in Toronto will grow Flair’s footprint to five aircraft. Flair will be providing low fares on nonstop flights to 19 destinations from Toronto Pearson Airport.

Edmonton Base Opening in December

In December, Flair will be opening a base in Edmonton with the addition of a new aircraft and adding new nonstop service to Hollywood-Burbank, Las Vegas, Palm Springs and Phoenix-Mesa. The spring addition of routes to Nashville, San Francisco, Comox, Regina, Montreal, Winnipeg and Saskatoon will join the nonstop flights Flair currently provides to 7 domestic destinations from Edmonton.

Additional Vancouver Growth

Adding a third aircraft to the Vancouver base allows Flair to expand service in Western Canada. The nonstop flights to San Francisco and Kelowna will follow new service starting this Fall that includes nonstop flights from Vancouver to HollywoodBurbank, Palm Springs, Phoenix-Mesa and Las Vegas.

Top Copyright Photo: Flair Airlines Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 C-FFEL (msn 64942) BFI (Nick Dean). Image: 953916.

Flair aircraft slide show:

Flyr to lease five Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 aircraft from ALC + 4 options

Flyr has made this announcement:

Flyr is taking a new and important step towards a more sustainable operation by phasing in the very latest aircraft technology with the lowest carbon footprint and fuel costs. On average, the Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 emits up to 14 percent less emissions than previous models.

The company has signed a letter of intent with Air Lease Corporation (ALC) for six brand-new Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 aircraft.

The aircraft will be delivered directly from the Boeing factory to Flyr during the first half of 2022. There is also an option in the agreement for four more aircraft with delivery in 2023.

Sustainability is an essential part of Flyr’s strategy. Always choosing the most climate-friendly solutions is crucial. So is the company’s approach to employees and unions.

As a newly established airline, Flyr is the only airline in Norway that pays for 100% of its emissions under the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS), in contrast to other domestic airlines that receive large exemptions in the form of free allocation of emission allowances.

Unions positive about new aircraft

Both Flyr Cabin Association and Flyr Pilot Association are positive about the company’s choice of new aircraft type.

Aircraft manufacturer Boeing and the leasing company Air Lease Corporation (ALC) are pleased about Flyr’s decision to transition to the most environmentally friendly option.

The plan is that the first aircraft will arrive in early 2022 and arrive continuously towards the summer.

Current Route Map: