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Singapore Airlines to become the first airline to pilot IATA’s Travel Pass App

Singapore Airlines (SIA) will be the world’s first airline to pilot the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Travel Pass mobile application for digital health verification, starting with passengers traveling from Singapore to London from March 15 to 28, 2021.

This marks the second phase of SIA’s digital health verification process trials, which is based on the IATA Travel Pass framework.

Passengers with mobile phones running on Apple’s iOS operating system will be invited to download the IATA Travel Pass app, and create a digital ID comprising their profile photo and passport information. They can also insert their flight information into the app.

Subsequently, they can book their pre-departure Covid-19 test at one of seven participating clinics in Singapore via a dedicated online portal. They can then register at the clinic using the digital ID and flight information in the app. They will be able to view their test results, as well as confirmation status to fly, directly on the app. IATA’s Timatic registry will provide the back-end information on the Covid-19 testing and entry requirements.

Participants will need to show their confirmed status in the app to the check-in staff in Changi Airport before flight departure. In line with current regulatory requirements, they will also need to bring a physical copy of their health certificate that is issued by the clinic where they took their Covid-19 test.

By consolidating the verification of health credentials into a single app, participants can expect a faster and more seamless check-in process. Participants will have full control over how their personal information is shared, as the data is stored locally in the mobile phone and not in any central database. This is critical given the highly sensitive nature of health data.

If successful, the pilot will pave the way for the integration of the entire digital health verification process into the SingaporeAir mobile app from around mid-2021, again using IATA’s Travel Pass framework.

SIA will continue to work closely with its partners in Singapore and around the world in the facilitation of these trials, and towards the eventual restoration of a seamless travel experience for its customers.

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Singapore Airlines, Scoot and SilkAir operate first flights with full set of vaccinated pilots and cabin crew

Singapore Airlines Group made this announcement:

All three passenger airlines within the SIA Group – Singapore Airlines (SIA), SilkAir and Scoot – on February 11 became the first carriers in the world to operate flights with a full complement of vaccinated pilots and cabin crew.

The first services with a full set of vaccinated crew are SIA flight SQ956, which departed Singapore for Jakarta, Indonesia on February 11, 2021 at 0930hrs local time (GMT+8), Scoot’s TR606 which departed for Bangkok, Thailand at 0930hrs, and SilkAir’s MI608 which departed for Phnom Penh, Cambodia at 1630hrs.

The Singapore government has prioritized the aviation sector in the country’s vaccination exercise. This reflects the sector’s importance, as well as the SIA Group’s crucial role in Singapore’s economic recovery and the fight against Covid-19.

Operating crew within the SIA Group have responded very positively to the exercise, with more than 90% of cabin crew and pilots signing up for the vaccine to date.

Mr Goh Choon Phong, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Airlines, said, “We are very encouraged by the strong take-up rate for the vaccine from our colleagues. Vaccinations will be key to the reopening of borders and to enhancing travel confidence, in tandem with robust testing regimes and the wide-ranging safe management measures that are in place on the ground and in the air. They offer greater protection for our people and provide an added layer of assurance to our customers.”

Singapore Airlines defers Airbus and Boeing deliveries

Singapore Airlines has made this announcement:

The Singapore Airlines (SIA) Group has reached agreements with Airbus and Boeing to revise its aircraft delivery schedule. As a result, some of the aircraft in the SIA Group’s order book will be delivered over a longer period than originally contracted, with the delivery stream spread out beyond the immediate five years.

This will enable the SIA Group to defer more than $4 billion of capital expenditure between FY20/21 and FY22/23 to later years. It would also recalibrate the rate of introduction of capacity, following the disruption to the demand for air travel as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition to spreading out its aircraft delivery stream, SIA has been able to respond to changes in its projected long-term fleet needs beyond FY25/26 with the conversion of 14 Boeing 787-10 aircraft into 11 additional Boeing 777-9 aircraft.

As a result of the agreements, the projected capital expenditure over the period FY20/21 – FY24/25 is revised as follows:

Projected Capital Expenditure
(last disclosure-May 2020)
Revised Projected Capital Expenditure
Aircraft (S$’mil) Other Assets (S$’mil) Total (S$’mil) Aircraft (S$’mil) Other Assets (S$’mil) Total (S$’mil)
FY20/21 5,000 300 5,300 2,800 300 3,100
FY21/22 5,400 300 5,700 3,700 300 4,000
FY22/23 4,500 200 4,700 4,100 400 4,500
FY23/24 4,300 200 4,500 3,800 300 4,100
FY24/25 4,000 200 4,200 4,000 300 4,300

The revised SIA Group order book as of February 9, 2021 consists of:

Aircraft Model Total
Airbus A320 Family 35
Airbus A350-900 15
Boeing 737-8 31
Boeing 787 Family 20
Boeing 777-9 31

“The agreements with Airbus and Boeing are a key plank of our strategy to navigate the disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. They allow us to defer capital expenditure and recalibrate the rate at which we add capacity, aligning both with the projected recovery trajectory for international air travel,” said Singapore Airlines Chief Executive Officer Goh Choon Phong.

“At the same time, they retain our commitment to operating new generation aircraft that will enable the SIA Group to continue offering greater comfort and innovative products to customers, further drive operating efficiency, and support ongoing efforts to materially lower our carbon emissions. These will help to cement our leadership position in the airline industry as it recovers from the pandemic.”

Singapore Airlines plans to be the first airline to vaccinate its work force

Singapore Airlines intends to vaccinate its front-line workers as part of a national effort. Front-line workers in the aviation and maritime industries will be vaccinated within the next two months.

The airline hopes to be the first airline in the world to vaccinates its work force.

Singapore Airlines starts trials on digital verification of COVID-19 test results and vaccination information

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has started trials on a new digital health verification process, which will be the first in the world to be based on the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Travel Pass framework. This will offer customers the ability to securely store and present information related to CVID-19 tests, as well as their vaccination status in the future.

This service will initially be offered from December 23 to customers traveling on flights operated by Singapore Airlines from Jakarta or Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. If successful, this could be extended to other cities in the SIA route network.

Customers who take their COVID-19 tests at selected clinics in Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur would be given either digital or paper health certificates with a QR code. Airport check-in staff and Singapore’s immigration authority would be able to verify the authenticity of these certificates via a secure mobile app, and ensure that the customers meet Singapore’s entry requirements. Customers without a digital certificate can also present the paper version for manual verification.

This is a faster and more secure way to validate a passenger’s health credentials than the existing protocols, speeding up both the airport check-in process and the immigration entry process into Singapore. It would make it easier for SIA customers to control their information, reduce friction during their travel journey, and result in a more seamless experience with the aid of digital technologies in the new normal.

IATA’s Timatic registry will provide the back-end information on the COVID-19 testing and entry requirements. This is part of the modular Travel Pass solution, which aims to allow travelers to easily and securely manage their travel in line with national requirements for COVID-19 testing and vaccine information.

Singapore Airlines also plans to integrate the entire process into the SingaporeAir mobile app from around mid-2021, again using the Travel Pass framework. This would support the drive towards a secure and convenient industry standard for the verification of COVID-19 test and vaccinations.

The verification is enabled by an application developed by Affinidi, a Temasek-founded technology company enabling portable and verifiable data credentials.

SIA will work closely with its partners in Singapore, including the Ministry of Transport, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and Changi Airport Group (CAG) in the facilitation of these trials and towards the eventual restoration of a seamless travel experience for its customers.

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Singapore Airlines updates its schedules through January, the return of the Singapore 737!

Singapore Airlines (SIA) and SilkAir will continue to restore services and rebuild their network in the coming months. In addition to the services that were announced earlier this month, SIA will reinstate flights to Nagoya and San Francisco between December 2020 and January 2021. Both carriers will also increase frequencies on selected services.

Scoot’s services to Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Perth will be temporarily suspended, while SIA and SilkAir will increase their frequencies on those routes. At the same time, SIA and SilkAir will temporarily suspend services to Penang, Surabaya and Taipei while Scoot will operate to these destinations at higher frequencies. These changes, which are subject to regulatory approvals, are expected to take place in November and December 2020.

The affected travel period for these destinations are as follows:

Kuala Lumpur: From 17 November 2020
Manila: From 4 December 2020
Penang: From 8 December 2020
Perth: From 5 December 2020
Surabaya: From 9 December 2020
Taipei: From 16 December 2020

Customers with existing bookings on the affected flights for Penang, Surabaya and Taipei will be accommodated on Scoot’s flights, and receive notifications of the new flight details from 23 November 2020.

The adjustment of services between SIA, SilkAir and Scoot are the result of a detailed review to determine which airlines in the SIA Group portfolio are best suited to meet evolving customer and cargo demand.

As a result of these changes, the Group’s passenger capacity will reach approximately 19% of its pre-Covid-19 levels1 by the end of January 2021.

The SIA Group continues to grow its passenger capacity and resume selected services in a safe and calibrated manner. This is partly driven by recent moves to ease restrictions on both transit and inbound passengers in a safe and gradual manner, helping to support an increase in travel demand. This also comes amid some early signs of optimism about a recovery in air travel, as well as ongoing positive developments in both testing regimes and potential vaccines. Capacity increases are also underpinned by continued strong demand for air cargo around the world, with available freight space remaining constrained compared to pre-Covid-19 levels.

We are currently flying to the following countries and regions:

  • South East Asia
    • Brunei; Cambodia; Indonesia; Malaysia; Thailand; The Philippines; Vietnam
  • North Asia
    • China; Hong Kong SAR China; Japan; South Korea; Taiwan, China
  • West Asia and Africa
    • Bangladesh; Maldives; Nepal; South Africa
  • South West Pacific
    • Australia; New Zealand
  • Europe
    • Denmark; France; Germany; Italy; Spain; Switzerland; The Netherlands; The United Kingdom; Turkey
  • The Americas
    • The United States

Photo: Singapore Airlines. The SilkAir 737s are now getting the Singapore livery as SilkAir is gradually merged into the parent company.

SIA Group reports first half net loss of $3.5 billion, will retire seven Airbus A380s

Singapore Airlines Group (SIA Group) has issued this financial report:

The SIA Group reported a net loss of $3.4 million for the first half ending on September 30, 2020.

The group has also deemed surplus the following aircraft:


Copyright Photo: Michael B. Ing/

Seven Airbus A380s

Four Boeing 777-200/200ERs

Four Boeing 777-300s

Nine Airbus A320s

Two Airbus A319s

Read the full report.

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Singapore Airlines to return to New York

Singapore Airlines has made this announcement:

Singapore Airlines (SIA) will return to New York on November 9, 2020, when it launches nonstop flights between Singapore and John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Operating to JFK International Airport would allow Singapore Airlines to better accommodate a mix of passenger and cargo traffic on its services to New York in the current operating climate. SIA’s nonstop services to New York would also be supported by the growing number of transfer passengers who can now transit via Singapore’s Changi Airport.

SIA also anticipates significant cargo demand from a range of industries based in the New York metro area, including pharmaceuticals, e-commerce and technology firms. The new service will provide the only nonstop air cargo link from the U.S. Northeast to Singapore, which serves as a regional distribution hub for many major U.S.-based companies.

The Airline will operate the Airbus A350-900 long-range aircraft on the route. This aircraft is configured with 42 Business Class, 24 Premium Economy Class and 187 Economy Class seats.

Today, SIA operates nonstop services to Los Angeles. It will continue to review its operations to the United States, and assess the growing demand for air travel amid the ongoing recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, before deciding to reinstate services to other points in the country.

Resuming New York Services from a New Home

Starting on November 9, 2020, SQ24 will operate three-times weekly from Singapore Changi Airport to John F. Kennedy International Airport. From November 11, 2020, SQ23 will operate thrice weekly from John F. Kennedy International Airport to Singapore Changi Airport.


Details of the flight services are shown below:

Flight Flight Days Departure Time* Arrival Time* Flight Time
SQ 24 SIN-JFK Mon, Wed, Sat 0225 0730 18 hours 5 minutes
SQ 23 JFK-SIN Mon, Wed, Fri 2230 0610 (+2 days) 18 hours 40 minutes

*All timings in local time


Singapore Airlines launches “Discover Your Singapore Airlines suite of experiences”

Singapore Airlines (SIA) today launched the Discover Your Singapore Airlines suite of experiences, which comprises three exciting and all-new initiatives that have been specially curated for our customers and fans in Singapore over the next few weeks.

Restaurant A380 @Changi offers an exclusive dining experience with SIA’s award-winning service inside the Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger aircraft. Diners can choose from special menus for each cabin class. Options include our signature international cuisine, as well as the best dishes from our special Peranakan menu that has been designed by acclaimed Singaporean chef Shermay Lee. Limited slots for an exclusive pre-lunch tour of the A380 will also be available. All diners will receive KrisShop discounts, a limited edition goodie bag and additional gifts if they turn up in traditional heritage wear. Reservations start on 12 October 2020, and Restaurant A380 @Changi will operate on 24 and 25 October 2020.

Over two weekends in November during the school holidays, Inside Singapore Airlines will provide an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of our training facilities with a wide range of activities for the entire family. Visitors will be brought on a tour of more than 70 years of SIA’s history, get an opportunity to interact with our pilots and cabin crew, and find out more about the intensive training that they undergo.

Children can enjoy craft activities such as balloon sculpting and making their own batik roses. They will also have the option to dress up and role play as cabin crew, and take home their very own SIA sarong kebaya uniform. Adults can choose to operate a full flight simulator, taste some of our premium in-flight wine labels, and attend a grooming workshop. A selection of the most popular meals that are served on board SIA flights will also be on sale. Bookings open on 1 November 2020, and the tours will be held on 21, 22, 28 and 29 November 2020.

SIA@Home is for customers who are keen to enjoy the world-renowned SIA in-flight dining experience in the comfort of their own home. They can choose from 10 menus featuring our exclusive First Class and Business Class meals, which will come complete with wine or champagne. Limited edition dining ware and amenities are also available depending on the package chosen. The special cabin crew concierge service for SIA@Home bookings opens on 5 October 2020.

SIA will implement enhanced cleaning procedures at all premises, as well as precautionary measures such as temperature screening, safe distancing and the SafeEntry digital check-in system, to ensure the health and safety of all customers.

The Discover Your Singapore Airlines experiences are the result of a market study and a comprehensive review, which also considered factors such as the attractiveness of the initiatives to SIA’s customers and members of the public, the environmental implications, and their financial viability. An idea for a one-off short tour flight, or a “flight to nowhere”, was also initially considered but not pursued after the review.


“With Covid-19 drastically reducing the number of flights operated by the SIA Group, we have created unique activities that would allow us to engage with our fans and customers during this time. These experiences offer something for everyone – from frequent flyers who miss our world-class in-cabin products and service, to couples and families who want an exclusive dining experience, and parents who are after an enjoyable activity-filled day with their children during the school holidays,” said SIA Chief Executive Officer Mr Goh Choon Phong.


“There has been a lot of interest in our customer engagement initiatives over the last few weeks, and I would like to thank everyone for their great ideas and suggestions. We are very encouraged by and grateful for the enthusiasm and passion that we have seen. All of us are eagerly looking forward to welcoming you to discover your Singapore Airlines.”